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Last updated on Tue Jun 28, 12:58 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from TheLion.com forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
EUOSeems the common folk are getting sick of being stuck w the elites decisions eomramaji2 days ago
SEEDOrigin Agritech: Changing Of The Guard An Oversubscribed Re-IPO in the Makin...SunTzu77236 hrs ago
NEWPOSITIONS: Did some massive rearranging today:jleeb138909 hrs ago
3d: First, I am a Chick (not dude). Look market is shaken, but liquidity is...msgreenacres24 hrs ago
EUOLet the Brits figure out what they want to do. We don't need to baby sit them...Lionmaster2 days ago
BCSacting well. just need to get past the ridiculous amounts of vega priced in. ...ninjaninja23 hrs ago
GOLDRe: Gold and the Dollar again soaring..its just not right.. somethings gotta ...3dron38 hrs ago
GEVOhere we go eomstormcat27 hrs ago
Joe Rogan podcast #801 Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, interesting listen...efbailey38 hrs ago
DAYTRADES: Re: hard to believe any intraday pop will hold..agree bounces will be short l...ramaji27 hrs ago
Housings New Players Old Mistakes3dron27 hrs ago
VRXsame with this pattern + insider buys watch/wait for signalJesseLivermore17 hrs ago
OPTTBack in here for the move back to HOD and more eomoceanviews3 hrs ago
BREXIT: Re: A large group of uneducated elderly people that were lied to about removi...Lionmaster2 days ago
TVIXlong $2.81 7% position $2.70 stop eomefbailey2 hrs ago
SEEDBeen in SEED since May rare legit China play run by Dupont executives Re: ...pmony24 hrs ago
Bots are buying right here....BOTTOM eommsgreenacres26 hrs ago
GBRLooks primed for today ! 185 Re: 780k float on naked short list now - this co...pucara5 hrs ago
PCLN$1205$1205$1205: Spectacular eomEPR531675 hrs ago
SPYI just feel Market bounce back hard, It was just a referndum by people, Brita...sr994 hrs ago
Good morning Folks - It appear to be a positive day, if we hold until end of ...Titbit4 hrs ago
GEVO.68 re...Added more .53 why not.. today could be the day here eomstormcat5 hrs ago
BREXIT: Make that 3 trillion, record 2 day loss...Re: A large group of uneducated eld...bdawgp5 hrs ago
TNAWrote Jul 7th 60 strike covered-calls for $0.89 eomBender246 hrs ago
TNAAssigned Re: Wrote Jun 24th 59.50 strike puts at $0.71 eomBender246 hrs ago
ENDPBULLISHNEWS: ENDP 13.71 long for a bounce trade, bullish news in the AH stock is very over...Newsbounce12 hrs ago
ENDPWhy don't you just edit the original post? Re: ENDP 13.71 Sorry here is the l...ChineseChicken12 hrs ago
Re: DOW futures are now up over 150.....3dron11 hrs ago
ENDPPASTEDSTORY: Pasted it. Re: Why don't you just edit the original post? Re: ENDP 13.71 Newsbounce11 hrs ago
Re: DOW futures are now up over 150.....maxamus11 hrs ago
Re: DOW futures are now up over 150.....diligence11 hrs ago
VMRIOTC Pump.Streamspeed9 hrs ago
OILSWEEEEET: oil up mkt. on fire gold red ..what else can i ask for.. dont forget these m...stormcat9 hrs ago
TNAExpired worthless Re: Wrote Jun 24th 71 strike covered calls for $0.60 eomBender246 hrs ago
AAPLExpired worthless Re: Wrote Jun 24th 101 strike covered calls for $0.40 eomBender246 hrs ago
TNAExpired worthless Re: Wrote Jun 17th 61-strike money-backed puts for $0.62 eomBender246 hrs ago
IMMUPre-market patent news on IMMU eomaohj2joint4 hrs ago
ORIGbuyers eompbe11694 hrs ago
GWPHattempting to fill a PM order here, did not get the deserved bounce yesterday...Meow4Me4 hrs ago
VBLTVBLT Perk eommsgreenacres3 hrs ago
OPTTYes, Dad!msgreenacres3 hrs ago
GUSH$65$65$65$65$65: Mega-boooooooooooooooom eomEPR531673 hrs ago
PCLN$1210$1210$1210: Mega-boooooooooooooooom eomEPR531673 hrs ago
OPTTlol eompbe11693 hrs ago
GEVORe: sure is strong through all this Brexit drama , wonder if something is ...HARLUM3 hrs ago
TBRAHOLDING_HALF: now a double basically from my call eomluvb2b3 hrs ago
FB$1421YRTARGET$$: FB-$12 cheaper than last great earnings huge rally coming imo. eomdudleydan3 hrs ago
CJJDCJJD a peer of BSPM up 400% in recent days just posted big EPS eomtheMagician3 hrs ago
DRYSTrying a bit here, looks like bounce is possible. eomjonnym3 hrs ago
ZIOPZOIP- Long term investment not trading. Quality stock! eomTitbit3 hrs ago

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