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Last updated on Sun Apr 19, 18:53 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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BIDURe: If Chinese data cause todays mess how come the chinese stock isn't tankin...gsoloway2 days ago
BABAAlibaba helps Sinopec with cloud computing, big dataalex4u2nv2 days ago
1) The stock market is never obvious. It is designed to fool most of the peop...JesseLivermore2 days ago
SPYSTRADDLE??: Market will go for ATH's next week - Check the money flow today -plus Corp B...DELTA2 days ago
TCPIreplacement for outlawed old style T12 tubes may be coming.. I talked to engi...bucyrus2 days ago
TCPI$5_SOON?: Thanxxx mellow...I know all too well that it's not my money till I sell. It's...m4e2 days ago
MKT: Wow -300on the DOW eomsupadupa2 days ago
REVOAnother serious mover today eomcardlynn2 days ago
ETSYBOREDOM-TRADE:): Took a shot long $26.78 - what the heck :) eomEPR531672 days ago
SPYnice haircut and about time to see it continue all next we...stormcat2 days ago
CHOPPunishing shorts everyday. eomcardlynn2 days ago
JDST$9NHOD: nice eomEPR531672 days ago
UVXYBreak even already, keep adding dips eomramaji2 days ago
OIL: Re: Maybe we'll get that oil pullback after all.supadupa2 days ago
DWTI76' can do it.Re: Oil resistance at 55s. Got small chunk of DWTI eomsupadupa2 days ago
MKT- I love being in the green on days like today and sitting on 80% cash. T...KidsCollegeFund2 days ago
SPYBloomberg went down today, and it scared the bejeezus out of the financial ma...ninjaninja2 days ago
SLINGSHOT-SET: After lunch volume about to come through; lets see which side they take it. R...alex4u2nv2 days ago
TROVCurious if hedgies push late for 10 with so few long options out there today.cardlynn2 days ago
PBREPSNEXTWEEK$$: PBR- massive upside with higher oil eomdudleydan2 days ago
BIDUstayin patient ,,, bears make money,, bulls make more money,,, pigs get fat eomJesseLivermore2 days ago
ROSGHolding its breakout. Some serious upside volume coming into this stock over ...acinvestorblog2 days ago
SLINGSHOT-SET: not seeing much put action at all ,,, mostly cheap sissy protection eomJesseLivermore2 days ago
RUSLjust the beginning imo eomJesseLivermore2 days ago
No buy triggers for the robots today. Got to test that lower channel level ag...supadupa2 days ago
APPYI guess this pump didn't work so it gets ignored??? eommaxamus2 days ago
SPDCHUH??: Buy, buy, buy....need I to say more? What are you waiting for...oke don't buy...teamorange2 days ago
ATHXquite the battle raging here.....push/pull. eommastermind12 days ago
Bidu a very frustrating stock to play..have to b in n out quickly eomILOVECAPITALISM2 days ago
Re: Bidu a very frustrating stock to play..have to b in n out quicklymaxamus2 days ago
NFLXLooking for the 15min bottom. I'll take another shot there. eomninjaninja2 days ago
Damn, dem Bears are hungry! Take a little more, and then head to Palm Beach ...msgreenacres2 days ago
MKT: Haven't heard this in a while, but this is feeling Flashcrash-ish. Wow! eomsupadupa2 days ago
MDCN*** $MDCN *** bouncing. .008 up. Take a look.... eomsilver_hawk42 days ago
GOLD: Wall Street And Main Street Both See Higher Gold Prices Next Weekcrainiac2 days ago
Uranium stocks Uec and Urre looking good. eomBurleigh652 days ago
SPINAL-IMPLANTS: Green on 570,000+ shares traded 1st day on Nasdaqdiligence2 days ago
IMMURADAR-LUPUS: Re: Mkt LOD and imu HOD DATA DUE IN WEEKENDMousetrap2 days ago
TCPIGoing to wait until last 5 minutes of normal trading day, then buy up some st...oceanviews2 days ago
ONCYI think we are going to $1 very soon. Nice looking chart IMO. RSI is nice.acinvestorblog2 days ago
GOLDYou want to hold some gold over the weekend.should b HUGE week eomILOVECAPITALISM2 days ago
IMMURADAR-LUPUS: I got few cals MAY 5 let's see Re: Mkt LOD and imu HOD DATA DUE IN WEEKEND eomsinghtelecom2 days ago
BIDUThanks. Re: If Chinese data cause todays mess how come the chinese stock isn'...ninjaninja2 days ago
BIDURe: If Chinese data cause todays mess how come the chinese stock isn't tankin...Beacher2 days ago
ATHXOVERSOLD: May pop hard Monday morning after weekend conference brings very important sm...mastermind12 days ago
PPCHHoping they give this a huge shake and I'll jump back in big time for Monday.oceanviews2 days ago
IMMURADAR-LUPUS: Mkt LOD and imu HOD DATA DUE IN WEEKEND eomsinghtelecom2 days ago
SPYthe bubbles fxi climbed 20% from last month and SPX barely gained 1%, now bub...arthurking2 days ago
BIDUIf Chinese data cause todays mess how come the chinese stock isn't tanking? eomninjaninja2 days ago
MYchina wind player moving up.... eombarone2 days ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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