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Last updated on Thu Jan 23, 11:55 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
NNVCbought 7K shares on close yesterday want to sell it higher in AH Tradingyogibear21 hrs ago
FCELmy puts in the green... I believe they're ready to run eombucyrus47 hrs ago
FCELrebound possible despite 1,5er target eomyogibear3 mins ago
2/10/20: The PLA can and will be ordered not only by dermatologists but every PCP (Pri...SunTzu7722 days ago
OPGNloading zone. CMF indicator continues to show money flowing into the stock. I...acinvestorblog22 hrs ago
IBIOWUHAN City now under quarantine - IBIO add China Suspends Outbound Air And Ra...theMagician21 hrs ago
DMTK2/10/20: Re: The PLA can and will be ordered not only by dermatologists but every PCP ...SunTzu77247 hrs ago
FCELRe: C's got cheap.that's what makes a market.. I think we BOTH will make mone...bucyrus21 hrs ago
FCELYes, I'm loading "Clown Grade" Institutions loaded yesterday after the call...msgreenacres3 hrs ago
LLIT.63 took spec Coronavirus..3m float china medical equipSunTzu77245 hrs ago
people are not being killed by the virus.. they're being killed by the pneumo...bucyrus2 days ago
AAPLRe: This stock is a thing of beauty.. 90b a day from Fed repo not hurting eit...theMagician22 hrs ago
LLITRe: .63 .95..took spec Coronavirus..3m float china medical equipSunTzu77224 hrs ago
LAKE$12.50 bagpile slammer. still some nuclear fallout suits available. eomsmokeeater1123 hrs ago
NNVCChina locks down 2 more cities after Wuhan, about 19 million people affectedmoltenlava4 hrs ago
AIMCORONAVIRUS: AIM expect them to issue a pr on how their drug will help the coronavirus. Ev...theMagician21 hrs ago
Wuhan Virus Latest: Official Infection Count Nears 450 as Outbreak Spreads.hokk12422 hrs ago
Coronavirus: China bars 11m residents from leaving city at center of outbreakgargoyle12 hrs ago
TSLADONTSHORT: tsla why short it those cars are everywhere where i live in raleigh ,all the...hunter123 hrs ago
DMTK12.59 stole a few more..13 more trading daysSunTzu77224 hrs ago
China News Service, Wuhan, January 23rd. According to the Hubei Provincial He...crainiac4 hrs ago
HHT.90 took a spec down material change regarding the looming China ed ...SunTzu77224 hrs ago
FCELFuel Cells earnings desaster could trigger big selloff ino verhyped hydrogens...yogibear28 hrs ago
YANGthis is another CHINA VIRUS play 3X China BEAR index eomwilkste45 hrs ago
NIOCRAMER_KILLER: Cramer knocks NIO,, kicks it to the curb from $5.65 hod down to $4.96.. buy o...mflutie124 hrs ago
Re: Syrian currency collapse prompts rare criticism of Assad regimeapmoore2 days ago
China's Spring Festival Risks Spreading Epidemic Far and Widehokk12444 hrs ago
LLITFILTERS: Break $1 it wilds, then 52@$1.75 eomRe: Next 10 bagger China virus playeomRe:...tripleplay45 hrs ago
Re: Total number of coronavirus cases in China at 634 - State TVapmoore2 hrs ago
VIRUS: $7 oxblast!!! 111%%% halt!! eomkrueger2 days ago
TSLATIMBERRRRRRRRRR: Re: Puts wilding now - lowball didn't hit.. came within a buck though eombucyrus21 hrs ago
ICCC5.20s All out for a loss.... what a dog compared to other plays eomcjlupard2 hrs ago
Re: So the dems showed up at the 1st day of the impeachment trialseagator543 hrs ago
LLITout some +40%. awesome! steaks away! Re: .63 .95..took spec Coronavirus..3m f...ninjaninja24 hrs ago
NNVCUpcoming WHO emergency Coronavirus update..550 infected 18 deaths. eomrasputin21 hrs ago
LLITRe: Yep over .75 and this rips the algorithms haven't found it yet.tripleplay45 hrs ago
NNVC$13 oxblast!!! 315%%%!! eomkrueger45 hrs ago
DMTKWhat a close!..................... eommoltenlava43 hrs ago
Re: Syrian currency collapse prompts rare criticism of Assad regimeapmoore2 days ago
ICCCSudden Volume eombarnus47 hrs ago
no link but some tweeting woman in Culver City, CA being tested for coronavir...efbailey44 hrs ago
China confirms coronavirus can pass human to humanapmoore2 days ago
ICCCCNN says 1 case coronavirus in US confirmed eomefbailey46 hrs ago
Re: extortion? That is not even part of the impeachment, where is extortion m...seagator520 hrs ago
FCELFCEL Featured at DAVOS: Should gap hard this week. Short is 256% (no sho...msgreenacres2 days ago
AAPLRe: This stock is a thing of beautyalfie22 hrs ago
Syrian currency collapse prompts rare criticism of Assad regimegargoyle2 days ago
TSLATime to yank a quite bit of stops? or is the dip enough to go to $600+? eomninjaninja4 hrs ago
Passenger arrives at LAX with possible coronavirus symptomsefbailey37 mins ago
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