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From: TheNextGoogle (Rep: 525)Date: 10/03/2017 15:34
Forum: Computer Tech And "Fix-It Stuf - Msg #111 - List BW msgs Thread #673956240 (Rec: 0)
Old Links:

Yahoo Stock Screener

USATODAY - Stock Screener - Highest Down,1,1,1,1&s2=1&s2p2=3&pg=vop&s7p2=50&cols=0,+4,+1,+5,+2,+3&s2p1=1&numresults=50&sort=4&criteriax=&s3p1=0&sortd=1&resultx=1&s10p1=87&s2p3=0&s8p1=0&s4p2=0&s7p1=0

USATODAY - Stock Screener - Highest Up,1,1,1,1&s2=1&s2p2=3&pg=vop&cols=0,+4,+1,+5,+2,+3&s2p1=0&numresults=50&sort=4&criteriax=&s3p1=0&sortd=0&resultx=1&s2p3=0

Pre Market Most Active

After Hours Most Active

Yahoo In Play

Yahoo Investing Ideas Page - and click around on side links


News Links

Stock Lists

Chat Rooms:
Good chat room - often catches the movers - also you can register for free and ask questions

You can also try this chat room

Earnings Calendars
Barrons - click on "earnings" - then click on time to get them in order for the day - morning, etc

Check Economic Events Calendar - (Lists such things as unemployment numbers)


Futures Link:

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To Check Out Individual Stocks:

What I do is first check it out on Yahoo
(& put in symbol)
- But instead of EBAY, put in symbol you want
To Check Out Institutional Ownership:
This one's really good - shows you who bought that day - the others take about 30 days to get updated

Institutional Ownership - Nasdaq Link

Institutional Ownership - - Good


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How To Trade - Simple Version:

How This Page Is Set Up:

- Logical order - first things first
- It provides reference links to back up subject - (if you don't believe me or want to learn more about the subject)

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Background Info:
Difference between cash and margin accounts
- Cash accounts need 3 days to settle before you can use the money again
- Margin 2x - 4x during the day
- With margin you can short stocks
Day trade rule: - Applies IF you have less than $25,000 in your account
- Definition of a Day Trade: An "In and Out" trade in the same day - buying and selling - or selling it and buying it back
- Holding a stock overnight and selling it the next day is NOT a Day Trade -
- Only allowed 3 of these in a 5 day period - if you exceed the SEC will freeze your account for 30 days. You can sell, but you can't buy.
- Say you buy 4 different stocks one day - AND - put stop losses on all of them - AND, if they all get hit,,,,,,,
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Market Hours:
Pre Market - 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (New York time)
Market - 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
After Hours - 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Reference links on time - (in case you don't believeme)

Pre-Market Trading:
- Best to avoid unless you have experience
- Way less volume - only takes a few orders to make a stock move way up
- Sometimes hedge funds will do this intentionally to fake you out

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Stock Screeners - to check highest up, highest down stocks

These Screeners are on about a 15 minute delay - the one on the brokerage browser is real time.
- These screeners also Don't work in pre-Market - and - after market - use brokerage screener


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HOW TO FIND STOCKS TO PLAY FOR THAT DAY - The Most Important Link First (- in my opinion)

Check the screeners and investigate why the stock is down - or up - but remember chasing momentum is a bad idea

News ticker - to check latest stock news
Yahoo In Play

*** Watch CNBC Squawk Box from 9 AM to 9:15 - or till 9:30 - they'll tell you what's going on and what the market is doing
- sets the tone of the day - I.M.O. - EVERYONE watches it
- the Hot stocks, If the market is up or down, etc, etc,
- they'll often give you a play - inadvertently - they'll say such and such is cut in half - or they'll say company X radically raised their guidance.
- Note: If it's a terrible day no one will feel like buying, no matter how good news a stock has - generally speaking
- Also if it's a good day - goes without saying - you sell into the excitement - be careful about buying and holding now - tomorrow will be lousy

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- Also check the earnings calendar - during earnings stocks frequently crash, often for pidally reasons
Earnings Calendar
- What I do is - put stocks I'm interested in, in that online Yahoo link thing (listed below)

- Look on Yahoo page - under "Company Events" on left side, toward lower mid - Click on and if earnings coming up will list it
- can also use this prefix, if you can't find
- earnings will be listed here

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To Check Out Individual Stocks:

What I do is first check it out on Yahoo
and Read through the news links - especially earnings reports from the company
Then I click the "5 day graph" section of it, to see what swing it is in
Then I find the message board helpful - sometimes - to gauge the overall market sentiment and most importantly you may turn up new information links on the subject. Also lots of bashers and jerks on these boards - lots of times it depends on the board. And of course you can ask questions - I address it to "Longtimers" - and 90% of the time I get honest answers.


I find this link extremely helpful
- But instead of EBAY, put in symbol you want

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How To Turn A List of Stocks Into a Yahoo Link:
Note: - I find it extremely helpful to take my list of stocks I'm checking out at that time - and turn it into an online link - takes 2 seconds
- I also use this method to keep track of my portfolio

Use this prefix

put in stock symbols separated by a comma - no space


Once that's done, I save all the lists in a text file
- add a little heading "Stocks checked out Monday 9/3/08"
- and add little notes, so the next day I won't forget,,,,
If you save it in Word it will automatically form "Hyperlinks" that you can click on.
- I just keep building this - just put date and what happened that day
You can also save the stock lists as "Favorites" on your computer - which I do for my portfolio - and label it accordingly.

- IF it's a portfolio link, I email it to myself, so I can check it from anywhere.

So in summation - you have a gobble de gook text file of what happened that day
AND a portfolio link that you save as a favorite and email to yourself

*** Also don't forget - In windows to copy / paste - use control C - and control V
- or - control X and control V, to remove rather than copy

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How To Buy Stocks: - Mostly Explained in "How To Use Interactive Brokers.rtf"

- It's often better to put in a low limit order and wait
- Can put "Alert" on your brokerage account to beep when it's at or below a certain amount
- It's often better to buy in segments rather than all at once

When To Sell Stocks:

- Make sure to put an alarm on your online brokerage to alert you if the stock drops
- Make sure you have your stocks in that "Yahoo online link of stocks" shown above - and check it at least once a day for news
- You can email the link to yourself, so you can check it from where ever.

- Do it the other way around

Whether or Not To Use Stops:

- Stocks dip around a lot more that you think - if you put a stop don't be surprised that it gets hit and you wind up selling at the day low and the the stock finishes higher than it did the previous day.

- They say with stocks "Plan your trip before you buy" or "Plan your exit before you enter" - buy and hold doesn't seem to work anymore

IMO - Be critical, not hopeful and look at your stocks the way others do.
Don't discount bad rumors from people on CNBC - keep in mind the power of fear is much stronger than the power of greed.

If your stock runs up quite a bit, it's often good to sell it - "Buy the dips, sell the rips" - and you can buy it back lower.
That's why it's good to use Interactive Brokers - it only cost a dollar per trade.

Keep in mind the market will have bad days / terrible days these are the days you want to buy, not sell.

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How To Trade Stocks: - (Intelligently)

- Get to know a list of stocks - they're trading ranges - and try to figure out what moves them
- Look at the stocks list to get a list of stocks - or formulate your own list - and watch them
- this where "How to put a list of stocks into an online link" is handy - make your link and save it - Again you can save it as a text file, a "Favorite" and / or put it in your email

In addition to playing stocks you can also play the entire market - with an ETF - or you can play oil - with an ETF
- That is, there are ETF's - Exchange Traded Funds - that track the market and oil
- (Also ETF's for gold / silver - & the financial sector - & the real estate sector - everything)

- The oil ETF's are the easiest to play - because you look up the price of oil - and if oil is up, but the EFT HASN'T reacted to it yet,,,,

How to Play Oil - with an ETF
- Basically what you do is track the price of oil and compare it to the ETF - (and see if the ETF has reacted to the change in the commodity - or IF you anticipate a change in the commodity - such as new Mid East violence affecting the price of oil).
- Oil often trades with the economy - that is the pit traders tend to get more for it when the economy is better
Oil is traded at the Chicago Mercantile Pit and ends each day at 2:30 here - it's also traded in Europe
The best oil tracker is this live graph - the market reacts quickly
this one is supposed to be live too -

Then you can go long or short oil - (short ETF's go up when the price of the commodity goes down)

DXO WAS my favorite - it's a "Double EFT" - in that it's supposed to move twice as fast as the price of oil
- It got banned in early September. They claimed it was too disruptive. Which it probably was. The firm that holds the stock probably sold the underlying stocks willy nilly to get their price.
UCO is a good replacement.

Short Oil ETF'S:,SCO,DUG
There's also ERY which is a good energy short ETF.
Lion Board Oil ETF's

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Long Market ETF's - (track the market as a whole - Dow Jones average / Nasdaq composite),QQQQ

Short Market ETF's
The only one I like is QID - lots of people use this one
Short Financials and Long Financials ETF's - track the banking sector - (I haven't used these)
Short - SKF Long - XLF,XLF

WHENEVER You Buy a Stock, Always set an "Alarm" in the Interactive Brokers brokerage software - to see if it dips BELOW a certain level - (you can set one for above too)
- and you can keep the program running in the background - and the beep will alert you
- How to set Alarms is in "How To Use Interactive Brokers.rtf"

On Line Books about stock trading:

The “Bible” is “How To Make Money In Stocks” by Bill O’Neil - founder of Investors Business Dailey,M1

How to Trade In Stocks By Jesse Livermore - Excellent,M1


PDF Book - have to cut and paste the whole thing in browser to work

“Madness of Crowds” - Compares “Tulipmania” in old Dutch to dot com boom - also Livermores favorite book

Edwin Lefevre- Reminiscences_of_a Stock Operator

Confessions of a Street Addict
By James J. Cramer,M1

Bernard Baruch,M1

PREVIOUSLY my message was -

Watch List October 3 -,BW,ASND,SUPN,SNCR,GEVO,CUR,JAGX,ZGNX,CLSN,ECYT,tisa/view/view_2




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