Thu 11/27/2014 17:58 ET
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Last updated on Thu Nov 27, 17:57 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
TVIX25DAYSUPMKT: UVXY TVIX now in the accumulation's thanks accumulate time...happy ...rpccpa28 hrs ago
OILLOL..UNDER__$70: i should be thanking you. if it wasn't for your constant buy oil posts i prob...luvb2b4 hrs ago
Oil prices plummet as OPEC decides against output cutcrainiac7 hrs ago
Jesse snagged himself a pretty blue birdy! Re: tweet tweet -- breakout eomninjaninja31 hrs ago
OIL: Re: USO/OIL bottom callers been wrong for the last $5 down move, they go long...kider3 hrs ago
theres riots in Newark and surrounding hood every night but never on national...mako52 days ago
LAKERe: adding into the close..this could be picked up as the turkey week special...kider45 hrs ago
GENErang the all you can eat buffet bell for weeks at .32 on this one, hope you g...ryanh2 days ago
AL-SHAPTON: Grand jury votes NO go burn your city down! eomburp2 days ago
WATCH_THIS: Best commercial EVERsunshinetil229 hrs ago
AL-SHARPTON: Re: More cities going to burn .. Yeah they should be civilized drop some clus...diligence42 hrs ago
LAKERe: adding into the close..this could be picked up as the turkey week special...jennyjones25 hrs ago
SPECHave a Nice Holiday All... eomspeculator26 hrs ago
$LAKE $APT $VSR sector blowup eomsqueeze2 days ago
KRkroger is strong wow eomzoey19702 days ago
MUST_VIEW: FBI racial stats the media doesnt want you to know about! burp2 days ago
NFLRe: Rex Ryan's 2-9 NY Jets...another brutal 38-3 beating goog - I'm surprised...TheNextGoogle2 days ago
MOLGmoving up the date might be good thing eomMousetrap2 days ago
LAKEGapping premarket. All pops typically get shorted, but shorts will start to b...cardlynn2 days ago
BDRTurkey crack !! Posted on it here at $1.25 eomSuperman2 days ago
LTRXGPRO: consumer drones, possible GPRO player..theMagician29 hrs ago
BEBE99+% owned by insiders and tutes. MUCH better than CACH. 6.3mm shorts accor...hy_hawarya2 days ago
HAPPY_THXGIVING: I wish everyone a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. eomshervin231 hrs ago
LAKERe: updated chart. MACD crossover today. Still trading above all major EMAs. ...smokeeater1126 hrs ago
XLEERX: barring a big reversal in oil expect a moc huge sell program in energy stocks...luvb2b4 hrs ago
UCOI knew there wasn't a floor once we closed below $75. But this drop seems a ...kider4 hrs ago
GPRORe: uh... folks.. the NTSB and FAA just ruled drones are aircraft and can be ...bdawgp7 hrs ago
GENEc'mon bro! nothing like a little old school christinaryanh2 days ago
OILLOL..UNDER__$70: typical liarmore trading claiming to grab 50c while the thing heads $8 the ot...luvb2b5 hrs ago
BDRRe: 20%-30% valuation vs sector peers w/o DirecTVSunTzu77230 hrs ago
Re: Looting a liquor store. Just pathetic. And I have to pay taxes to support...diligence2 days ago
VSRThis thing is cheap even without Ebola. eomhighyield882 days ago
UTRMhappy Tday !!!! UTRM .0004 eomchart10131 hrs ago
TWTRtook fake gains on phoney call .90---> 1.34 looking to buy back Friday eomJesseLivermore31 hrs ago
HABTYou get any in the 29's? Re: May get V-shape bounce to 34-35. eomninjaninja31 hrs ago
HABTNo. I'm in at 31.40. I didn't have the guts to buy eod or afterhours. Re: You...cardlynn31 hrs ago
ICLDWINTERESTED: Re: what's the deal with this?smokeeater1131 hrs ago
EYESBeen trading in tandem with HABT the past 3 days. Not doing it today yet eomcardlynn31 hrs ago
GENEdip getting bought leg is a big one eomryanh31 hrs ago
FTEKOBAMA: Ozone regulations - good pick - Re: Obama going after power plant smog = FTEK...halleluyah31 hrs ago
IGXTDOUBLER: only UP from here, ACCUMULATE NOW! Re: nhod 22% now & WANTS MORE, strong vol...Meow4Me32 hrs ago
CDTIRe: CDTI ......New Controls on Ozone Emissions..3dron32 hrs ago
ICPTstrong bouncey bounce coming, way oversold. eomMeow4Me32 hrs ago
GPROseems to be getting a lil love. eomninjaninja32 hrs ago
BLOZFWEED_DUI: WANTS MORE, setting up now... Re: adding here. ON SALE! Re: Going to SKY ROCK...Meow4Me32 hrs ago
AMBSstarting to run away..not to late for the ride to .12. eomstephen120532 hrs ago
JNUG1-10 reverse split on Dec 23 eomgrdngkko32 hrs ago
tweet tweet -- breakout eomJesseLivermore32 hrs ago
LAKEthis bagpile falls like a lead weight when not being hyped. back to $8 eventu...smokeeater1132 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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