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Last updated on Tue May 3, 16:07 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from TheLion.com forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
VRNG+19%SOFAR...: Now that's a terrific Looking chart :) eomEPR5316735 mins ago
VRNGVRNG some volume, whats up? eompivot_trade59 mins ago
VRNG2.16 +.22 eompbe116933 mins ago
VRNGIP's in play? Look what BCYP did last coupla weeks.jlupd55 mins ago
VRNGbreakout on volume today.acinvestorblog28 mins ago
VRNG$2....AGAIN...: Alive and kicking eomEPR5316725 hrs ago
AAPLa 5% pop isn't unreasonable from lows. cm'n 97's. Re: almost $95 eomninjaninja2 hrs ago
VRNGBreakout could be just around the corner. Patience is a virtue and i have it....acinvestorblog109 mins ago
ESNC59c cash per share, 22c and chart curling...chart with notes..theMagician29 hrs ago
Lets not forget the worst possible one Hillary Re: the One Thing Worse Than ...pmony2 days ago
IMMUNE-T-CELL: Mayo Clinic about to start important Phase 2 trials.diligence2 days ago
CPXXNLOD...: Re: just make sure you cover by may 24 when the russell committee says cpxx i...EPR5316739 mins ago
GOLDnice healthy pull back here just confirming next leg up.. buy all ...stormcat5 hrs ago
AAPLRe: in AAPL 5/6 98 C's .06-.12 eomninjaninja2 hrs ago
DUSTDUST USD GBP & EUR all weak - Short DUST here eommsgreenacres4 hrs ago
DOWEASY_PEASY: The only way I have been trading the market anymore, days it gaps down I buy ...maxamus2 hrs ago
White Vinegartrendtn25 hrs ago
VRNGCUP&HANDLE: Every time you say that, it looks good, but some evil barbarian with a wrench...mudshark9724 hrs ago
PRGNlooking for a relief rally later in the day forcing shorts to cover their big...yogibear4 hrs ago
TSLAGAMBLERS: took a few tesla 200p's as gamblers. model x and model s delivery times are ...luvb2b5 hrs ago
KTOVWWarrants now $1.95 from $1.53 average and entry alert eommellowrk5 hrs ago
PRGNRe: tomorrow premarket 2,30$ mark my wordsoceanviews4 hrs ago
CPXXNLOD...: just make sure you cover by may 24 when the russell committee says cpxx is go...luvb2b68 mins ago
AAPLalmost $95 eomninjaninja3 hrs ago
DJIMKT: the crack's growing.... eommykD31 mins ago
ignore the indices - Jan type mania in microcaps right now eomtheMagician4 hrs ago
GOLDBUSTING-OUT: busting out big time and look at the DOLLAR its in the toilet ..just love...stormcat11 hrs ago
Re: Lets not forget the worst possible one Hillary Re: the One Thing Worse T...pmony41 hrs ago
HEADSTAILSULOSE: The Race that never was:springbok2 days ago
SPYWill prob be doing an up down up next few, then ideally top retest before hea...ramaji4 hrs ago
TVIXHow is this not over $4 yet. Geez. eomWorldChamp5 hrs ago
SCONRe: cheapie trading well below book, no debt and near 52 low - gotta figure t...kcprinters5 hrs ago
SCONSCON 23c break the chase begins on that chart eomtheMagician5 hrs ago
TRXoh baby this is gonna rip. S.African miners baby eomstormcat5 hrs ago
AAPLlol. green. eomninjaninja5 hrs ago
CDNLMonster going to .07 at least in time eomDippityDo5 hrs ago
CALMlong 52.50C @ 1.35 51% short interest always good for panic trad...JesseLivermore5 hrs ago
VRNGGOING2MAKEMOVE: VRNG Chart: msgreenacres5 hrs ago
JNUGMEGA-BOOOOOOOOM: Spectacular eomEPR531675 hrs ago
KTOVBREAKING_OUT: $6.03 HOD Re: Sold 1000 commons $5.8571 +$350 just to reduce some exposure an...mellowrk5 hrs ago
BACYep oil down , banks down,mkt loses all momentum.. eomramaji5 hrs ago
SCONRe: cheapie trading well below book, no debt and near 52 low - gotta figure t...theMagician5 hrs ago
AMCOLOW-FLOATER: Agree. Mob atack forming eomdiligence5 hrs ago
XGTIFloats only 9M and vol already at 25M and we aren't even an hour in. Buckle u...cardlynn5 hrs ago
EGRXMINI-BOOM: Earnings run has begun - report is May 9 eomEPR531675 hrs ago
TVIXRe: 3.76Re: back in a few 3.35,>> great timing yesterdayefbailey5 hrs ago
TSLAGAMBLERS: Re: this article says they only sold 800 model S in Aprilefbailey5 hrs ago
EBIO +.30 eompbe11695 hrs ago
VRNGTRADEUPISBETTER: VRNG Looking strong. Not a pump and dump, has a REAL Thursday catalyst. eommsgreenacres5 hrs ago

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