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379Barely trading at 1x revs...wtf?Re: completely mispriced anywhere under $1......-weege02/08/2013 13:10
378Re: completely mispriced anywhere under $1....revs rising at 50% pace year ov...-RichJr02/08/2013 13:02
377After a little shake...this is going back up. Silly rabbits... eom-weege02/08/2013 13:00
376Anyone else see the Level II here? STRANGE eom-tradingpost02/08/2013 10:21
375HERE IT GOES eom-tradingpost02/08/2013 10:10
374Bids stacking, THIN, could get big volume push here eom-tradingpost02/08/2013 09:54
373Going to catch the dip here, think it goes nuts soon eom-tradingpost02/08/2013 09:37
372Thank you Rich-awesome call on WYY. Very small risks and great profits and mu...Strong Buy-stihlman102/07/2013 23:59
371See you in the .70's tomorrow. eom-tradingpost02/07/2013 15:56
370IN eom-tradingpost02/07/2013 15:55
369Re: WYY will be next one to move 50% or more for patient traders like ECTY..5...-theMagician 184%02/07/2013 15:50
36859C: Break of .71 would be nice. Blew through .60. This could be a bagger now.Re: ...-weege02/07/2013 15:40
36759C: up through 200dma...about half way to where it should be given revs and netin...-RichJr02/07/2013 15:27
366Chart is cooking right now. 4x avg volume and up over 20% this past week. No ...-weege02/07/2013 15:25
365It's looking real good now. Slow and steady. Re: i smell .60 plus today eom-weege02/07/2013 14:16
364i smell .60 plus today eom-stormcat02/07/2013 14:00
363,58 creepin higher eom-stormcat02/07/2013 12:34
362nhod .55 momo continues eom-stormcat02/07/2013 12:20
361Few sellers here. +20% so far from last week.Re: nhod momo continues eom-weege02/06/2013 15:45
360nhod momo continues eom-stormcat02/06/2013 15:43
359Hate the way AMEX stocks trade, but this will roll. Revs too good to pass up ...-weege02/05/2013 12:28
358SECTOR: $32mil mkt cap doing $55mil rev with net-income vs. WAVX $108mil mkt cap doin...-RichJr02/04/2013 22:32
357DOE_HACKED: Energy Department was hacked in January...IT security plays like WYY are movi...-weege02/04/2013 20:15
356DOE_HACKED: Energy Department was hacked in January...IT security plays like WYY are movi...-weege02/04/2013 20:14
355Re: trading $1.20-$1.40 in 2010 when they last did this kind of business eom-RichJr02/04/2013 15:59

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