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Last updated on Fri Feb 12, 04:44 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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GET-HIM-OUT: Oy vey...Timmy plugging his teaser picks off profitly here.. self promoting ...JesseLivermore33 hrs ago
WFMJESSE$$$: Re: Agree,,,In 5k shares,,,28.50,,,be green soon,,,Re: Amazing price action l...Jackal18 hrs ago
ZIKA: thats about the stupidest remark I've heard,,dude go join a friggin monastery...dogg162 days ago
DBwhat happens if i'm caught short while db has to issue billions of shares to ...luvb2b41 hrs ago
EDITNIBBLE: EDIT now almost $16 from $13 entry Re: Now $15 up 15% today Re...mellowrk13 hrs ago
Re: The Dowcast has not been updated this week. It's still last week results ...ChineseChicken2 days ago
As a most likely Trump voter. I approve of those legs. eomPornStarTrader2 days ago
The Super Bowl half time disgrace......diligence2 days ago
I'm listening to Bernie give his victory speech and I'm thinkingdeaconmike2 days ago
Bernie blames he rich capitalists for this nations problems just like the Na...pnnymn27 hrs ago
CERSRe: CERS now under where it was prior to ZIKA after that big red cross news -...maxamus15 hrs ago
QQQP's up 50-100%, no wait C's now up 50-100%, scratch that P's up again, nope C...ninjaninja2 days ago
Re: That thick legged negroe female was Beyonce? WTF happened to her?supadupa2 days ago
I hope my buddy 3dron isn't watching CNN cause if he is I'm getting adeaconmike2 days ago
EDITNIBBLE: $14 from $13 entry alert. Still holding 300 shrs after selling 500 yesterday ...mellowrk14 hrs ago
MAGIC_3DRON: Wow what memories. I lived in Marina Del Rey in the eighties and the lakers w...PHENDERSON9 hrs ago
CHKRe: CHK has almost $12 bln in debt, but high debt levels in an energy company...PornStarTrader2 days ago
DWSNLONG-$3.04: Long DWSN at $3.04 eomPornStarTrader2 days ago
VRNGLONG-$1.51: Long VRNG at $1.51 Don't get too excited Ms Greenacres, its just a small po...PornStarTrader2 days ago
DATARe: About time eh? :) Re: beautifulmastermind12 days ago
IBBRe: Today evrything CRAZY green! I'm gonna have an ulcer. Seriously :/ Whadd...erics472 days ago
BCRXNEW_ENTRY: Added 2k shares $1.95 now holding 7000 shrs at $2.03 avg Re: Added 1k shrs $2...mellowrk2 days ago
Seems market's mostly shorts right now. Drops then they cover late in the day...cardlynn2 days ago
market like a bi-polar ex girlfriend eommastermind12 days ago
DUSTRe: I've been touting gold stocks pretty much non stop for 2 months now, most...maxamus2 days ago
Think DUST tracks GDX Re: GLD and DUST both near HOD. ? eomcjlupard43 hrs ago
EDITNIBBLE: Re: $13.83 from $12.97 entry alert. Holding 800 shrs Re: Added 500 shrs $13.0...mastermind142 hrs ago
GOOGLGOT-MY-DOUBLE!: Out 1/2 calls for 100% gain o/n eomEPR5316742 hrs ago
Puts so expensive you know this market is gonna tank eomJackal42 hrs ago
BCEIin here 2.16 stop 2.00 eomstormcat42 hrs ago
Maersk says global trade "worse than 2008"efbailey41 hrs ago
GOLDBANKS-BUYING: On August 6, 2015, Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) and HSBC (NYSE:HSBC) took delivery...stormcat40 hrs ago
FHCOFEMALE-CONDOM: coin a phrase eomdiligence39 hrs ago
XONCELG running hard too. Re: IBB bouncin' crazy yet my honey schizo feak doin n...Meow4Me39 hrs ago
XONgetting destroyed. low of day. eomMeow4Me39 hrs ago
SPYOn Jan 15 my folio down 50% for yr and now only down less than 20%. Great com...mellowrk36 hrs ago
DOWFREEFALL$$: stock market is all done for the day SHORT ALL eomdudleydan36 hrs ago
red/green/red wtf this market is really f*cked up eomdogg1636 hrs ago
ISIS linked-fighters seizing oil rich land in Libyahokk12436 hrs ago
TWTRthis might be a buy the open play. Re: $0.16 vs. $0.12 expected eomninjaninja36 hrs ago
TWTRRe: "... its this environment.."franconia35 hrs ago
TWTRPOSTCCFEBTEN: Listened to all of TWTR cc. Having heard many cc's I'm very impressed with t...franconia34 hrs ago
TRXCRe: Wow - You really have to stop posting that site -TheNextGoogle32 hrs ago
whos yo daddy :) eomJesseLivermore18 hrs ago
MNST425%GAIN: Out s'more puts hi $15's from low $3's cost eomEPR5316718 hrs ago
TWTRI'm avoiding this but gl,,,Re: 15 cramer exit on calls later eomJackal18 hrs ago
2008 again3dron18 hrs ago
SPYRe: Last hour should be very interesting. My guess -550 on the DOWmaxamus14 hrs ago
SPYFREEFALL: Im no gold expert but I know these dirty stinking Algos eomJackal14 hrs ago
OIL19.80BOTTOM: lowered your bottom from $25 huh? Re: No OPEC production cut until sub-$20 O...bdawgp13 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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