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Last updated on Thu Mar 5, 09:31 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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TCPIRe: I expect them to be horribleoceanviews41 hrs ago
LOL you guys still believe they are more than mere puppets eomspringbok45 hrs ago
TCPICATALYSTS: when one invests in a discounted stock such as this there are two conflictin...spuds39 hrs ago
AMBAthere is high potential a short squeeze will push the price higher to $75-78 ...acinvestorblog31 hrs ago
VRNGUp 10% < Re: HOD < Re: Adding VRNG here from .58 eomrocket2 days ago
AMCONEWS: Sales Orders Approximately $47.6M Received in Trading Business in Q1 2015ricketman2 days ago
VRNGUP 14% < Re: UP < Re: Up 10% < Re: HOD < Re: Adding VRNG here from .58 eomrocket47 hrs ago
nasdaq 5k, been a LONG time, not many of us traders left from 2000 eomtheMagician2 days ago
STANDING: The standing thing is puzzling. You hit it on the head she is not an aggrieve...mellowrk2 days ago
TCPII doubled down here...Screw it! lol eomamdolan2 days ago
VRNGBUYTHEDIP: ZTE sold 29.68 million mobile phones in 2010 --> *0,85 = 25,228.000$ for $VRN...msgreenacres44 hrs ago
VRNGUP < Re: Up 10% < Re: HOD < Re: Adding VRNG here from .58 eomrocket47 hrs ago
Someone tell the political numnuts to shut their face...MARKET HOURS. If you ...supadupa45 hrs ago
TCPICATALYSTS: Near term TCPI catalysts (just added a new one, number 5):tokyopua41 hrs ago
TCPIjiggy here eommotz20 hrs ago
VRNGHOD < Re: Adding VRNG here from .58 eomrocket2 days ago
LLwhats the big deal anyway - EVERYTHING made in china is hazardous, no regulat...theMagician2 days ago
TCPISIMPLE: Still marginable at AMTD eom. Re: went from marginal to non marginal overnig...mellowrk2 days ago
GOOGLdon't care =) whatever it is, i likey. Re: woah. from -20% to +40% in 5 min. ...ninjaninja2 days ago
GOOGLtime to ride the trend. Re: March to 600? 7% from an upgrade doesn't seem too...ninjaninja2 days ago
AXPWadded some .27 average now .29 eomJesseLivermore2 days ago
TCPITCPI: Added at $2.54 also...Re: added more TCPI 2.54 eommellowrk2 days ago
TCPIRe: Hmmm OK I see your point, though since the suit was against him personall...spuds2 days ago
TCPItcpi looks ready to move pass 3 eomMousetrap46 hrs ago
Re: Netanyahu's speech nothing short of amazing. Showing the world what a REA...HiSpeed45 hrs ago
TCPINot sure what is going on with this right now, but upside is HUGE eomoceanviews44 hrs ago
VRNGI think if they can close over $1 TheNextGoogle44 hrs ago
TCPIRe: Shorts have a SERIOUS problem hereMousetrap42 hrs ago
ECYTRe: -NEW LONG-UpAndAway21 hrs ago
Colonel Gaddafi's cousin warns of ISIS 9/11 in Europe within two yearshokk12420 hrs ago
EFUTthank you eomyogibear19 hrs ago
LILLIEONBIKE!: Hey Everyone, sus LILLIE on her new bike: Thank you so much to everyone! Bu...msgreenacres18 hrs ago
PEIX$11$11$11$11$11: omg eomEPR5316717 hrs ago
PEIXLONGER!!!!!!: Averaged UP with more shares $10.17 - these numbers should warrant $12 tomorr...EPR5316717 hrs ago
SPYMorning looking good so far. Re: +50% Re: in SPY Mar 06 2015 211.00 Call eomninjaninja110 mins ago
GENE6.00.............. eomcrainiac2 days ago
DGLYDGLY long a little ,wondering if it gets a pop on the homeless shooting captu...lakewoodgolfer2 days ago
GENE6.20.............. eomcrainiac2 days ago
CYCC$2 oxcharge!!! eomkrueger2 days ago
FXCMIts 2.17 eombarnus2 days ago
SCOKin here 2.74 eomstormcat2 days ago
LLhalted? eomninjaninja2 days ago
LLRe: halted?.....yep - 3 seconds before open eomhalleluyah2 days ago
BPZcmon!!! what the heck? eomsuzy162 days ago
BIOCbouncig, 3.20........... eomcrainiac2 days ago
ECYTRe: -NEW LONG-UpAndAway2 days ago
BPZmay get my .15 eomsuzy162 days ago
ATHXGet it wile you can . eombuffalorunner2 days ago
EGRX$36$36$36$36$36: Kabooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom eomEPR531672 days ago
WPCSWPCS .27 NAZ pennies on fire still eomKimnz292 days ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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