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Forum - Most Endorsed Messages   

Last updated on Thu Jun 4, 16:24 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
GNUS$9 oxcharge!!! 119%%%!! eomkrueger20 hrs ago
YVRNext GNUS. Much better risk/reward. eomhighyield8819 hrs ago
MEDIA-CONTENT: YVR @ $1.95 AHs: Liquid Media Group: A great play with twin GNUS on fire.Hin521 hrs ago
CLBSCD34+: Armistice sitting at the $2 bid accepting all donations.SunTzu77228 hrs ago
Re: Monkey DeBlasio not thinking 1 second for what these businesses are going...deaconmike2 days ago
Of partisan political posts during trading hours? Uh-huh. Re: Had enough ye...jonnyb2 days ago
CLBS6/5: Re: Caladrius Biosciences to Present on CLBS119 for COVID-19 Induced Lung Dam...SunTzu7722 days ago
CLBSCD34+: Re: Armistice sitting at the $2 bid accepting all donations.SunTzu77225 hrs ago
EROSGNUS: Lock load here thousands of contents. eomLionmaster6 hrs ago
FRSXLost an arm and leg on the last P&D. Keep in mind Israeli co. worst than Chin...Up_Puts22 days ago
SPYBorrowing is all Trump knows. Re: Wonder if we are starting to head towards...franconia46 hrs ago
SRNE$4.25 bagpile slam. if anyone knows about pump and dumps it's Henry.smokeeater1129 hrs ago
Gold, silver, best use now is trash can liner, looks like. eomrocket29 hrs ago
SRNEjust 2 weeks ago SRNE was being played huge on this board when it popped mid ...mflutie125 hrs ago
BLNKBLNK - Germany/Europe news just out that ALL gas stations are required to hav...theMagician119 mins ago
CLBS6/5: Caladrius Biosciences to Present on CLBS119 for COVID-19 Induced Lung Damage ...SunTzu7722 days ago
LKLKQ.PK: Re: HOD > Re: On watch heresmokeeater112 days ago
OIL: I could see $40. People are buying RV's at record rates and people will get o...Stockguy8947 hrs ago
CVRe: Second wave. I'm not expecting a full blown second wave in the US and Nor...hokk12430 hrs ago
PWRe: all time highs $27 alerted at $8SunTzu77228 hrs ago
CLBSCD34+: Looks like they are done loading, and letting it go Re: Armistice sitting at...Optimist26 hrs ago
BABA: Re: Only $200 away from January prices buy and holdalfie26 hrs ago
GNUS$8 oxblast!!! 100%%%!! eomkrueger25 hrs ago
REPMattis tears into Trumpguidepost17 hrs ago
AIRLINES: Re: respectfully disagree...empty middle seats, extra 2 hrs boarding, zoom me...bucyrus3 hrs ago
SRNE$3.90 support toasting in the bagpile. lab coats on.smokeeater1146 mins ago
A: Re: We all have our political differences but that poster is just straight up...HARLUM2 days ago
douchebag thinks he's above the law Re: CBS reporting Trump ordering ACTiVE...dogg162 days ago
Trump lost the Black vote today. eomnickthetrader2 days ago
TMSRCCNC_DD: Should run tomorrow on digital coin mania Re: CCNC - New ticker Re: Digital ...Optimist2 days ago
Wanna stop the riots? Mobilize the septic tank trucks, put a pressure cannon...rocket2 days ago
CLBSCovid-19 news, gapping up... eomcrainiac2 days ago
LKOn watch here eomrocket2 days ago
Had enough yet?trendtn2 days ago
Re: Had enough yet?alfie2 days ago
DGLYCETX: Re: Let's hold a raffle which offering comes first? >> DGLY wins by 22 minute...jianwei2 days ago
TMSRCCNC_DD: CCNC (crypto play) Starting to get volume now Re: Should run tomorrow on dig...Optimist2 days ago
CLBSPATIENCE-HERE: Adds few more 1.94 for the huge run coming soon to a theatre near...stormcat2 days ago
HEBTRe: Headquartered in China and recently announced a share purchase agreement ...CASHRICHFIELD2 days ago
GRNQMLENUM_SAPPHIRE: Re: Do shorts cover today, tomorrow, or lose it all?....Looks like they prefe...moltenlava2 days ago
Re: Inpixon granted US patent number 10,674,117 titled "Enhanced video system...scorcher2 days ago
De Blasio is the mayor equivalent of that Italian Cruise ship captain who ran...deaconmike2 days ago
US Law Enforcement Using COVID-19-like Contact Tracing To Catch Violent Riote...gargoyle2 days ago
ARLOHuge play on Home Security. Best of breed products. Breaking out. Not too lat...coolnwo2 days ago
DEACDKNG: Stopped out remaining shares at 40.07 from 10's eomblacksheep2 days ago
WINRE-SPORTS: Starting to go....GNUS buyers love WINR too. eomHin52 days ago
SPYCALLS: Re: Market looking weak again >> yeah its anything but, most ridiculous marke...ramaji2 days ago
TRMPSPY: Re: Market looking weak again >> yeah its anything but, most ridiculous marke...jianwei2 days ago
TRMPSPY: Re: Market looking weak again >> yeah its anything but, most ridiculous marke...ramaji2 days ago
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