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Last updated on Wed Oct 14, 00:03 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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(TANKOLA$$): Re: cause and effect why is this happening 3 BIG BANKS REPORT TOMORROW no RAT...supadupa10 hrs ago
MODERATORS: Just put the idiot on ignore like I did. He is so annoying. Re: Re:PLEASE !!!...mellowrk10 hrs ago
So it's tanking today. If its a long term holding what is there to say? It's ...mellowrk9 hrs ago
TIK52-WEEK-HI: Re: Do DD as CEO screaming how great biz is & outlook even better from last e...cherrypie14 hrs ago
TIKAVIAONICS: Re: Tik Electronics. Tiny float & years of surging quarters ahead. Starting w...cherrypie14 hrs ago
you guys shud cool it w calling people idiots - it's a tos violation - other ...TheNextGoogle10 hrs ago
XONLOL i've been consistent on this stock since I first called it at $39 in Marc...mellowrk4 hrs ago
Re: We have met enemy...and it is usdiligence2 days ago
ZGNXNEW_POSITION: $13.25 now...looks like IBB green today this can shoot up very low 15 million...mellowrk12 hrs ago
Re: We have met enemy...and it is usmaybe2 days ago
Re: Russia Foils Major ISIS Attack in Moscowfranconia33 hrs ago
Re: We have met enemy...and it is usmaybe2 days ago
way too many bullish setups for us to crash here -- never short a dull mk...JesseLivermore32 hrs ago
I.WIN.: Up 50% AH to $36 on buyout chatter. No one wanted...hazeleye29 hrs ago
Re: We have met enemy...and it is usmaybe2 days ago
Do you realize that that could have caused a sell off? NOT COOL! Please, no...msgreenacres32 hrs ago
LOOK1 for 1 on merger - LOOK appears to be WAAAAAAY undervalued, 1st time sec fil...theMagician12 hrs ago
IBBKERSPLAT!: Re: Dem debates tomorrow bio pricing likely a big topic could see another $10...theMagician8 hrs ago
YINNchina markets ripping another 3.5% eomrasputin2 days ago
Re: Putin wants to blow up the middle east to get the price of oil upscorcher36 hrs ago
SPYMarket beginning to go back into bull mode. If it fills the gap to 1952 I wil...stxsurfer33 hrs ago
Airlines warned to watch out for Russia missiles flying over Iraq and Iran. eomtheMagician36 hrs ago
YGENew HOD > Re: Think this one has more upside > Re: Looks good, in some here, ...rocket12 hrs ago
AALRe: Strong, one of lowest p/e in mkt ..out more 300% eomramaji38 hrs ago
Re: Do you realize that that could have caused a sell off? NOT COOL! Please...diligence32 hrs ago
SAASRe: I will ride this with u also ;) in at $6.75 tight stop should revisit $7....stormcat37 hrs ago
dow w7 is in jeopardy w8 if close green what will it do?? eomdudleydan10 hrs ago
AEZSAEZS: Or, continue holding a dog...Re: AEZS - classic reload opp eomsupadupa38 hrs ago
TWTRI think trimming fat is healthy...loldmccoy32 hrs ago
IDRA3-5YEARS=1000%: still love it Milano paid $4.00 for 200k BAKERs $3.75 for 5.3 million eomsinghtelecom13 hrs ago
TVIXBig swings, can scalp this to death if you play it right. eomoceanviews12 hrs ago
IBBDem debates tomorrow bio pricing likely a big topic could see another $10-15 ...theMagician35 hrs ago
OK....OK! eomamdolan11 hrs ago
Russia Foils Major ISIS Attack in Moscowsmokeeater1134 hrs ago
NSSCTHEME: NSSC school security theme..........growing EPS rapidly Superman35 hrs ago
TWTR'self interest' even better! I like being in good company. [IMG]269[/IMG] Re:...m4e11 hrs ago
ZGNXNEW_POSITION: This one not a daytrade for me...holding as a swing/long. ResistanceRe: Insid...mellowrk12 hrs ago
WGBSWGBS Looking strong! eommsgreenacres12 hrs ago
GSKWOWOW: dammmm JAN 43 call vol. 25000 eomsinghtelecom12 hrs ago
AXPWI own one of these. Re: VW said they would be using "new" technology to redu...msgreenacres11 hrs ago
TWTRRe: just jumped to 30.50 ...gotta look for newsBeacher12 hrs ago
XNPTXNPT Perk eommsgreenacres12 hrs ago
SPYthat's what my TQQQ is telling me. =) Re: stopped out. Re: SPY too loss on my...ninjaninja12 hrs ago
DDDover the days hi now ...built strong base at the 50... cup n handle extrem...JesseLivermore12 hrs ago
IDRAIDRA Above resistance, now on way to $5 eommsgreenacres12 hrs ago
ONVOVOLUME: ONVO Strong eommsgreenacres11 hrs ago
We are pulling back a bit. Stay focused on movers! eommsgreenacres12 hrs ago
ZGNXPRICETARGET$27: ZGNX Upgraded analysts reiterate an Outperform rating on the stock, boosti...msgreenacres12 hrs ago
ZGNXNEW_POSITION: stopped out 12.79 $330 loss looking to reenter really like for long term Re: ...mellowrk11 hrs ago
TWTRThanxxx for the heads up Beacher....Appreciate any and all real info...good ...m4e12 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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