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Last updated on Thu Jul 24, 23:42 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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there are other stocks out there besides this eternal P.O.S. dilution scam. R...chikhat39 hrs ago
The world is not all sunshine and rainbows. We all have different paths, bu...msgreenacres2 days ago
FBNever visited the site but the fix is in for sure. Even Fadel Geit said all t...okbyme28 hrs ago
Re: another flight crash -- insanesupadupa14 hrs ago
Putin-Backed Rebels Shoot Down Two Ukrainian Fighter Jetshokk12438 hrs ago
HTMCBLI next to .64 Re: .70--Re: .64--Re: .62--U.S. Geothermal Provides M...chart10135 hrs ago
GUREcaught my eye today. On the above technical chart, we can quickly see that th...acinvestorblog2 days ago
OTIVBIG_ORDER: Stock will get mojo today. Big order.totemojoy2 days ago
NEWLfrom the NASDAQ all the way down to the grey sheets........ eomcrainiac2 days ago
WAVXmany missing this pr today...this could be a game changer for WAVXryanh2 days ago
CMGcmg i think $700 in coming weeks eomluvb2b2 days ago
OPTTOPTT Moving UP Here Tons of Shorts Going to Squeezed Hard!!!! eompumpanddumps2 days ago
tinfoil hat. Number 1 fashion accessory for unemployed conspiracy theorists a...xjcomx2 days ago
Unbearable Wearables.....The Irish Don't Wear Pinktrendtn2 days ago
VRNGSTOKED!: Re: 1.7 M Shorts is a relatively small number compared to VRNG' 23.45%, or 19...springbok39 hrs ago
Re: Lawyers do not buy scams...they just create them eomholland5537 hrs ago
Re: Lawyers do not buy scams.. Madoff scammed a bunch of lawyers. Enron, Bre-...T2Greens37 hrs ago
BECNNow that's a pretty chart, nice find Re: this pattern leads to higher prices...DELTA25 hrs ago
CBLIshoulda known magic kiss of death eomJesseLivermore13 hrs ago
NFL: hmmm...Ray Rice a 2 game suspension for knocking out his fianc and dragging h...ryanh9 hrs ago
ZZACTLY: Two guys decide to go into business selling watermelons. They buy a pickup tr...bucyrus8 hrs ago
MARA Uplist....Lagging Indicator.....Confessiontrendtn8 hrs ago
Re: i have been hearing stories of wild speculation for months now. when i w...theMagician8 hrs ago
KNDIVERY_STRONG: Nice cup formation -- will we rest at this area and put in a handle or contin...edge_rqrd2 days ago
Big gains in Asia. eomSteenville2 days ago
TSLAWOWWW: What happens when a $35,000 Tesla arrives?singhtelecom2 days ago
NFLXMichael Pachter on Netflix: Red is the new black. Pachter's price target for ...acinvestorblog2 days ago
And big gains in Europe now. Re: Big gains in Asia. eomSteenville2 days ago
EMITFI don't know about charts, all i know is the companydup0072 days ago
CMGCMG Just Said 3 Amazing Things on its Earnings Callksharmon2 days ago
NEWLWhat will the ticker symbol be? eomcasca2 days ago
CMGCMG: CMG Price Target raised to $800 from $650 at Baird, reiterates Outperform rat...ksharmon2 days ago
AMBOYRe: seller today, someone got impatient with no action on news today... news ...HGOGAMatt2 days ago
FSI$FSI The Drought Crisis: Flexible Solutions International Has A Product To S...Superman2 days ago
HLFOk, Bill. What you got? eomninjaninja2 days ago
KNDIgapping pm..if it breaks 22.50 with huge skies ahead!! eomballzer2 days ago
WBAISpiking on Unusual volumeballzer2 days ago
VSRVersar, Inc. Awarded Iraq Personal Services II Contract From U.S. Army Corps ...speculator2 days ago
FSI$FSI SA The Drought Crisis: $FSI Has A Product To Slow Water Evaporation Superman2 days ago
NSPH1.42 chart....Griswold2 days ago
EDUStrong Q4 and $120M share repurchase planChineseChicken2 days ago
HLFKeeping my eye out just it case it decides Bill is #$@# and an epic reversal ...ninjaninja2 days ago
HLFRe: Keeping my eye out just it case it decides Bill is #$@# and an epic rever...Steenville2 days ago
HLFRe: Keeping my eye out just it case it decides Bill is #$@# and an epic rever...springbok2 days ago
BRNW_PK$BRNW ~ Brainybrawn, Inc. Announces SANVI Restaurant 14.1 zigzagman2 days ago
GPROUp 3%. Nice volume in pre. eomninjaninja2 days ago
WAVXhas a live streaming event of new product today eomryanh2 days ago
HLFRe: Keeping my eye out just it case it decides Bill is #$@# and an epic rever...Steenville2 days ago
WYYWYY with news this am and WAVX 2pm live event...internet security sector coul...ryanh2 days ago
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