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Last updated on Thu Oct 18, 14:02 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
Turkey searches forest outside Istanbul for missing journalist Jamal Khashogg...gargoyle2 hrs ago
Re: Just got back from the grocery store anyone else noticing really thin she...deaconmike45 hrs ago
SO-SICK: They Cut Him Up While He Was Still Alive": Grisly Details Of Saudi Journalist...singhtelecom28 hrs ago
IGC$811 thousand revenue and $140 million market cap with no product LOL.jianwei27 hrs ago
WEED: Re..trump..not really..comment period initiated by FDA..months to years befor...bucyrus2 days ago
CADCnon-reliance on previous financials,,,looks like a beauty,,scorcher24 hrs ago
Watch for $10 rip..this one moves on air. eomrasputin3 hrs ago
FBJCP: Die you POS,,,Re: Facebook = JCPenney,,,Slow death=Myspace eomJackal2 hrs ago
Job Openings Hit New Record High of 7.1 Million eomrocket2 days ago
TAX_CUTS: Re: federal budget deficit rose 17 percent in fiscal 2018deaconmike2 days ago
Mnuchin not participating in Saudi confeerence. Oil starting to spike eomapmoore80 mins ago
IGCIGC When will this trash scam POS Get Halted T12 Halt Coming?? eomBottomofChart47 hrs ago
Re: The collapse of corporate income tax revenues really is stunning. A $92 b...HARLUM36 hrs ago
PLAGYECO_SYMP: keeping an eye on this China low floater Chairman buys $10M of stock at 4.25,...pmony5 hrs ago
Saudi Arabia preparing to admit Khashoggi was killed after interrogationhokk1242 days ago
TVIX+15%......: Re: TVIX eomserpico40 mins ago
one can play LOTS of stocks in this tape, I play 10-15 at a time waiting for ...theMagician22 hrs ago
BPTHMaybe small bios get this moving. eomweege4 hrs ago
ATAIGlad I jumped out in the $1.30's here, phew eomoceanviews23 hrs ago
$20 oxcharge!!! 75%%%!! eomkrueger4 hrs ago
TTNPWhen this cracks .27 it's going to fly eomoceanviews21 hrs ago
YECOFTFT: YECO crowd will find FTFT @ $1.20s. Micro-floater 75% insider owned eomleadform3 hrs ago
YECOYECO issued 25 million shares for $2 to buy a DIAMOND and its being chased at...theMagician26 hrs ago
Yemeni ballistic missile hits gathering of Saudi-led mercenaries in Najrangargoyle42 mins ago
BPTHLook for .60 break. Re: $BPTH .57-- .50 added-- .53--Bio-Path Holdings, Inc.....weege2 days ago
SPYSPY could be in some trouble tomorrowapmoore46 hrs ago
SPYSPY Oct 19 2018 280 Call 1.04 eomninjaninja3 hrs ago
Re: Saudi Arabia preparing to admit Khashoggi was killed after interrogationapmoore2 days ago
TTNPADDED more TTNP 24.7c in swing and trading account AVERAGING UP on TTNP mega ...theMagician2 days ago
Re: Saudi Arabia preparing to admit Khashoggi was killed after interrogation....spuds2 days ago
HMNY.0001: MoviePass parent company being investigated over fraud concernsscorcher10 hrs ago
CHINA-PLAY: Naked Shorts in there. Ripe for high volume massacre eomleadform23 hrs ago
HMNYRe: Buyout rumor at .51lemoyati43 hrs ago
WTI: Oil going green as large cap techs keep getting crushed....moltenlava118 mins ago
LMFALMFA There getting shares for 20 Cents a piece then dumping them onto the mar...BottomofChart2 days ago
NEWA8.49..six months.67 eps...'fy 2017 .24 eps - fully audited 'fy results in Dec...SunTzu7722 days ago
I may not use the current TVIX forecast algorithm next yearapmoore115 mins ago
Re: Yeah i tried to short it. $8.20 oxblast!!! 450%%!! krueger25 hrs ago
Saudi Journalist's Dismembered Body Lands at Trump's White House hokk12423 hrs ago
OILOil sub $69..Saudis probably pushing it down because of Khashoggi incident.rasputin3 hrs ago
TTNPTTNP RSI and stochastics BUY SIGNALS just triggeredtheMagician22 hrs ago
CLWTWatch $4 with china ripfest..YECO CADC KBSF CNET DELT SGOC CBAK eomrasputin24 hrs ago
MSFTThere was a big trade BUYING 111 calls and selling 117 calls Re: sold off my ...singhtelecom39 hrs ago
SPYIf we don't get some of this back by close, Friday could be ugly imo. eomjonnym10 mins ago
TTNP=VTVT: TTNP RARE is it that u see INSIDERS on a penny stocky buy 1.7 MILLION shares ...theMagician22 hrs ago
TTNPTOP_PLAY: TTNP under 25c is like buying FLKS at 45c b4 it tripled, AGRX at 25c before i...theMagician22 hrs ago
Dont Underestimate the Power of a US Cannabis Listingjonnyb22 hrs ago
CDTIHope you all joined me in the $1.40's. Huge move today and laid out the DD a...pedley22 hrs ago
LTBRback in here .92 as Seeking Alpha all over this..Investment Thesisstormcat22 hrs ago
SVMKMonkey is up! eomamdolan22 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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