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Last updated on Sun Oct 26, 01:08 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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GOLF: Re: Now there's a game! Almost as good as watching bowling.deaconmike25 hrs ago
VRNGVringo says Netherlands court denies ZTE request - eomtheMagician38 hrs ago
VRNGBought 10k for fun. eomhighyield8838 hrs ago
Once again, this is my observation, but every time we've put in a positive we...supadupa2 days ago
Wow! One *whole* case?? LMAO Re: wow possible Ebola case in NYC eomSchopenhauer2 days ago
Low volume fake many times have I heard that? If old school strat...supadupa2 days ago
Re: A man who potentially has Ebola went bowling in Williamsburg last nightcrainiac30 hrs ago
all the indices moving back to 50 day, trannies already over, dows is 16900 eomtheMagician2 days ago
IBIOIBIO: A Wannabe Ebola Player Infecting Buyers with False Hopesmokeeater112 days ago
Bunch of sociopaths hoping this guy has Ebola. Pretty pathetic. eomhighyield882 days ago
The guy isolated himself. Zero risk to other people. eomhighyield882 days ago
WORLD_SERIES: Re: Seems like MLB is dying, not many care or talk about it any more.deaconmike26 hrs ago
Re: Trouble is too much dumb money is gambling on these nothing companies. VS...highyield882 days ago
VRNGVRNG Here it goes.....1600 shares under $1....Lock and load eommsgreenacres37 hrs ago
Re: A man who potentially has Ebola went bowling in Williamsburg last nightMousetrap2 days ago
fyi...small caps usually lag the market pops. Small caps lagging isn't an ind...supadupa37 hrs ago
DAN: Re: if a dog gets Ebola and starts running around NYC, what stocks do we pump...theMagician2 days ago
Dow 17k+ by tomorrow and has 4,500+ by tomorrow my call. eomtrend_trader2 days ago
PAINFULBUT: Took beating this week but shaken last time to miss HUGE $ so staying put eomILOVECAPITALISM34 hrs ago
AMDA$AMDA $2.90--$2.05--$1.45--Amedica Corporation.....In a Few......T/S eomspeculator34 hrs ago
Re: call me crazy i am adding back some shorts i covered near the close yeste...supadupa2 days ago
DIE_GIANTS: KC Rules eomholland5526 hrs ago
Dallas nurse Amber Vinson free of Ebola virus eombucyrus2 days ago
NLNKBUH-BYE$38'S...: LOVIN it - talk about an overpriced, overhyped, crazily priced biotech!!! eomEPR5316736 hrs ago
Re: it's the words "ebola" + "new york city" that does it matter if ...rasputin2 days ago
Re: mkt up huge today on good econ data, tomorrow down on same news? good eco...supadupa2 days ago
AMDA$AMDA $2.36--$2.05--$1.45--Amedica Corporation.....In a Few......T/S eomspeculator35 hrs ago
IBIOIGNORE: Just put dudlydan on ignore and my IQ went up by at least 10pts. Re: uh, yo...deepsae2 days ago
UVXYhappy to take gains shorting this mkt, ur fighting a wave of trillions of pri...ramaji2 days ago
WOOFDAN: Re: if a dog gets Ebola and starts running around NYC, what stocks do we pump...nolan2 days ago
I've seen this show last night....LOL No one has Ebola eommsgreenacres2 days ago
QQQFB new highs, MSFT new pullbacks today eomqtrain132 days ago
DIE_GIANTS: Re: Announcers compared Royals to 80's National League-type team. They're fu...spuds8 hrs ago
DOUBLE-HUH??: Re: Next week quarter closing eomsupadupa39 hrs ago
ISNSWatch over 3.10 ..... Could make a strong move here eomacinvestorblog34 hrs ago
NY EBOLA report overnight will FLUSH the futures if positive... Down 200 at o...clt_00002 days ago
GOLFYUCK: Where the heck are the tin foil hat guys when you need them:) eomholland556 hrs ago
HUH??: Re: Next week quarter closing eombucyrus39 hrs ago
VRNGTHINKZTECAVES: not a bad trade on a glum day! Thanks eommsgreenacres34 hrs ago
XLEall of the commodity collapses over the last couple years have lasted a long ...luvb2b2 days ago
ISR+.32 hod eompbe116938 hrs ago
APTPrice point is very low get in NOWmangshawn39 hrs ago
MARKET: I am 100% cash for now. I have a feeling we will have a big down day today. ...shervin239 hrs ago
VAPEAdded more here at $1.12 Re: Entire sector got spooked. Most of these pric...SJames38 hrs ago
LAKERe: significant dilution, over 20%>Re: Private Placement @ $10/sharestocktrader2238 hrs ago
GIMOKABOOM: shorts are screwed and starting to cover. Short squeeze in progress on nice e...chikhat38 hrs ago
VTAETrying some here 10. Good feeling! eomFocused38 hrs ago
LAKEThis thing used to average only about 10,000 shares traded per day eomholland5538 hrs ago
VAPERe:took 1.08 should see another move imo gr Entire sector got spooked. ...HARLUM38 hrs ago
NLNKGood short right here , up 100%+ in 2 weeks recolect38 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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