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Forum - Most Endorsed Messages   

Last updated on Mon Dec 18, 07:28 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
PMTSLast time this ran to 1.50 range. Only 10 p/e. Room to run. eomhighyield882 days ago
TEUMBITCOIN: Up on volume surge ahead of pending crypto-news eomleadform2 days ago
TEUMTeum getting a little love. PMTS too! LFIN going to end badly for many eomTraderJT2 days ago
OHAINot me! Paying a 1.5% dividend and NAV of $2.35! Will roar back with this vol...cubscout2 days ago
President Donald Trump says he doesnt want to cut taxes on the rich. His Trea...holland552 days ago
Re: Hackers successfully hacking the cryptocurrency is good news for the US G...apmoore20 hrs ago
@.70S: Crypto-Infrastructure in place for BitCoin Mining & Trading Platform.leadform2 days ago
TGIFF: in here .60 huge news on this weed play....stormcat2 days ago
PATIENCE: When someone pumps a stock in this room wait 20 minutes and I bet u get it at...stormcat2 days ago
OHAI$1.60 after hours weak hands shook on to $2 eomtheMagician2 days ago
OHAIJoining the club here @1.30 eomRISKYWALLY2 days ago
Those r dangerous words. lol. Re: Best part of crypto, easy money. Especially...ninjaninja19 hrs ago
TSLA350-360 next stop potentially next week eomjennyjones2 days ago
LFINMarket cap is reaching $1 Billions??????????????? WOW. eomshervin22 days ago
GAHC$.04$.04$.04: Just WOW -now up 50% - did anyone join me yesterday?!?! eomEPR531672 days ago
OSTKICO: Staying with proven winner. ICO is coming on Monday. eomshervin22 days ago
North Korea's stolen bitcoins now worth more than $80Mhokk12430 hrs ago
ROKUROK-ON!: shorts got mud on their face... big disgrace... getting their can kicked all ...luvb2b2 days ago
new high test. breaking out eomninjaninja2 days ago
BKLLF 360 Blockchain Inc.oiko2 days ago
ROKUROK-ON!: Re: shorts got mud on their face... big disgrace... getting their can kicked ...ninjaninja2 days ago
VSQTF: 2.37 CHA-CHING RE...1.95 RE...1.69 nhod RE...IN HERE 1.57 huge news BLOCKCHAI...stormcat2 days ago
CURred to green type move eomacinvestorblog2 days ago
WPCSBought for about 50% off my last sells at like 1.75, huge squeeze coming toda...tokyopua2 days ago
LFINRe: $30 assault...+380%krueger2 days ago
NXTDNXTD Nice eommsgreenacres2 days ago
ROKUROK-ON!: Re: what planet are you on? 40% of the float is short, maybe more. Re: shorts...jaceak2 days ago
ROKUWE-WILL-ROK-U!: it's due ot have a large weekly bar somewhere, and this one is not "so big" R...luvb2b2 days ago
INTVGONE-BONKERS: Holy Ventures - nhod! Now up 133%....and thats just today :) eomEPR531672 days ago
CSSE-$11$11$11: Wow eomEPR531672 days ago
BLOZFAfternoon breakout coming, I feel it.. gettin high!!!! eomMeow4Me2 days ago
AEYI think it is a good buy at 1.47 again now that it had a mega spike yesterday...tokyopua2 days ago
MBOTMBOT: Jumped back in here, too cheap not to, has at least 10% spike in it if not mu...tokyopua2 days ago
SRAXRe: flag breakout $6 target $8-10..kramsem2 days ago
OHAIBITCOIN_BANK: Re: OHAI Block chain bank - Credit Suisse is launching a blockchain loans pla...squeeze2 days ago
JTPYit actually has revenues ~$100M.... eomUp_Puts2 days ago
ROKUWE-WILL-ROK-U!: this ride is pretty effortless. had a fairly nice profit chunk I'm just letti...ninjaninja2 days ago
NETEGET GOING! > Re: Excellent opportunity eomrocket2 days ago
CHFSloading up again. eomacinvestorblog2 days ago
OHAIBITCOIN: Pays a divvy and 1st blockchain loan play. HOT next week eomleadform2 days ago
OHAIBlockchain loans. pays divvy too. eomleadform2 days ago
CHFSnew HOD..... if it breaks $4 before the close....the move could be explosive....acinvestorblog2 days ago
BTC.X: Re: Bitcoin breaks above 18000. hokk1242 days ago
WPCSI dont know about you, but I loved it at 1.67 and love it even MORE now at .9...tokyopua2 days ago
WMLPMICRO-FLOATER: Volume alert. KBSF pattern developing. 14% divvy too. eomleadform2 days ago
OHAIBITCOIN: Re: Pays a divvy and 1st blockchain loan play. HOT next weekleadform2 days ago
CHFSbig buyers here eomacinvestorblog2 days ago
LEDSLEDS basing at $4 .... thinking this spikes $6.00+ area next week eomKimnz292 days ago
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