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From: TheNextGoogle (Rep: 525) reply to TheNextGoogleDate: 01/10/2018 17:06
Forum: EASTMAN KODAK - Msg #51Thread #673981067 (Rec: 0)
New SA article - "It absolutely is the right time to sell. The bottom line of the situation is that the value of Kodak has tripled based off of speculation alone. We don't know any details about its new mining operations and we don't know any new details about its blockchain network. All we really got was a flurry of buzzwords and no real details about how the plan elevates shareholder value. We don't know the licensing costs at all, what the rental costs will be, how many Kodak coins will be created/paid out. Other than this single web page and a promotional flyer for its mining operations, Kodak has not released any other details about the new operations.

I also doubt that many photographers will want to accept their payment through Kodak coins, considering the unstable nature of cryptocurrencies. Even if you can convert it into cash, you need to take the risk of opening a crypto wallet and going through any other hoops. Just three days ago, a person had all of their life savings stolen on a physical hardware wallet. The idea of being paid in an unstable and unbacked currency isn't appealing to everyone.

Kodak is also not a computer/engineering company, it is a camera/digital film company! How it expects to have the knowledge and the experience to maintain its own blockchain network and cryptocurrency is beyond me. I don't know how many people at Kodak have the technical expertise to set up and maintain bitcoin mining rigs either. There aren't many specific details regarding how it will approach these two new operations. All we know is that Kodak expects to take half of the profits for a two-year contract that has an initial upfront cost of $3,700. The backlash on Twitter (TWTR) was immediate, with many people saying it was a rip off and just a way to boost the stock price. Bitcoin could also just crash, making its entire mining operation either worthless or a lot less profitable. It counters this idea by saying it could use the devices for other purposes but it didn't specify what other purposes it could use it for. Chances are that if bitcoin crashes, other crypto assets will also crash making it unlikely for Kodak to find any other crypto assets to mine. Even if bitcoin is the only crypto asset to crash, other mineable currencies will see an influx of miners making it a lot more difficult and less rewarding to mine those currencies. Kodak also failed to mention the difficulty of mining bitcoin exponentially increases over time, diminishing profits as more people mine the currency.


Re: January 19th $10 Puts - Sub 10 soon - LOD 10.10 -


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January 19th $10 Puts - Sub 10 soon - LOD 10.10 -
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