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From: holland55 (Rep: 2572) reply to deaconmikeDate: 02/24/2018 09:19
Forum: New Political Forum - Msg #7014Thread #673993271 (Rec: 0)
Re: Here's how simple it would be to start the process of gun control,,,

Agree, well said.

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Reply to deaconmike - Msg #7013 - 02/23/2018 22:55

Here's how simple it would be to start the process of gun control,,,

If you've been arrested for anything in the previous 5 years,,,you can't buy a gun
If you've been convicted of spousal abuse,,,you're banned from owning a gun,,forever
If you go on any social media outlet & make threats,,,The authorities are allowed
to arrest you & search your house & take your guns.
And to those who say peoples rights are being violated,,,
Well, when you do stupid chit, especially when it concerns firearms,,you lose those rights.
If you commit an armed robbery with a gun,,,mandatory 25 year sentence, no parole

When it comes to purchasing AR type rifles,,,,,
You must be at least 25 years or age,,have a thorough FBI background check
and a drug test. Rifle must be registered into a data base and purchaser must
file for a permit to own the gun every year. And before the new permit is given,
another background check will be done to see if any crimes were committed in
the prior year. If any were found, you lose your gun.
As for bumpstocks? Those should be outlawed and if caught with one,,,mandatory
$5000 fine & 1 year in jail.
Selling of guns on the street to gang members or to someone who commits a
violent crime,,,,mandatory 10 years in jail, no parole.
Should I keep going?? I easily could

And this issue shouldn't be a dems vs repubs or, left vs right or, Obama vs Trump,,
The main goal of any elected official is to do what is best for all American citizens
and to do what's best to protect those citizens.
This is one issue where both sides should & could, easily get together and find
a solution to this problem. But, both sides never want to compromise and one
side or the other wants to be 100% right & make the other side look defeated.
And that's why nothing ever gets accomplished in Washington. Both sides and
the people who staunchly support their side never want to give an inch.
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