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From: deaconmike (Rep: 950) reply to HARLUMDate: 10/08/2018 22:51
Forum: New Political Forum - Msg #8034Thread #674039909 (Rec: 0)
Re: We are all loosing , In all seriousness, please explain to me why

you think we're all losing?
The economy is doing pretty good,,
unemployment for almost every category is the lowest in decades,,
New trades deals are being made,,
Better care & policies in place for our veterans,,,
Increased military budgets in place with pay raises for the military,,
The markets are at all time highs,,,

Now, if you think we're "all loosing" because of the extreme division
& hatred in this country, then I 100% agree with you.
And it's a "division" that will never,,,never subside.

After last Friday morning when the senators voted to move the Kavanaugh
nomination to a final vote, all senators had 30 hours to enter the senate &
speak. Since I had an endless amount of work related paperwork to do I went
to YouTube & streamed the NBC live feed from the senate so I could hear
the audio.

When you want to talk about hate & division I definitely heard it from both
dems & repubs. Listening to that crap actually made me sad & angry.
And very few used common sense when giving their reasons for either
voting for or against Kavanaugh. It went right down party lines.

And after listening to that crap for almost 10 hours on & off, I kept asking
myself if the senators actually believed what they were saying?
So we're suppose to believe Ford who had NO ONE corroborate her story
and Kavanaugh who did. Yet everyone who hates Trump is sure that Kav
is guilty,,,no matter what.

This entire process had nothing to do with Ford & everything to do with
trying to keep Kav from being nominated,,,why? Because women think
Roe vs Wade will be overturned & the dems will have 1 less person on
the supreme court that might not side with them.

On Saturday I watched some of the protests streaming online,,,,
I have never seen people act so childish & filled with so much hate in my entire life.
It truly was a pathetic thing to see.
And when the reporters asked some of the protesters if Kav deserved due process
most said no because he was a rapist & guilty.
And when others were asked if they believed in the countries standing of
innocent until proven guilty?,,many said not when it came to Kav because they
knew Ford was telling the truth,,,,unreal.
Let's just skip the things the country was founded upon because you don't like
the results.

I would've had some respect for these senators if they had got up & said
the reason they're voting for or against Kav is because of party affiliation.
This entire fiasco was strictly political & nothing else.

If we want to slow the hate & division in the country we have to do that
between ourselves,,,and not rely on our so called political leaders to do
it for us.

Reply to HARLUM - Msg #8031 - 10/08/2018 21:38

Re: We are all loosing , U are just to blind to see it . I take no joy the division this Pres has created .
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