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Last updated on Thu May 25, 23:40 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
FHshould retest or break the HOD (1.90) b4 the close eomacinvestorblog2 days ago
FANGFANG bull market roaring with AMZN near $1000 and small caps dead it's the sa...moltenlava9 hrs ago
Manchester bomber father and brothers arrested, linked to ISIS, Al Qaedahokk12432 hrs ago
FHLoaded LARGE @ 1.78. GLTA longs! eomrecco_boy6 hrs ago
FHmore insider buying reported todayacinvestorblog2 days ago
FHCould be ready to bounce again! The insiders are very bullish about the stock...acinvestorblog2 days ago
CBLIRe: SQUEEEZEEEE.... Eyes on $CBIO guysstormcat37 hrs ago
OUT-ALL-BITCOIN: Re: Out all UBIA BTSC GAHC - starting to get the "party's over" look IMHO!! -...EPR531679 hrs ago
Re: ISIS claims responsibility ..ok the western created terror group? So the ...ramaji2 days ago
RAVERAVE $2.11--RAVE Restaurant Group, Bottom Watch... 9.9Mil Float.....Chartspeculator2 days ago
TOPSRe: 44c break 55-60c target...60c target hit eomtheMagician13 hrs ago
VIIRe: .49 .63 pivot...UK branch security & surveillanceSunTzu77236 hrs ago
UK Threat level raised to highest in decade eomtheMagician37 hrs ago
TOPSDRYS: lol,, kalani having a good day but still about $15m worth to unload,,, eomscorcher12 hrs ago
FHLong +7500 shares at 1.77 (bot few seconds ago) eomacinvestorblog2 days ago
UBIA: I smell something GBTC finally ready for redux of March mania?...EPR531672 days ago
OIL: one more thing...mykD7 hrs ago
TOPSCan I buy some of those shares from you tomorrow in the .30s?.....Re: In with...supadupa31 hrs ago
OILRe: Oil and Coal blowing up...Oil peaks the 4th of July historically eombucyrus36 hrs ago
TOPSThey sucked in more lotto players today....Re: .38 dumper,,, eomsupadupa11 hrs ago
Duterte declares martial law after ISIS seizes Philippines city hallgargoyle24 hrs ago
Trumps Budget Scamsupadupa2 days ago
be nice if just some of that FANG money would move to the 90% of the mkt that...theMagician10 hrs ago
GBTC$INTO-UBIA2DAY: Sold all from 2.90s Re: I spent the last 2 days on UBIA hunting shares, maybe...motz13 hrs ago
CBLITHIS_*HIT_DOOME: Re: I used the pullback to add to my position. Chart speaks for itself.GrayLeBlanc33 hrs ago
TOPSTOPS has gone every day since reverse split crazy bagholders in this one... ...pmony33 hrs ago
XYZMan, I hate this stock - let me post on it all day long eomTheNextGoogle31 hrs ago
FHsignificant and unusual insider buying by management. Nearly 1M shares sold s...acinvestorblog34 hrs ago
VII.49 in down here...UK branch security & surveillanceSunTzu7722 days ago
Re: MSNBC Reaches No. 1 for First Time in Weekly Primetime Ratings, Fox News ...alectric2 days ago
Re: ISIS claims responsibility ..ok the western created terror group? So the ...hokk1242 days ago
GLBSI know if you show up, it's Oxfire time. Shorts are getting hammered.msgreenacres32 hrs ago
Re: calls of a stock ... happened to me... I got the option of exercising the...bucyrus14 hrs ago
GLYCGetting crazy again eomoceanviews14 hrs ago
AKS+.26 eompbe116913 hrs ago
BNFT$BNFT (BNFT) Benefitfocus stock strong close, longer term bottom breakout wat...StockConsultant14 hrs ago
PDCODENTAL_DECLINES: dental business sucked, so i got that part right, waiting to see how stock re...luvb2b14 hrs ago
MUmu 31 next week eombharatpanna14 hrs ago
Gartman bullish on Tech eomtheMagician14 hrs ago
crap. =( Re: Gartman bullish on Tech eomninjaninja14 hrs ago
VUZILots all day everday fine!!! It will just make the rally that much more inte...Everd14 hrs ago
BITCOIN: Approaching $2800 now. GBTC, UBIA, BTCS, BTSC, BITCF, and MGTI are the notabl...cardlynn14 hrs ago
PTIRe: short squeeze into the close IMHO...WRONG!! eomGrayLeBlanc14 hrs ago
GWPHRe: GW Pharma details an impressive PhIII case for a cannabis-based drug for ...blacksheep16 hrs ago
NEONThe tech seems good. Installed in more and more products. But! They give it a...Everd16 hrs ago
Anyone? What happens to calls of a stock if the stock is bought out with sha...franconia16 hrs ago
BITCOIN: Lit again.You know the top is near though because CNBC is now on it. They are...cardlynn16 hrs ago
AGIn some more shares. eomuser1217 hrs ago
TWTRIn some more shares. eomuser1217 hrs ago
UBIA-WOW: oh i feel, sit tight brother eompenny12817 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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