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From: apmoore (Rep: 36) reply to PornStarTraderDate: 04/30/2017 10:42
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Re: AP MOORE I read your "GO FUND ME" page, interesting to say the least. Fir...

Thanks for reading and you're right. It would be to my advantage to trade for myself first and then let the chips fall where they may. If I continue on with poor predictions, i'll more than likely bring this project to a hault as it would mean in the words of Doc Brown on Back to the Future that "this damn thing doesn't work"

Reply to PornStarTrader - Msg #2672191 - 04/25/2017 06:47

Re: AP MOORE I read your "GO FUND ME" page, interesting to say the least. First, sad story about your sister. I relate to your story with similar hardships and you would be shocked at my life story also. I wont dwell on the past but just know if I can make it, anyone can. That said, I think you are going about it wrong in regards to your business direction. You may have a proprietary "algorithm" or whatever "trade secret" to predicting stock direction but so does everyone else. There are thousand who claim to have figured out the stock market and everyone will have good days and bad regardless. The key is figuring out what your strength or niche is and sticking to that. A person or anything that thinks they can master every type of trading is fooling themself. The most successful traders stick to what they are best at. And that means not trading or having any predictions at all for days, weeks or even months.
Claiming your business can some day "corner the market" on "all financial related non-individualized forecasting advice" doesnt help ones credibility. My advice is to quit pitching investment advice and start "eating what you kill". Trade for yourself and if you are successfull using your "trade secret" then people will naturally end up throwing money at you.No amount of gimmicky "weather symbols as a metaphor for which direction the market is predicted to go on a certain day" is going to make people to follow you. Nobody cares what you are using as metaphors for bullish or bearish predictions. No flashy website or sophisticated investor speak matters to anyone either.
John Arnold, easily the greatest natural gas trader who ever ever lived or will live has a website that looks like its was created in 30 seconds. http://www.centaurusenergy.com/
And you would be lucky to find him speaking more than 10 words publicly on record about anything. Yet, he gets more money from people than he wants thrown at him for him to manage but he wont accept outside money anymore.THAT IS HOW THE BEST DO IT! Actions speak louder than fancy words or claims. He is someone to emulate.
Another thing, you state you started in the market in 2015. Not bashing you but you have seen nothing yet. Its one thing to look at historical charts and THINK you got it figured out if that happens again. But, to live and breathe the thick fear day in and day out during those times and still come out profitable during the most brutal years is something else completely. I honestly wouldnt follow anyone who hasnt at least been through one bear market. Its so crazy how I see so many new people who just came along in the last few years and think they have the secret to the market. I been doing this 17 years and I dont have it. I only have a good success rate for a particular kind of stock trading that is not good in all times. I just done really well by playing to my strength and waiting and waiting for my particular kind of setup. And that was enough to change my life more than I first imagined. On a normal day I can make or lose 10 times more than the amount of capital I started with. I started with a few thousand that I scraped and worked my butt off for. Like I imagine you can hustle up too. And if you stay disciplined (or at least always try, I break my own rules alot). You CAN make MILLLLIONS as well. Not by trying to be the next Goldman Sachs, but by making amazing trades for yourself and being the next JOHN ARNOLD. But if making false claims and trumping up a miserable record sounds sounds more feasible then maybe being the next Goldman is your calling.

Hey man, I wish you the best in your endeavors and hope to see you around for many years to come. Hopefully by Getting in the trenches with us and hunting that next big game that will fill our freezers with meat that will feed us all year. You are in the right place to make it happen. The stock market is the best place to be to make that a reality. It really is, I feel so blessed to ask a guy I once knew "what do all those numbers and letters mean" as he was reading the financial section of some newspaper. He took the time to explain it and said I should "try to invest a little money someday". Im glad I did. And so is my Mother, and brother and sister and daughter AND and friends and my future grandkids and my ex and my CPA, and my broker and my real estate agent and my........Et al
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