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From: spuds (Rep: 343) reply to Stockguy89Date: 09/12/2017 21:38
Forum: S&P 500 Index - "Spiders - Msg #15288Thread #673951675 (Rec: 0)
Re: Pretty incredible 3:30 ramp today to close it at all time highs. I'm sure we ...yes, I agree bullish has been the way to play for it seems like an eternity and margined bullish has been even better ...current situation in regard to credit limits and attitude change over more deficit spending could not be more positive going forward it would seem ....I have no shorts or puts on now.....the smart money does not ....but maybe the smarter money is holding a large cash position now w buffet simply because the market does have its cycles. chances are good that better valuations lie ahead..if someone would ask to defend the bearish case I could think of some brief ...1) too many bulls of the biggest contributors to an upward/and or stable market is a reasonable number of shorts to buy on corrections...bulls markets climb a wall of worry ..most of us know that one of the easiest trades on the long side is during a bear market rally as short cover their positions .no shorts means potential for large air pocket below...2) historically high level of margin debt 3) market vulnerable to domestic political and geopolitical risk sentiment can change in literally minutes .......Mueller could be cooking a briefing this moment that could change sentiment in minutes ....most minds would agree that he is trying .....nk, Syria, iran....etc...some would suggest that the US military is not vulnerable to attack by clearly weaker adversaries .....not to go into detail but here are some topics that might be considered as to why we might be more vulnerable to an attack by a lesser opponent and often when it is not in their apparent self interest to do so ......attack by reason of becoming a martyr ....or to defend an ideology whether it be a religion or support of a political idea real or imagined the isms....socialism, communism, freedomism.....defense of homeland ...especially after sanctions such as blockades that threaten import of goods necessary for basic living ...Japan....the oil blockade followed by pearl harbor .....which brings up the topic of surprise attacks .....every military force in the world probably has a war college of sorts and they all must teach about the element of surprise as a technique to gain advantage over an adversary ....sept 11 .2001....we were attacked by an asymmetrical opponent using a tactic we had never experienced before and it was a big surprise and closed down the market for a bit ....economic terrorism by opponents that did not possess an airplane (other than own) or a single weapon of modern warfare


Reply to Stockguy89 - Msg #2691107 - 09/12/2017 18:08

Pretty incredible 3:30 ramp today to close it at all time highs. I'm sure we continue to drift higher with no real negatives of concern to worry about...

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