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Last updated on Wed Aug 5, 08:28 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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AAPLAll things must end sooner or later,,,wait for it lol eomJackal43 hrs ago
SADTOBEHUMAN: Re: Here is plenty of proof > Re: You think that is something?? 115,068 hum...maxamus2 days ago
We're the USofA. Doesn't apply to us. lol. Re: Bloodbath As Athens Stock Mark...ninjaninja47 hrs ago
UBER: Re: You guys are ruining my Uber fetish stop it lol3dron2 days ago
Always remember: The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solv...stxsurfer45 hrs ago
POLLI'm taking a poll.maxamus2 days ago
ZIOPTRIL only laggard today but she's still several months away Re: XON, ZIOP, AF...mellowrk44 hrs ago
TWTR: would be a good time for Dorsey to get off the bong pipe and announce a sha...JesseLivermore37 hrs ago
XONNICE_ARTICLE: What fueled interoxon's 34% gain in July-article link it's a good read despit...mellowrk12 hrs ago
FITI saw the same thing. lol.... after I posted it. Re: hmmm 50 titty... lol.....ninjaninja47 hrs ago
NAZ_HISTORY: Re: Sounds about right to me,,,re: Anyone trade during 7/1/98 to 10/1/98, 30%...gamma46 hrs ago
AACcongrats!>Re: Wow sold $19 almost $2k in 30 seconds :o Re: Joining you long a...jjkool_0120 hrs ago
Yes ....still in. Love it long term ....killing me right now. I thought repor...m4e43 hrs ago
XONgood points... thank u for the suggestions my friend Re: Mentality. Well, yo...trupik19 hrs ago
NETEI cant control what anyone else does, I can control trading a nice set up and...ryanh16 hrs ago
TWTRNew ceo rumor ,,, needs confirmation eomJesseLivermore21 hrs ago
AAPLICAHN_???: It is probably Ichan dumping AAPL and getting back into NFLX. LOL eomshervin221 hrs ago
TSRAinteresting... usually i wud just use my scottrade and stockcharts for charti...trupik17 hrs ago
XOMAFINAL_ADD: Still churning upward slooowly...Conf call on thurs Re: Added 7500 shares at ...mellowrk17 hrs ago
TSRAThank u dragon... appreciate the encouragement and glad u were able to make a...trupik18 hrs ago
SPYAbsolutely zero gas left in the tank IMO eomJackal46 hrs ago
SPYRe: Right shoulder top appears complete on Head and Shoulders patternsupadupa2 days ago
TSRALove the new charting tool from Medved. I can see the whole market movers co...dragon18 hrs ago
SPY2095 calls for .85 giving a shot. Sentiment too weak eomMiskeen43 hrs ago
AACWow sold $19 almost $2k in 30 seconds :o Re: Joining you long at $17.19 just ...mellowrk21 hrs ago
XONThere ya go...another all time high and $67 within sight. I'm actually rootin...mellowrk44 hrs ago
XONcraniac and mello goin off on this one the past couple of weeks. very strong....ninjaninja44 hrs ago
XONmomentum...hard to time the flip...great trade by the way,,... been a great m...trupik44 hrs ago
US Airstrikes in Syria to Protect Rebels Against ISIS and Assadhokk12440 hrs ago
XONAGAIN_ROLLOVER: ZIOP folowing XON, 14 looks ready, .50 mor cents and ALL 35 MILLION shorts un...crainiac44 hrs ago
Ive been studying this move for two years,they prolly spent 5 min on a chart,...Jackal43 hrs ago
AACHahaha I stepped out for half an hour and you made the killing!! Re: Wow now ...dragon20 hrs ago
SAMRe: Up 13 points from yesterday with an extremely low float.jollyjoekerr21 hrs ago
DRYSthe BDI is flying again today.................... eomcrainiac22 hrs ago
TSRATSRA - a little late to the party... updated earnings, watching for setup fo...trupik21 hrs ago
NFLXNEW52WEEKHIGH: +38% = new highs Re: NFLX going to ramp. looking @ weekly $120 calls eomgamma21 hrs ago
NFLXthey can't dump 11 PE AAPL fast enuf to buy 400 pe NFLX, crazytimes eomtheMagician21 hrs ago
PKTX***PKTX...ProtoKinetix Reports on Its Strong Collaboration with the James Sha...Mustang402322 hrs ago
LIQDDay traders/penny flippers have no clue when it comes to LIQD. IMHO eomshervin221 hrs ago
AMDUSO-OILFUND$$: AMD-set to rally bull hammer formation overhead gap$$ eomdudleydan21 hrs ago
SPYStill only giving it tgt 202-204 as the pumping the mkt has become a matter o...ramaji22 hrs ago
USOCOMMODITIERALLY: USO-could be a huge day if short squeeze pans out. eomdudleydan21 hrs ago
LIQDnice little shake in at the open... couldnt grab too many but added few more ...trupik21 hrs ago
AAPLstopped out. ack! Re: in AAPL Aug 07 2015 121.00 Call eomninjaninja22 hrs ago
LIQDr/g here....this should speed up now eomryanh21 hrs ago
LIQDRe: r/g here....this should speed up nowoceanviews21 hrs ago
SWKSALSO_NXPI: one of the apple field trade i put on gapping lower a few today eomluvb2b23 hrs ago
AAPLhmm.... when was the last time AAPL was down 5% on a non earnings day? Re: ba...ninjaninja21 hrs ago
AAPLback in. Re: stopped out. ack! Re: in AAPL Aug 07 2015 121.00 Call eomninjaninja21 hrs ago
NFLXNEW52WEEKHIGH: NFLX going to ramp. looking @ weekly $120 calls eomgamma22 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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