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50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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No disrespect but your a Nut Job - People like you give govt conspiracists a ...shurtha200020 hrs ago
EMESSAND?FRAC-THAT!: Got s'more puts & shorter - not throwing in the towel yet. And HCLP and SLCA ...EPR531672 days ago
was just going to long USAT but saw who's involved eomJesseLivermore2 days ago
ISIS Threat: Britain Raises Terror Alert Level to 'Severe'hokk1242 days ago
INVEThere is no press release that you can read given Apple is so secretive. Eve...digitaltrader43 hrs ago
TUBEHolding very well,,,,Dgly is death trap imo eomJackal2 days ago
INVEI've never been as excited about a company as I am about Identiv. If I have ...digitaltrader2 days ago
INVEI meant to post Royal Caribbean. My assumption is based on listening to thee...digitaltrader44 hrs ago
Sweden Has Raised Military Alert Level, Cites Crisis in Ukraine - REUTERS eomacinvestorblog2 days ago
Re: ISIS Threat: Britain Raises Terror Alert Level to 'Severe'jianwei2 days ago
IWM.57c,,,,Re: Weekly lotto 116 call .36c eomJackal2 days ago
UKBREAKING: UK raises security terror threat level to severe eomballzer2 days ago
if the stock market wasn't based on perception stocks like PED would be $5 ...JesseLivermore2 days ago
Re: GSA is experimenting with sensors to create a Smart Buildings strategy fo...digitaltrader9 hrs ago
DGLYSTRONG: Continues to KILL the shorts. And, no options in this, which means option CR...shervin22 days ago
DRIORe:weeeeee.........e to breaking .09. Dime push coming power hour IMO. eomHARLUM2 days ago
MARANew Apple lawsuit, very good read to see how Marathon Patent Group is involve...Optimist2 days ago
VIISO-FAR-SO-GOOD: Picked up some nice volume and some steam since my post...would LOVE to see $...EPR531672 days ago
DRIO...great job guys...heck of a board if you steer clear of chart man and t...legendary2 days ago
AXXUyep, LAST CHANCE to get in is today if you factor in a potential super gap op...mako52 days ago
ZMAP_DOSES_GONE: Experimental Ebola drug halts virus in monkeys five days after they were infe...bucyrus2 days ago
FNSREyes on FNSR moving higher on volume eomacinvestorblog2 days ago
AXXURe:Im holding need a huge winner to make up 4 a terrible summer after the bes...HARLUM2 days ago
FSIthis is your next IVAN imo. chart is sweetness eomryanh2 days ago
AXXUYou have company, with me at least. I'm ballz deep in this one (have twice a...HGOGAMatt2 days ago
LAKEShould be trading above $7. Brazil issue resolved dropped it from $7 and Ebol...weege2 days ago
DRIOClose to breaking .09. Dime push coming power hour IMO. eomcardlynn2 days ago
MFON2.6MM_CASH: Still watching this. I have a very small position, $1 / share - 500 shares. ...HGOGAMatt2 days ago
GPRORe: GPRO wearable 3dron2 days ago
DGLYMajor Cities Consider Body Cameras3dron2 days ago
AXXUshares are tough to come by as is at this moment , imagine the potential chas...mako52 days ago
Lol... we all have winners and losers. I haven't traded a thing this summer o...Titanium2 days ago
DGLYSTRONG_P&D: Re: Every time a municiplaity purchases their product, we will see higher pri...jianwei2 days ago
NXPIGearing up for a run into the close. iphone 6 launch and publicity going to ...KidsCollegeFund2 days ago
DGLYi know they did a small financing early in week. if they dont do any financin...jennyjones2 days ago
LIQTLIQT water equipment? some volume here eompivot_trade2 days ago
DGLYshare offering will make perfect sense... expand sales force, boost operatin...all2tropical2 days ago
BIGGThe next monster runner is China Toy Company Big Tree Group (BIGG), Fully Rep...sierraworld2 days ago
ADMPback above $4.00 and I see this continuing the steady climb back to the $7.00...chikhat2 days ago
WSMload OCT calls while cheap--jmho eomboby2 days ago
CDZI$14.10 eomdutchman2 days ago
AXXUGrabbed a few more. eomjonnyb2 days ago
DRIOWORL gave up on his short today. We need force CSTI to exit next. Re: Re:weee...cardlynn2 days ago
DGLYYou keep jumping in front of the train, want to join for a ride or keep playi...recolect2 days ago
MINEA very narrow trading range today. Just waiting for PR about NY locations and...y2kmajor2 days ago
FSIapproaching new multi-year highs eomryanh2 days ago
DGLYgo go rah rah Re: Assume if we break $18 we see $21-$24 eomrecolect2 days ago
AXXU(THE PIT) will/may be chasing this one bigtime.. i for one dont post pinks/bb...mako52 days ago
SMHwhat's with semis?.. on a bigtime tear... I missed it completely.. something ...bucyrus2 days ago
DGLYSTRONG: Every time a municiplaity purchases their product, we will see higher prices....shervin22 days ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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