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From: Jimjones1972 (Rep: 3) reply to Jimjones1972Date: 02/23/2017 13:35
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BlueRush's DigitalReach product now has 40,000 users

2017-02-23 11:19 MT - News Release

Mr. Larry Lubin reports


BlueRush Media Group Corp.'s product DigitalReach has reached a major milestone since it was first launched in 2012. Now in the hands of nearly 40,000 financial advisers across Canada, the software-as-a-service content management platform is an established, proven application that has been tested by Brexit and the recent U.S. election. The results are simply outstanding.

Developed by BlueRush Digital Media Corp., DigitalReach helps front line sales departments to simply and effectively nurture customer relationships with curated, pre-approved content that's designed to be shared with customers and the public at large. As a SaaS application, users can access the platform from any computer with a WIFI connection and secure login credentials. Once on the platform, users search for approved content that's beneficial to each customer, and then they send it to them. Every communication sent from DIGITALREACH(TM) is personalized, tracked, and logged. Users see in real-time what content is engaging for customers and more importantly, what content isn't engaging. No complicated analytics required. Customers receive a responsive-designed email that is fully branded and personalized to each and every customer.

Content is king today. DIGITALREACH(TM) breathes new life in content that small businesses and corporations already have on their hard drives, intranets and servers. It stores the content in a central web-based library with customizable search parameters and lets users choose the content their customers need that's both timely and relevant to their personal situation. The built-in dashboard is easy to use and reports in real-time.

"The best practice behaviour of increasing the relevancy of the touchpoints with your customers is paying off for nearly 40,000 financial advisors across Canada," says Larry Lubin, CEO and President of BLUERUSH. "Investors want to receive relevant information from their financial advisors. Banks and investment companies have a lot of content advisors can use to nurture their customers to save more money for retirement, for example." In this era of transparency around investment management fees, DIGITALREACH(TM) is an application that's caught up to the demand.

CRM systems are useful; however, regularly sharing content with customers has proven to grow a business significantly. This low cost, SaaS solution is very effective in getting customers to buy more products from brands and advisors they trust.

Over 30 major financial institutions and investment firms empower their front line with access to DIGITALREACH(TM). These clients use the platform for both content marketing and regulatory requirements resulting from the new Point of Sale regulations (CRM2). Register for your demo today at

About BLUERUSH Media Group Corp.

BLUERUSH, through its wholly owned subsidiary, BLUERUSH Digital Media, is a digital marketing company which combines leading edge technology with award winning creative design. BLUERUSH is a FINTECH & HEALTHCARE specialist providing services in strategy, user experience, design and implementation. The company has also launched its product business with INDIVIDEO(TM), a personalized video platform, along with ActiveDialogue(TM), both of which are key building blocks for FINTECH digital experiences. The company also launched Digital Reach and Smart Advisor through its strategic partner. BLUERUSH Media Group Corp. is a publicly listed company on the TSX Venture Exchange trading under the symbol "BTV."

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Reply to Jimjones1972 - Msg #5693 - 11/30/2016 15:23

Bluerush Media Group(BTV.V) Due Diligence Report

Price: $0.055
Common Shares: 32,593,000
Insider Holdings: 20,897,410 or 64.1% as per the last information circular

Cash: 2,068,136 – $0.063 cents a share in cash
Accounts Receivable: $733,540
Prepaid Expenses: $23,062
Investment Tax Credits: $412,378
Tax Credits Recoverable: $530,783
Equipment: $36,123
Intangible Assets: $578,957
Total Assets: $4,402,492

Accounts Payable: $686,699
Deferred Revenue: $203,012
Term Loan(Current Portion): $249,900
Total Term Loan: $952,386
Deferred Taxes: $117,018
Total Liabilities: $2,209,015

MD&A Highlights

BlueRush, through its wholly owned subsidiary, BlueRush Digital Media Corp., is a digital sales and marketing company which combines leading edge technology with award winning creative design. BlueRush helps companies design, develop and manage their end-to-end digital media strategy. BlueRush has deep roots in the FINTECH (Financial Technology industry) providing services and products to leading financial service organizations. The Company has developed a product suite which provides one to one personalization across the entire customer journey. BlueRush Media Group Corp. is a publicly listed company on the TSX Venture Exchange trading under the symbol "BTV" and is headquartered at 75 Sherbourne Street in Toronto, Canada along with a French bilingual office in Montreal, Quebec.
For the year ended July 31, 2016 BlueRush achieved revenues of $3,572,326 compared to $3,925,362 for the year ended July 31, 2015. The Company reported a net loss of $182,303 compared to net earnings of $505,301 in the previous year. Due to the nature of our business, the timing in the completion of projects will differ each quarter depending on the types of projects we are engaged in.

During the year ended July 31, 2016, the Company continued enhancements to the marketing side of DigitalReach for its major bank and financial clients. All combined, BlueRush now has more than 50,000 financial advisors making use of the DigitalReach platform. This will represent hundreds of thousands of campaigns and millions of emails sent over the course of each year and growing. More specifically the BlueRush product ecosystem generates recurring revenues through a corporate license fee as well as a per user fee. Also during the year the Company continued work on service related projects including tools, calculators, websites and videos. The Company also launched another IndiVideo™ project for a major financial service dealer. The Company is working on integrating DigitalReach with financial tools and IndiVideo enabling advisors in the future to send and personalize content all through the same platform. On the healthcare side, the MCaW or Managing Cancer at Work™ program, a strategic partnership of Johns Hopkins and BlueRush has attracted the interest of major US insurance firms looking to implement the program as part of its sales strategy for related insurance products.

The Company intends to use the proceeds of the above terms loans to fund its marketing and sales force for its new products and to also fund new developments in current and future products. BlueRush also had available a revolving line of credit in the form of an overdraft on its chequing account with CIBC to a maximum of $1,000,000 or the aggregate of 75% of accounts receivable under 90 days and 40% of work in process and unbilled disbursements (to a maximum of $500,000). The credit facility was interest bearing at the CIBC prime rate plus 1.50% per annum. The credit facility was cancelled during the year ended July 31, 2016 as the Company no longer required the availability of these funds. Material ongoing contractual obligations of BlueRush relate to the payment of operating leases for office premises. BlueRush leases office space in Toronto, Ontario located at 75 Sherbourne Avenue, Suite 112, and in Montreal, Quebec located at 1751 Richardson, Suite 5105. Lease commitments are outlined in BlueRush’s audited consolidated financial statements. The Company’s capital expenditures have historically been low and there are no significant capital expenditures planned within the next fiscal year, other than for further development of internally generated intangible assets and general purchases of computer equipment and furniture. During the year ended July 31, 2016, the Company’s management handled investor relation activities.
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