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From: deaconmike (Rep: 950) reply to shurtha2000Date: 11/08/2018 10:33
Forum: New Political Forum - Msg #8309Thread #674046677 (Rec: 0)
Re: What Trump has to do is release and Declassify the Carter Page Fisa docum...

To be honest with you,,,I could care less what Hillary did or didn't do,,,
What pisses me off is that Trump has been under constant attack since
the day he announced he was running for President,,,
Now, some of the negative response is warranted but the majority is
nothing more than an attempt to stop him.
And the other problem is that the Mueller investigation was started based
on a dossier that everyone knows was BS, and there's testimony that proves it,
and using the fisa documents. Yet, apparently it's ok to break the law and do
whatever as long as you're investigating the guy you've been trying to toss out
of office since day 1.
Whitaker was put in place as a retaliatory measure just to make the left think
that if they continue their bs then there's a chance they might be investigated.

And like I've said before, if Trump did something illegal then he needs to be
held accountable,,,period.
But I've followed Trump for 35 years & like him or not the guy is smart and is
usually 3 steps ahead of everyone else.
I could be totally wrong but I don't believe he actually made a deal with the Russians
when it comes to the election.
I posted yesterday that I believe if he was guilty of collusion he would've fired Mueller
and crew months ago.
Now I think he's just letting it play out in hopes that they hang themselves when Mueller
finally releases his report.
And if that happens & Trump is cleared then you're going to see the **** hit the fan.

Reply to shurtha2000 - Msg #8307 - 11/08/2018 10:10

Re: What Trump has to do is release and Declassify the Carter Page Fisa documents this is the LYNCHPIN

Expose all the Hillary/Obama Treachery for all to see

Talking nice and coming together to work on solutions is pure BS

They need to be punished no mercy -

**** Holland and Harlum when they talk about upholding the law and the constitution - and at the same time protect Hillary /Obama
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