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From: webopsxmoney (Rep: 0)Date: 2017-07-24 16:51:04
Forum: Casual Lounge - Thread #673941026Msg #750 - Part 1/6 (Rec: 0)
Hi Everyone,

Great to meet you all. I am rather new to the trading world and I just got started using Robinhood. I had some questions and would value the opinion of the community here.

What is your opinion of Robinhood as apposed to something like etrade or scotttrade?

Should I be investing under an LLC or as an individual?

San Francisco, CA

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From: kapivaktra (Rep: 0) reply to webopsxmoneyDate: 2017-07-26 16:42:02
Forum: Casual Lounge - Thread #673941026Msg #751 - Part 2/6 (Rec: 0)
I think it depends on what level you are trading. While many things such as the charts and no ability to trade options might be a problem for some. If you are just getting started with a small amount of capital I would recommend this. This lets you start buying and selling stocks and ETFs. When you combine this with more resources such as http://www.stockstracker.com/ a free stock chart with minute updates and complex indicators, oscillators, and overlays you can really do some damage.

Commission free trading is the way to go when you have a small amount initially to invest since you may be making many trades on a weekly basis that can add up to quite a bit when dealing with commissions.

As far as trading under an LLC versus Individual you should consult a tax lawyer imo. since the main differences are what you the person is held liable for. the LLC would help protect you from litigation but in the long term if you do not trade or produce enough income from the endeavor you may wind up paying quite a bit more in taxes versus trading as an individual.

Just another novices opinion on the matter.

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From: hansooms66 (Rep: 0) reply to webopsxmoneyDate: 2017-08-06 21:43:01
Forum: Casual Lounge - Thread #673941026Msg #757 - Part 3/6 (Rec: 0)
Like another person said it matters on what you're trading. But when it comes to Robinhood you will generally only get some half decent executions on your trades. Also Robinhood doesn't have premarket and after hours trading still I think (though it may have changed as I think they're working on that), and they don't offer the possibility to short. They really are kind of a discount broker in that sense and if you're trading in a very volatile market I would recommend something like Etrade or one of the other big brokers instead as you're executions will be much better.

And if you want a learning source these guys offer some free info consistently that helped me keep in mind the basics before really starting to trade which I would recommend. Right here they offer a free checklist before every trade. https://realtraderdiscipline.clickfunnels.com/optina6jpnmh8.

Good luck and I hope you do well starting out!

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From: universalset9 (Rep: 0) reply to hansooms66Date: 2017-12-01 10:13:27
Forum: Casual Lounge - Thread #673941026Msg #779 - Part 4/6 (Rec: 0)
Yeah I’m pretty new to this stuff too. I was wondering why they’re just giving GE away? Do people not know about Q4 earnings after all the computer people have been mining all year? Maybe people know something I don’t

I’m getting strong 2008 vibes from all of this, let me tell you. But what do I know

Sent from my IPhone

Reply to hansooms66 - Msg #757 - 08/06/2017 21:43
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From: bullvest (Rep: 0) reply to webopsxmoneyDate: 2018-07-01 15:32:44
Forum: Casual Lounge - Thread #673941026Msg #792 - Part 5/6 (Rec: 0)
For anyone who wants to practice stocks using a market simulator, I've made an app please check it out, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.target.android.bullvest

NOTE: This message was originally posted on 2018-07-01 15:17:00 by the bullvest.

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From: phyrb (Rep: 0) reply to webopsxmoneyDate: 2018-07-31 21:46:23
Forum: Casual Lounge - Thread #673941026Msg #793 - Part 6/6 (Rec: 0)
I love Robinhood for swing trading stocks. There really is no reason to use any of the expensive brokers in my opinion if you are just swing or long-term trading. I have used it for a year or so now and I have never had any problems with executing trades. You can put in limit orders and even borrow money for a tiny monthly fee. I think that if you have a small account, Robinhood is a must have! I know that it is not that popular with day traders and perhaps it wouldn't work well for them. I love it for medium term swing trading and probably won't consider using anything else again! Hope this helps!

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