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Last updated on Wed Dec 12, 04:43 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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RWLKRe: matter of WHEN not if this runs 50-100%theMagician18 hrs ago
BOTTOMOFCHART: It never fails. That moron BottomofChart goes running his big mouth and look ...undervalued19 hrs ago
RWLKLOCK&LOAD_NOW: AH: 87K at bid of $0.22...Re: Volume is more than 10X of the average daily v...almlk11 hrs ago
RWLKJAN-POPPER: RWLK 1st January Popper/Santa Rally set-up. CEO in interview stated FDA submi...theMagician18 hrs ago
RWLK.20 <<< .22 was the pump. Magic pumps so Lion has buyers to sell. Re: Pleas...cjlupard15 hrs ago
RWLKNEWS-PENDING: National Insurance coverage news pending as per CEO...Twitter link:leadform15 hrs ago
NVMM.55 another insider buy 50,000 shares @ .57 tic tocSunTzu77226 hrs ago
WINNING: Re: build The Wall? noholland552 days ago
NFL#GO_HAWKS!!!: Seahawks now 8-5 another gem, rolled the Vikings 21-7.geezerman29 hrs ago
SPYUS Stock Market Bubble may end in Disaster just like that BitCoin Bubble 20k ...BottomofChart14 hrs ago
SPYRe: US Stock Futures - while I agree with you that a major downturn has start...lemoyati2 days ago
TSLARe: My old tvbeer3014 hrs ago
RWLKmatter of WHEN not if this runs 50-100% eomtheMagician18 hrs ago
RWLKTime to squeeze the dumbass penny shorts eomtheMagician10 hrs ago
RWLKfilled more 20c swing into January for easy money eomtheMagician15 hrs ago
RWLKRWLK ceo TOLD US big news within DAYS - EXACT same set up as TTNP at 21c b4 i...theMagician18 hrs ago
RWLKPlease stop pumping this otc trash. eomBurleigh6515 hrs ago eomholland552 days ago
WINNING: build The Wall? noHARLUM2 days ago
DBDeutch Bank With it's 46 Trillion in Derivatives "Weapons of Mass Destruction...BottomofChart42 hrs ago
WOW: Trump announces his chief of staff is leaving, without having had anyone who ...HARLUM2 days ago
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump "Democrats cant find a Smocking Gun tying th...holland5535 hrs ago
BOTTOMOFCHART: Re: It never fails. That moron BottomofChart goes running his big mouth and l...jaceak19 hrs ago
RKDA87-13 farm bill passes Senate! eommotz12 hrs ago
"When the tweet condemns a free press, you are hearing the words of a tyrant"...holland552 days ago
NEW_LIE_SCORE: Meet the Bottomless Pinocchio, a new rating for a false claim repeated ov...Beacher20 hrs ago
Re: Market 2019shurtha20002 days ago
PETZWait and buy it at 10 Cents or Less Re: Bargin 25k on the bid not going any l...BottomofChart39 hrs ago
RWLKRWLK News Coming 1$+ Coming eomBottomofChart13 hrs ago
SPYRe: US Stock Futures - while I agree with you that a major downturn has start...luhkonik2 days ago
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: China to slash tariffs on U.S. auto imports to 15%Hblaze15 hrs ago
RWLKchart with notes..Lions dd rock solid on this..theMagician18 hrs ago
CHINESEPROVERB: He who tweets too much has less relevance. Re: Marketseems the market puts mo...TraderJT2 days ago
Futures we will close red tomorrow. eommaybe5 hrs ago
RWLKlol. 1st Lion. Now Magician eomninjaninja18 hrs ago
Russia Dispatching Nuclear-Capable Tu-160 Blackjack Bombers to Venezuelagargoyle37 hrs ago
SPYUS Stock Futures going to tank China Summons US ambosodor https://www.zerohed...BottomofChart2 days ago
SPYRe: Lessons of the Great Depression Millions without a job in every direction...deaconmike16 hrs ago
RWLKRe: .20 <<< .22 was the pump. Magic pumps so Lion has buyers to sell. Re: P...jaceak15 hrs ago
Re: This is collusion illusion, there is no smoking gun here. At this late da...Beacher2 days ago
RWLKYeah buddy there going to get em high on pot and then get them to walk again ...BottomofChart17 hrs ago
RKDARe: 5 is easy, Im looking for 10 tomorrow. RKDA is the clear winner on Farms ...EPR5316731 hrs ago
Twitter 5 min. ago: SENATE PASSES FARM BILL COMPROMISE, HOUSE SET TO VOTE NE...TraderGreenspan12 hrs ago
Judge orders Stormy Daniels pay Trump $293K legal fees...investorjohn8 hrs ago
SPYUS Stock Futures Tanking it's Game Over for the BagHolders they will have to ...BottomofChart2 days ago
LYLFLOAT-LOCK: Re: Hold for 10M to 12M shares traded. Epic float lock move. $30.00s possiblesmokeeater1116 hrs ago
TSLAMy old tvtrendtn17 hrs ago
RKDAFRIENDS&FAMILY: Re: Managed to grab another 850 shares @ $3.94. Such a silly selloff...errolflin16 hrs ago
RWLKRe: matter of WHEN not if this runs 50-100%jisaac197918 hrs ago
TSLAITMRe: put profits into 12/14 $367.5C @ 6.60/ eomFaithalone16 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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