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Last updated on Sat Dec 20, 15:48 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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Toughest part of trading is SITTING ON HANDS WAITING FOR SETUPS eomILOVECAPITALISM28 hrs ago
DAKPSPEC is a true GURU $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ congrats money maker Re: $DAKP $1.9...pmony22 hrs ago
BDR2.39 radar 20%-30% valuation vs sector peers w/o DirecTV .30-.40 run rateSunTzu7722 days ago
Patience is a trade also, you don't have to trade every day or every week eomJackal29 hrs ago
TIKNEWS-OUT: Went profitable in current Qtr 14A filing out... With all three of our major ...pmony6 hrs ago
THANKS-FRIENDS: Happy Holidays _As always The Lion best place on earth, well 2nd best can't d...Jackal24 hrs ago
NUGTJNUG: Gold ETFs exploding eomcrainiac2 days ago
JNUGRe: For all the guro's in here. warned when in the $6's how these are scams, ...stormcat2 days ago
PCLNBOOM#2: Even nicer eomEPR531672 days ago
TIKVol & price continue as some must be waking up to Forward P/E of 3 $$$$$$ Re...pmony2 days ago
Dated this girl once, she was a two bagger...LOL.dukester652 days ago
DDDI saw this dress on display on the 3D Systems tour in Rock Hill, SC, except i...alectric2 days ago
I've blown hundreds of thousands forcing trades.very patient now eomILOVECAPITALISM28 hrs ago
IBMPUTSTIMEAGAIN: Hey LUV2b, IBM pushing +$6 off lows.grabbing puts here eomILOVECAPITALISM2 days ago
Re: North Korea planned attacks on US nuclear plants - Intel reportstormcat25 hrs ago
FBI points digital finger at North Korea for Sony hacking attackmoltenlava2 days ago
Didn't read the report, but China will use N Korea to do it's dirty work....R...amdolan24 hrs ago
PBRRe: I can't get past Pabst Blue Ribbon with this ticker eombucyrus2 days ago
PCLNMEGA-BOOOOOOM: Calls now up 200% - played out exactly as predicted eomEPR531672 days ago
GEBOOYA!!: up 0.76% for the day? A boom? Am I missing something? I'm in 1700 shares of T...Bender242 days ago
KWK.37 bada bing RE...what a gift here at .28 .. remember this post. 200k her...stormcat2 days ago
JUNOLooks like it might have 40 in it today, but I don't think it has much more t...cardlynn28 hrs ago
QQQdow / spy weak -- nasdaq is the only place worth longing Y2K's want their ...JesseLivermore29 hrs ago
SPYDec 205 puts catching volume also eomJackal28 hrs ago
KWKwere still loaded here in high .20s looking for 1.00 next year.. I...stormcat28 hrs ago
ISISVAVAVAVOOOOOOM: Calls up 50% in < 1/2 hour :) eomEPR5316729 hrs ago
SPYFeb puts catching some volume already 196 thru 209 eomJackal29 hrs ago
SPYCHECK-IT: Re: September puts we have $1 million bet placed today 210 areafranconia28 hrs ago
YELPRe: opened next week 53C @ 1.30 sold a few 1.90 1 hour :) eomJesseLivermore28 hrs ago
SPYin a bit. SPY Dec 20 2014 205.00 Put eomninjaninja29 hrs ago
PBRDBLUP7.11: PBR-hand over fist oil going up spiking nearly up $2 eomdudleydan28 hrs ago
not a bad spot for Feb puts either,,,Re: In IBM 160 p's .50 take a shot..expi...Jackal29 hrs ago
COOLHope you grabbed some on the shake, agree with Magician, will get $1.20 out o...oceanviews29 hrs ago
SPY1% pullback wouldn't be too much to ask for. Re: in a bit. SPY Dec 20 2014 20...ninjaninja28 hrs ago
HALOBYEBYE_SHORTS: Re: new HOD! Gettin it! Re: Halozyme Receives European Orphan Drug Designati...Meow4Me29 hrs ago
EXXIoil at hod no way oil gonna be here in mid 50 s in 4 months..load u...stormcat29 hrs ago
NVIVNAPODANO: With Jordan's amazing progress becoming public NVIV is a multi bagger.Re: Maj...hoot186829 hrs ago
Max pain quad witching is SPY 205..lets see eomILOVECAPITALISM29 hrs ago
AMCObeing touted as the next PLUG in chat rooms eomchart10129 hrs ago
SPYSelling Feb 215 calls over $1,,,free $ imo eomJackal29 hrs ago
XTRN.0031 Lighting up here on rumors of Southern Calif-Las Vegas X-press train ru...Stoogie29 hrs ago
IRG$IRG $8.20-- $7.08--$5.50's--Ignite Restaurant Group, Inc.....Chart Watch.......speculator29 hrs ago
Don't see too much downside til end of year. wait until Jan. eomILOVECAPITALISM29 hrs ago
YELP: 54.27 will be 20 day cross -- short will have to re examine their 'strategy'JesseLivermore29 hrs ago
KMX66.75 shirt 500. Overdone and overvalued eomMiskeen29 hrs ago
ISIS$64$64$64$64$64: wow eomEPR5316729 hrs ago
IMRSadding IMRS on TRXC strength, IMRS the most undervalued robotic surgical play...ryanh29 hrs ago
VPORVPOR sellers.remember ECIG doubled in 1 day. eomchart10129 hrs ago
SPYCHECK-IT: September puts we have $1 million bet placed today 210 area eomJackal29 hrs ago
COOLSeems like the MM's are manipulating this a bit, holding tight eomoceanviews29 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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