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Last updated on Wed Feb 26, 02:58 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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SPYBidding low on calls for quick swing eomJackal41 hrs ago
SPYGetting close imo for a bounce eomJackal12 hrs ago
Re: Let's go !another 1000pts red tom , so we can pick at the deadcat ponzi s...luhkonik28 hrs ago
HAPPCORONA_PR: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) survives on surfaces up to 9 days..this should click s...SunTzu77215 hrs ago
FAT_TUES_TODAY: Re: LIVE WEB CAM BOURBON STREET link->>>>>deaconmike10 hrs ago
VIRUS: Coronavirus Explodes In Italy, Numerous Towns Now Quarantined. Doctor Warns P...gargoyle2 days ago
Coronavirus spreads to southern Italy as Switzerland, Austria and Croatia rep...hokk12414 hrs ago
HAPPCORONA_PR: HAPP=china OBCI now: Happiness Biotech Officially Entered Into Disinfectants...steeledge18 hrs ago
HAPPBy far. Best China C-Virus play to own right now. eomHin511 hrs ago
OBCIVIRUS_KILLER: OBCI product KILLS the virus on AMAZON link...theMagician38 hrs ago
Just remember it was the Stewardess and Pilots that shut down Flights to Chin...shurtha200042 hrs ago
Iran warns of enemy plots to spread Coronavirus feargargoyle12 hrs ago
HAPPCORONA_VIRUS: Did 81c eps last and timely low float china IPO here Re: By far....ChineseChicken11 hrs ago
APT_AHPI: Coronavirus: US confirms 53 cases, CDC outlines pandemic planningsqueeze13 hrs ago
HAPP4.14 interesting missed COVID-19 China player with 100+ growth -SunTzu77240 hrs ago
NNVCMFLUTIE1: Re: ...and down and down and down it goes....You still short LOL?errolflin37 hrs ago
Coronavirus explodes in Italy; cases surge from 3 to more than 200 in a few d...hokk12440 hrs ago
GLDgold is voting currency crisis, flu is a trigger to something already in the ...ramaji38 hrs ago
US underprepared for coronavirus due to Trump cuts, say health expertslivefreeortrade14 hrs ago
ENLVFraud pump halt. Wainwright direct offering for 1 million shares at $8.smokeeater1136 hrs ago
SPYOptions out of reality,,,just short 1k shares of whatever eomJackal17 hrs ago
HAPPCORONA_PR: Feb data due anytime.."The first batch of 2 million bottles of 75% Alcohol Di...SunTzu77217 hrs ago
Syria opposition liberates Nairab from Assad regimemoltenlava16 hrs ago
SPYDia -1031 SPY -111 QQQ -355 #Bubble Stock Market #Bubble Debt Market Everythi...StockDD34 hrs ago
DOWwow DOW -730 can we have back to back -1000+ days ?? eomwilkste12 hrs ago
SPYBURNING_OUT: I have a hard time trusting China on this. The issue is it's now spreading ev...Stockguy8941 hrs ago
HAPPCORONA_PR: Re: Expecting Feb sales data either 2/26 or 2/27..still very fresh like NRBO ...SunTzu77211 hrs ago
INCUBATIONPERIO: Like mentioned before. Re: d. Most colds and viruses are under a week. This ...TraderJT11 hrs ago
SMEDVIRUS-PLAY: getting picked up on poss increase in hospital biz does medical waste & has g...pmony11 hrs ago
HAPPFebruary data this week?..Cordyceps Mycelia Sales Surged over 100% in JanuarySunTzu77235 hrs ago
Hysteria over coronavirus in Italy is reminiscent of the black deathgargoyle38 hrs ago
VIRUS: Barcelona reports 1 case of coronavirus, the first on mainland Spain eomStockguy8916 hrs ago
DJI-210: Re: the market is in a state of horror...Total fake gap up with the coronavir...moltenlava16 hrs ago
HAPPCORONA_PR: Re: Agreed undiscovered gem..could do easy 100%..$4.80 rip should launch her....rasputin14 hrs ago
APTExplosive reversal I'm long coronavirus stocks and nothing else!................moltenlava16 hrs ago
SPYBUBBLE: Running a Trillion Dollars Budget deficits with the Economy near full employm...StockDD43 hrs ago
What a moron. Re: Larry Kudlow on @SquawkStreet - "US has contained coronavir...Stockguy8912 hrs ago
SPYCOIN-FLIP: Re: Got denied at 325 again. Ugly candle on the daily chart. Seems like a coi...maybe35 hrs ago
FXIOfficial numbers arent adding up to the reaction, sensored news not helpingramaji12 hrs ago
APTVIRUS_MASK!!!!: $7.25 oxblast!!! 27%%%!! eomkrueger35 hrs ago
SPYGood idea. I can see a dead cat bounce here out of the open. It will want to ...Stockguy8941 hrs ago
GLDUgly candle on GLD today...someones really unloading. It is pretty overbought...Stockguy8936 hrs ago
HAPPCORONA_PR: Scaling in here, nice find. Float is tight...Re: Feb data due anytime.."The f...ChineseChicken15 hrs ago
DJI-210: Re: the market is in a state of horror...Total fake gap up with the coronavir...apmoore15 hrs ago
SPYSuper quick on long side European trade issues could pop up,,,Re: Good idea. ...Jackal41 hrs ago
This is where those ultra high p/e stocks get crushed first eompnnymn12 hrs ago
SPYBURNING_OUT: Impossible to get a true count. The trade deal is garbage I know that aka mag...Jackal40 hrs ago
My goodness this is not good...Re: Iran warns of enemy plots to spread Corona...Stockguy8912 hrs ago
TVIX$: Im 100pct short now,,,I'm nobody you trade your plan, Aapl stays below 305 im...Jackal41 hrs ago
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