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Last updated on Thu Jul 31, 15:36 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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SPYBULL_TRAP: Think about it. We all know the market is smoke and mirrors, CEO's using low ...DELTA109 mins ago
Re: I was joking about SPY -30 by the way...supadupa5 hrs ago
IRBTIsn't that Johnny 5? Re: Meet i-Robot : The First Soldier to Enter Terror Tun...ninjaninja2 days ago
U.S. House Authorizes Lawsuit Against Obama in 225-201 Votepumpanddumps16 hrs ago
This should be short term bottom for a spy 194 C .92 eomILOVECAPITALISM3 hrs ago
EU Imposes Sanctions against Russia eompumpanddumps2 days ago
Russian tanks stay on Ukraine borderhokk1242 days ago
Johhny 5 alive :)JesseLivermore2 days ago
BIOTECH_RECORD: 13 consecutive trial failures on 6 distinct indications & 6 distinct drugs eomfragonardium2 days ago
This market is so boring! Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn They are losing me....... eommsgreenacres2 days ago
PBYIULTRA-BOOOOOOOM: Sold 3 out of 5 calls for 100% gain - holding rest for tomorrow gap eomEPR531672 days ago
BWLDMARGIN.ISSUES: Re: BWLD puts will be up huge! glad I hit a jackpot, anyone else get some? ne...coolnwo42 hrs ago
Ukrainian army seizes strategic town near Donetskmoltenlava28 hrs ago
Ukraine: Clashes, land mines prevent visit to jet debris sitehokk12424 hrs ago
VRNGCAN'TIGNOREMOVE: VRNG Who's my daddy! LOL Nice, and thanks! eommsgreenacres23 hrs ago
YELPSQUEEZE.EM: YELP should be a 300%+ move on my calls tomorrow! sweet eomtrend_trader23 hrs ago
VRNGCAN'TIGNOREMOVE: Money flows said this would happen. Love the predictability of V!! So tradab...Schopenhauer23 hrs ago
VRNGCAN'TIGNOREMOVE: Money came all at once. Today was ZTE deadline in India, and there was no po...msgreenacres23 hrs ago
VRNGFOLLOWBLACKROCK: Retail is always last to know! eommsgreenacres23 hrs ago
Argitina Defaults on its Debt eompumpanddumps20 hrs ago
IWMagree -- safer bet than bloated SPY if anything diverges its going ...JesseLivermore4 hrs ago
RSXTanks, Grad multiple-launch rocket systems enter Ukraine from Russia hokk1243 hrs ago
YELPLONGER : Re: Got s'more $66.78 plus some aug 70's @ $1.853dron3 hrs ago
SPYnot for nothing Faber has been wrong the last 4000+ Dow points all it proves ...pmony3 hrs ago
IWMnice observation,,,Re: agree -- safer bet than bloated SPY if anything...Jackal9 mins ago
LOCOBABY_CMG?: With CMG being the favored child in this market. LOCO will probably live up t...ninjaninja2 days ago
LOCObut I know it isn't CMG but that doesn't really matter right now. Just mentio...ninjaninja2 days ago
MCIGNEWS: mCig, Inc. to Report Record Adjusted Earnings on Record Revenue Increase of 1...crainiac2 days ago
XGTIahh the usual end of day diluted bagpile..always short the premarket pumps eomsmokeeater112 days ago
MCIGalso reporting zero debt.......... eomcrainiac2 days ago
LOCOBABY_CMG?: man i would say the time to have played with size was on friday... you could ...luvb2b2 days ago
XXIIIncredibly cheap here at $2.50s. Much news coming. Patience. eomweege2 days ago
LOCOBABY_CMG?: Re: man i would say the time to have played with size was on friday... you co...ninjaninja2 days ago
MCIGrevenues up 1100%.......... eomcrainiac2 days ago
FSI$1.30 volume surge,, eomscorcher2 days ago
LOCOBABY_CMG?: for the most part i'm a dumba55 when it comes to trading things on loco specu...luvb2b2 days ago
LOCOBABY_CMG?: and i didn't run the numbers again but i think now loco trades at a higher ev...luvb2b2 days ago
LOCOBABY_CMG: Wants higher for days to come. We shall see. eomshervin22 days ago
DEJMOVING_NEWHIGHS: Watch4tommorow huge volume today double avg.should gap with News expectations...T1aris2 days ago
MCIGGO GO GO..lets end above .47 for hopeful revs tomorrow.. eomslider13962 days ago
LOCODid you guys notice it is trading in a $0.50 -- $2.50 pattern? Finding supp...halleluyah2 days ago
LOCOFOR_THE_RECORD: for the record i want to go down as saying that loco is now trading at a valu...luvb2b2 days ago
LOCOFOR_THE_RECORD: What you say?! CMG??! Like CMG?!!? Better than CMG??! lol =) Re: for the reco...ninjaninja2 days ago
RAREBACK-ABOVE$42!!: Re: Could she close green???? I'm thinkin' yes :)EPR531672 days ago
TRLARe: got some done 62.50P @ 1.70 looking for a base hit -- base hit comi...JesseLivermore2 days ago
MCIG19,000 ask at .48 eomslider13962 days ago
LOCOFOR_THE_RECORD: i would never link it to cmg, but since others are i am just dumping the nume...luvb2b2 days ago
MCIGreally didn't think we were going to close above .47..volume looks good like ...slider13962 days ago
LOCOLOL: For the record: LOCO will see $50 before it sees $19 again. LOL eomshervin22 days ago
LOCOLOL: Maybe it'll pullback just before $40 then settle in low to mid 30's. Re: For ...ninjaninja2 days ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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