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Last updated on Sat Dec 3, 22:50 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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POLITICS: Give it a break, wait one year then bitch about or praise the Prez elect, thi...holland553 hrs ago
Re: Trump tradesdeaconmike2 days ago
And there it goes!! Re: Breaking HOD into close would be a very good sign for...NESretro30 hrs ago
Re: Trump saved 1000 jobs...seriously, 16M? Did Obama do that? How? Or was...alectric23 hrs ago
Re: "Obama divided the races more than anyone"franconia46 hrs ago
Re: Let's be cleardeaconmike47 hrs ago
DNAIRe: If you loved RGSE XGTI and RGSE (bottom plays) here is a new one DNAI (po...mykD2 days ago
DRYSRe: sorry 90% Re: Zero chance of BK now that CEO owns 80% of DRYS debt in to...luhkonik2 days ago
Re: "Obama divided the races more than anyone"franconia47 hrs ago
Penzey's original letter:bucyrus2 days ago
CAT: Re: Canary in the coal mine - I think it's the coal mineTheNextGoogle2 days ago
Re: These fools actually think Trump has a chance. Lmao.dazzer47 hrs ago
IIPR/IPO: This is interesting. I also got some, 500 shares. It's a REIT based in San ...HGOGAMatt2 days ago
Think I'll start a fund. We'll call it the "Rid The Lion of 3dron Fund." You...jonnyb10 hrs ago
Trump saved 1000 jobs3dron25 hrs ago
FHSurprised there's still no official news regarding completion of the merger, ...NESretro2 days ago
Re: These fools actually think Trump has a chance. Lmao.jianwei2 days ago
NOTICE: Re: Clamping down on political posts after the election even afterhoursdeaconmike107 mins ago
Re: 80 Consecutive Months of Private Sector Job Growth Wowdeaconmike37 hrs ago
Re: Libya plans to raise oil output to 900k from 600k a dayfranconia35 hrs ago
Re: Penzey's original letter:....I did not vote for either Trump or Hillary, ...alectric37 hrs ago
IPDNDon't get sucked in. It is tempting but most likely you will get burnt. eomgenius137 hrs ago
FHI think we could see a nice bounce today. Nice hammer candle formed on Wednes...acinvestorblog2 days ago
Gainesville bar to offer free shots for every Gator score vs. Alabama... nobo...bucyrus14 hrs ago
TRILHave taken much of my $TRIL position off heading into ASH. I broke tons of ...Superman2 days ago
Re: "How many are better off today than 8 years ago?"dazzer37 hrs ago
FHBreaking HOD into close would be a very good sign for next week. Seems very p...NESretro31 hrs ago
Re: Polls were right.. Hillary now leads Trump by 2.5 mil or 2% of popular vo...dazzer2 days ago
OBVIOUS-HILLARY: Re: Huma & Hillary on vaycay. Wonder who gets Mike Douglas Disease 1st.--Logi...diligence45 hrs ago
Founding Fathers even got the CITIES right.diligence9 hrs ago
For me, what's great about Trump getting elected is knowingdeaconmike2 days ago
SUCKERS: Re: Trump's economy born with a silver spoon. Hope he doesn't blow it like B...nomad4 hrs ago
BPMXthrough resistance now Re: $BPMX .33-- .26--BioPharmX...another nice one, fee...HeavyDD36 hrs ago
ULTARe: beats but not as big as in past. one to put on watch for weakness>> green...efbailey36 hrs ago
TLT120's eomninjaninja35 hrs ago
SHIPIf this is like previous ER...if it's good it will run up a bit pre-market th...Youted36 hrs ago
IMUCrecent r/s, might finally be ready for launch eomryanh36 hrs ago
ETRM.052 looking to bounce again. eomkavaman36 hrs ago
PKTX***PKTX..ProtoKinetix Completes Non-Brokered Private Placement & Secures Oper...Mustang402335 hrs ago
MEGINN ($INN) Summit Hotel Properties stock strong open bull flag breakout watch...StockConsultant36 hrs ago
SLW$SLW bought Jan 2018 -20 calls at 3.20 risky any opinions eomYouted36 hrs ago
TIKSUB-MIL-FLOAT: $4.50 Re: wow hadn't looked $3.40 with P/E 9 reported another profitable Qtr ...pmony35 hrs ago
GLDTruly amazing the printing going on and this thing at year lows eomramaji36 hrs ago
BPMX$BPMX .36-- .29-- .26--BioPharmX Corporation....Chart eomspeculator36 hrs ago
BACRe: You are a brave young man. Re: What CALLS are you buying? I am in Jan 20 ...ninjaninja35 hrs ago
DNAIFREEMONEY!: DNAI 20 Million Takes Control of 120 Million in CASH KBIO Play Martin Shkreli...Letstrade36 hrs ago
FANG: green eomninjaninja36 hrs ago
Libya plans to raise oil output to 900k from 600k a day eomefbailey36 hrs ago
BACWhat CALLS are you buying? I am in Jan 20 calls. Re: gap fill. trying some C'...shervin236 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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