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Last updated on Thu Apr 2, 00:23 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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DYAXWe were distracted by VRNG...Re: Remember when "No one wanted this one"? Thi...amdolan12 hrs ago
DEPRESSION: Re: WRONG...not if China currency is revalued by 40% it's undervalued... fact...doug12342 days ago
LION_LOGO: Can we get rid of that logo at that spot? lol eomdragon2 days ago
TIKkaboom again today heading into this week's updated guidance, which they'll b...chikhat2 days ago
TRILAMAZING: Sold another 25% at $24 even will let remaining 50 % ride up to the moon! Re:...mellowrk11 hrs ago
VRNG7000 posts for a stock with one oar in the water? eomholland5512 hrs ago
MKT: Re: so some SPY or DIA calls ..yep bought for tomorrow and 4/17 exp eomramaji10 hrs ago
XLEISIS Storms and Captures Key Refugee Camp in Syrian Capital Damascushokk1248 hrs ago
XONFinally bottomed today, maybe. Yikes, that lingering near the low for an hou...dragon33 hrs ago
XONSWEET-MOTHER: Re: Are you buying? Trying to see where the bottom is. :) Re: Gonna be a fin...EPR531672 days ago
MKT: called for a 200-250 point rally THIS WEEK in the weekend video and to buy ca...theMagician2 days ago
DYAXThank you! I got some too. lol Re: I just shorted 200 shares @ $25 just for ...dragon28 hrs ago
TCPINEWS - Product Validationmotz8 hrs ago
HMYThis wants to finger blast $2 once again, tough call if I hold overnight. eommaxamus8 hrs ago
MKT: throughout the last 3 yr rally the transports have led, they stopped leading ...theMagician32 hrs ago
CANFMAJOR_WOW!!: Just bought 1000 sh nibble at $2.23 for other pipeline. Will bounce back in m...mellowrk2 days ago
MEDVED_TRADER: Re: Love the new Medved Trader (used to be QuoterTracker) charting tool. I c...mastermind125 hrs ago
LIONLION_LOGO: Re: Can we - Yes, I would have liked it better, if it said something along th...TheNextGoogle2 days ago
Re: LOLLLL I still have the blue Lion shirt... Re: My AMTD so slow I'm gettin...crainiac2 days ago
TCPI-SWEDISH-FL: Tried to warn,,,could be a scalp down here but not for me eomJesseLivermore36 hrs ago
TRVNRA_CAPITAL_OWNS: Took awhile, but it's getting its legs now. Got a few at 6.99. Re: Wedbush op...cardlynn12 hrs ago
MKT: so some SPY or DIA calls for the 99% chance this mkt rallies 200 points in th...theMagician10 hrs ago
VRNGTAKENDOWNHARD: Re: So, you took VRNG down 35% while I was away.....Hum, not nice! Guess I w...Miskeen14 hrs ago
TCPIFROM12B-25 : State below in reasonable detail why Forms 10-K, 20-F, 11-K, 10-Q, 10-D, N-SA...hecilopter8 hrs ago
AXPWNo position as I don't have the nerves as well Re: You are really really brav...cjlupard2 days ago
PLANE_CRASH: Germanwings co-pilot had suicidal tendenciesscorcher2 days ago
ONCENot yet...I have a feeling we see a lil down tomorrow but look at chart it is...mellowrk34 hrs ago
ONCEWould NOT be surpized if this gem turns green today and move abouve $80. Jus...shervin213 hrs ago
CLWTPACT's BWMS gains USCG AMS Acceptance SunTzu7722 days ago
TIKNew 52 Week Hi's again At 4X's forward EPS wont be the last time either imo m...pmony2 days ago
TCPIseriously, this is a winner. i was very confident this was good deal due to ...mclim736 hrs ago
XONMEGA-BOOOOOOOM: Wow eomEPR531672 days ago
LLBOOOOOMMMMMM!!!! eombarnus13 hrs ago
GDDYGodaddy IPO today. Recognizable name. Potentially a pop at the open for a day...cardlynn15 hrs ago
VLTCVIRTUALCURRENCY: looks like the Icahncoin currency is 1:2 against the US $ eomyogibear15 hrs ago
GOLDLooks like that 1185 support...can it hold.Re: They are all at the support li...supadupa15 hrs ago
GOODMORNING: Expect big news: Read this article, which is in reference to the "HASH of a...msgreenacres15 hrs ago
SRPTP/M-BOOMER : Very nice eomEPR5316715 hrs ago
VRNG$7.00TARGET: VRNG HOD We can do much better. All trades up now..... eommsgreenacres13 hrs ago
GDDYDownside is that it's kinda thick. 23M shares offered. eomcardlynn15 hrs ago
VRNGGOODMORNING: That was the shortest vacation ever...or did the perk up overnight ;) Re: "I...deepsae15 hrs ago
TCPINT 10-K due today ... I would assume it is filed and, if so, we will get a bo...bg1929914 hrs ago
TRVNRA_CAPITAL_OWNS: Wedbush opens with price target of $15. May fly today. I'm still long from $5...mellowrk15 hrs ago
VLTC3-4-5-6-????//: low 1.75 pre mkt eomsinghtelecom15 hrs ago
SLTDJEEZ: Unreal. May have to seriously consider shorting this - if possible - if it ge...EPR5316715 hrs ago
VLTCDidn't Ichan buy in at $1.36? And people are buying it at $2.80??? eomoceanviews15 hrs ago
VRNGGOODMORNING: I'm building a house, but it's so nice that you miss me. LOL You are the mar...msgreenacres15 hrs ago
CGRACGRA - gapping higher on the earnings release. $450k market cap, $10 million...aaaontheway15 hrs ago
TRILAMAZING: Unbelievable. Offering at $19.50 and stock flies to $23 on a bloody day like ...mellowrk13 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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