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Last updated on Sun Sep 21, 14:05 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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VRNGSETTLEMENTANNOU: No one should hold VRNG short over the weekend! You know they have a settlem...msgreenacres2 days ago
Re: Pabst Blue Ribbon sold to Russians? ****'s getting real now.3dron2 days ago
NICOLEKIDMANS: Re: Dr. Antony Kidman died Friday after fleeing Australia when accused of the...3dron27 hrs ago
BABACCME: You Still Don't Know THE Chinese by now beacher..this company is the #1 broke...JesseLivermore2 days ago
OILRe: ISIS seizes 21 Kurdish villages in northern Syria, tanks close in on Koba...moltenlava2 days ago
Pabst Blue Ribbon sold to Russians? ****'s getting real now. eomqtrain132 days ago
WORLD_LAUGHS: Re: Intruder jumps fence and enters White house before being arrested...HiSpeed30 hrs ago
VRNGYeah, still a great buy under $5 It's coming!msgreenacres46 hrs ago
BABARe: in 20k 92.01. selling 96Mousetrap2 days ago
You all heard about the ISIS caused Australian raids, for fear of a beheading...springbok25 hrs ago
Sandy Hoax, Batman etc they are trying very hard to confiscate your guns. Cha...springbok25 hrs ago
wow what a boring mkt. I think im gonna get a job.. YAWN eomstormcat2 days ago
TIK1.4-MILL-FLOAT: Re: DD POST Very rare to know a double/triple so early & before it happens bu...stocktrader2226 hrs ago
VHCcoming back off the lows. could breakout here eomerrolflin2 days ago
CJJDnot moving at all. eombronen2 days ago
VRNGBUYING-OPP: Mean while VRNG is at .94, time to add more :) eomMakinMula22 days ago
how many trading platforms are going to crash in a moment eomall2tropical2 days ago
U.S. READY TO STRIKE ISIS IN SYRIAmsgreenacres2 days ago
HISTORY-REPEATS: This is not Alibabas first trip to the IPO rodeo. In 2007, its B2B site aliba...JesseLivermore2 days ago
BABABABA I will buy at $75 later today eomtrend_trader2 days ago
BIGVOLUMENOW: Take a look at the accumulation today. Also, see AH volume. Two settlements...msgreenacres45 hrs ago
VHCDONT-LOOK-NOW: Green again eomEPR531672 days ago
fyi...if you are a small cap trader and don't buy "sympathy" need...ryanh2 days ago
BABAMY.OPINION: BABA crazy call but look for $75 close or lower IMO eomtrend_trader2 days ago
VRNGSETTLEMENTANNOU: $5, easy.... Re: No one should hold VRNG short over the weekend! You know ...Schopenhauer2 days ago
VHCBOT-MORE-CALLS!: Call me crazy but I picked up some sep 26th 6 1/2 calls for $.35 - might as w...EPR531672 days ago
omg, there was a 3.5 million share bid at 90 in $BABAqtrain132 days ago
BABAABBABABA: lot of support at 90, but if that goes................................ eomcrainiac2 days ago
CNETAMERITRADE: lmao, no joke, the only reason I wasn't buying this turd under $1 (no guru cl...qtrain1347 hrs ago
BABAABBABABA: Jack Ma dumping into that massive bid Re: lot of support at 90, but if that g...qtrain132 days ago
PIRBOUNCE_PLAY: Historically, it will bounce back strongly. eomalmlk47 hrs ago
BABARe: overhyped, now reality is setting in..........3dron2 days ago
BABAkeeps touching 90 and shaving off more and more support....... eomcrainiac2 days ago
CNETAMERITRADE: After a year of being buy restricted at Ameritrade its now ok to trade after ...theMagician47 hrs ago
WONTHOLDREDBS.: mkt fooled said it would touch red at least now i see a green closing big $$ ...dudleydan2 days ago
BACRE-TRIGGER#$$: BAC-$17trigger enjoy big $$ on stock and calls. eomdudleydan2 days ago
BABAtoo much BUBABBLING aBout BABA!!! :) eomMakinMula22 days ago
COCOOut. eomuser122 days ago
CNETAMERITRADE: Re: lmao, no joke, the only reason I wasn't buying this turd under $1 (no gur...theMagician47 hrs ago
WBnice recovery on good volume, could get going soon - alibaba owns 30% eomSDM3732 days ago
DOWTOCRASH$$: TIMBER IS GOING TO melt all long positions enjoy$$ eomdudleydan2 days ago
JDST$14+: Magic golden carpet ride continues... eomEPR531672 days ago
MKT: RUN FOR THE HILLS the dow is only UP 17 points!!!!!!!!! eomtheMagician2 days ago
BABARe: overhyped, now reality is setting in..........3dron2 days ago
CNETAMERITRADE: agreed, I posted an article on this some time ago from nanexllc. Could call...qtrain1347 hrs ago
BITAPotential breakdown play....Major inidicators pointing down acinvestorblog2 days ago
YHOOStabilized but needs break of 40.40 eomqtrain132 days ago
CNETOut some shares. eomuser122 days ago
BIDUout half 224..Re: short 230.50, sell the up move on the baba hype eombdawgp2 days ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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