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Last updated on Wed May 25, 07:02 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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Geez, I thought the weekends were ridiculous with all thedeaconmike30 hrs ago
Re: Bill Clintons rape victim.diligence31 hrs ago
LETSNOTBEIDIOTS: Oh please she rode bills coat tails. She is a liar and out for herself. Re: L...dazzer2 days ago
LETSNOTBEIDIOTS: Amen to that. You took the words right out of my mouth. American politics ha...Hblaze2 days ago
IWMNOTE: Russell Reconstitution determination is this Friday. You don't short ...msgreenacres15 hrs ago
IWMHere is the Russell Calendar:msgreenacres15 hrs ago
New home sales jumped 16.6% to 619,000 (annual) in April, homebuilders liking...theMagician18 hrs ago
Re: Geez, I thought the weekends were ridiculous with all the3dron30 hrs ago
SEEDMonsanto to reject Bayer AG's $62B bid, seek higher price - sourcesSunTzu77219 hrs ago
XGTIFeeling like a gapper. eomcardlynn40 hrs ago
SEEDDDMUCKTYMUCKS: chug chug chug Re: sick setup...w/ new management only a matter of time befor...ChineseChicken15 hrs ago
ISIS Bombing Spree in Tartus, Jableh Kills Scores on Syrian Coasthokk12437 hrs ago
MKT: broken record post BUT markets DONT top when everyone is shorting - see it da...theMagician44 hrs ago
LPTNLPTN radar this .20 break ...penny bios blowing up everywhere eomKimnz2921 hrs ago
KTOVWWill continue to accumulate this. My secretary always told me I had a few scr...mellowrk20 hrs ago
XGTI$4.6M loss and $484K cash,,goodbye pump and dump ,,, eomscorcher37 hrs ago
You shouldn't be shorting small caps into the Rank or Rebalance. You will no...msgreenacres15 hrs ago
Does anyone have any stocks?? Anything about any stock would be nice after th...Miskeen2 days ago
DCTHnice pump n dump lol eomamdolan45 hrs ago
CLRBthat boiler room is too awesome, how that moved CLRB on a lousy application eomfastballer44 hrs ago
LPTNthey will be chasing LPTN over 25c eomtheMagician41 hrs ago
SKLNDD: Re: DD for those interested....down 70% from my warnings..i called 10c hit t...theMagician42 hrs ago
LITHaha, shift into next gear then? Re: That engine seems like it started 3month...ChineseChicken33 hrs ago
Man I hate politics, no one ever worth a s### wants the job, both Trump and ...holland5533 hrs ago
Unbelievable the !#$^& that was posted here last night - TheNextGoogle16 hrs ago
LETSNOTBEIDIOTS: Lets not be idiots here! How about some smarter debate than at the level of ...franconia2 days ago
KTOVWChurning back up...Re: Added 5000 more $1.04 now holding 25,000 at $1.54 avg;...mellowrk19 hrs ago
Re: Pit on the weekend!amdolan2 days ago
AAPLAAPL Breaks thru 97.30 level. Could go to $100 today eommsgreenacres20 hrs ago
EZRTNOW_A_$20M_BIO: Re: Your great at bio stocks. Thoughts on this?crainiac20 hrs ago
GBT$21$21$21$21$21: Nice eomEPR5316720 hrs ago
UABREAKING: Under Armour, UCLA sign largest shoe & apparel deal in college hist...ninjaninja20 hrs ago
NFLXKABOOM: book 3/4 gains on NFLX stock n calls +$9 from alert and 300% on calls eomtheMagician20 hrs ago
BBEPRe: Big Vol again & price....maybe20 hrs ago
BBEPSmashing .20's now. smhRe: Damn eomcardlynn20 hrs ago
Re: charting all morn... I'm seeing a ramp coming across the too?...bucyrus20 hrs ago
Re: charting all morn... I'm seeing a ramp coming across the too?...theMagician20 hrs ago
LPTNL-PATH: Re: Im 6 for 6 on penny poppers recently....LPTN # 7. Bout ready to take off...ijeffc20 hrs ago
HTBXON-THE-MOVE : Looks strong - maybe run thru $.60 on the way???? eomEPR5316720 hrs ago
Re: charting all morn... I'm seeing a ramp coming across the too?...bucyrus20 hrs ago
AMRSAnyone with an opinion on AMRS? Down like 20 straight days from $1.20 area. B...undervalued20 hrs ago
MKT: MARKETS DONT TOP WHEN SHORT INTEREST AT HIGH - repeat PLUS every rookie trade...theMagician20 hrs ago
AGOut some shares. eomuser1220 hrs ago
LPTNL-PATH: Insane.....250,000 shares in 5 eomdiligence20 hrs ago
AAPLOut some shares. eomuser1220 hrs ago
BBEPBig Vol again & price.... eompmony20 hrs ago
EZRTNOW_A_$20M_BIO: Your great at bio stocks. Thoughts on this?Titanium20 hrs ago
NUGTGonna test the 5 day low! BOOM! eomp_ears_on20 hrs ago
XCO.71 +26% news eompbe116920 hrs ago
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