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From: nelbrad (Rep: 217)Date: 09/09/2008 12:59
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Why I Hate George W. Bush by Gary Ater

September 08, 2008

George W. Bush - The "War President"

Someone who has read my American Chronicle editorial articles or visited my Blog off and on for the past 2 years recently said; "Boy, based on your past articles, you must really "hate George W. Bush".

Actually, "hate" is a word that I seldom use. But, when I really think about it, I guess I really do "hate" the man. In fact, I think I can truthfully say that President "George W. Bush" is the only person on this earth that I truly do "hate".

Sure, I don´t like the normal Republican dirty tricks and how no matter what they do, they just can´t seem to stop blatantly lying to the public, as was shown time after time during the recent Republican Convention. But yes, I must say that I really do "hate" President Bush.

Some people say that Vice President Dick Cheney is the real one to actually "hate", but with Cheney, at least you´ve known all along what you were getting. He´s a well known, sly political manipulator and his words and deeds should never be trusted. But Dick Cheney, or as the media calls him "Shooter", is a given entity. He is what he is, and I doubt that he will ever change.

So what´s my big deal against "W" Bush?

I think the best way to explain my feelings is to refer to some statements and the works of another writer. That would be as in the thoughts and comments as stated in the following excerpts from Vincent Bugliosi´s latest best selling, non-fiction book titled; The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.

In this book, Mr. Bugliosi, a previous highly successful legal prosecutor, presents a very good case for why GW Bush should be prosecuted for the unnecessary deaths of over 4,000 US soldiers and over 100,000 Iraqi´s. Now, is that why I hate President Bush? Well, partly, yes. But the core of the reason goes well beyond the war and occupation of Iraq.

The real issue and reason from my point of view is based on the president´s constant and blatant lying to the world, his total lack of having a real conscience as a human being and also his lack of demonstrating that he has a genuine heart for America and for Americans. This applies to the many past negative actions that he has subjected this country to, which does in fact include the war in Iraq and the current US occupation in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, these issues of the war and the occupation of Iraq, do in fact, best demonstrate why I feel the way I do. And I would therefore like to use a bit of Mr. Bugliosi´s book to demonstrate where I am coming from regarding the current president, George W. Bush.


The following excerpts are from a section of Bugliosi´s book where he had just described the horrific deaths in Iraq during the month of August 2005. In one paragraph, Bugliosi references multiple articles in both the New York Times and the LA Times that had described the horrible bombing and sniper deaths of 52 American soldiers, 167 Iraqi civilians and 88 injured Iraqis.

Now, President Bush had just happened to be on one of his many presidential vacations at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. Obviously, at this exact time, hundreds of both American and Iraqi families were crying uncontrollably over the deaths of their children, or parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, family members or friends.

At George´s ranch in Crawford, things were a bit different. What you will read below was confirmed by a number of media reporters on the scene and below are the direct quotes from Mr. Bugliosi´s book:

Per V. Bugliosi (VB), regarding August 2005, in Crawford, Texas, at President Bush´s Ranch Compound:

Bush, after a hearty breakfast, mapped out for the reporters what his schedule was for the rest of the day: "I´m going to have lunch with Secretary of State Rice, talk a little business; we´ve got a friend from South Texas here named Katherine Armstrong; take a little nap. I´m reading an Elmore Leonard Book right now, [Leonard is a fiction writer, mostly westerns and mystery adventures] knock off a little Elmore Leonard this afternoon; go fishing with my man, Barney [Bush´s dog]; a light dinner and head to the ball game. I will get to bed about 9:30, wake up about 5:00 AM. So it´s a perfect day."

To fully appreciate the dimensions of Bush´s "perfect day" comment, "I" [VB] would ask the reader, if you can for a moment think, really think, about how indescribably horrible it would be if your son – the one now on the High School Football Team, or in college, or married and working – had been blown up and killed in Iraq, his shattered body coming home in a box. It´s so horrible a thought you can´t even keep it in your mind for more than a few moments. And then you imagine reading in the newspaper [on the same day] that the man who caused your son´s death, taking him to war under false pretenses, told reporters, smiling, that he was going to have a "perfect day."

I´m very, very confident that if any other American president had ordered the war in Iraq, and over 100,000 people died in the war, none of them, even if the war was a righteous one, would have a "perfect day" right in the middle of the hellish conflict. When we add to this the fact that not only was this not a righteous war, but that Bush took this nation to it under false pretenses, and over 100,000 people died directly because of it, for him to be happy and have plans to have a "perfect day" goes far beyond acceptable human conduct that no moral telescope can discern its shape, form and nature.

With all the death, horror, and suffering he has caused to hundreds of thousands of people, wouldn´t you at least expect a little remorse, a little depression from Bush? If you´re waiting to see it, it´s kind of like leaving the front porch light on for Jimmy Hoffa.

"I´m feeling pretty spirited," Bush said at a December 4, 2007, White House press conference, "pretty good about life". Can you imagine that? He´s turned almost the entire civilized world against us [America]; he´s cost this nation over $1 Trillion dollars with no end in sight; he´s literally destroyed the nation of Iraq; and most important by far, he is directly responsible for over 100,000 precious human beings having died violent, horrible deaths, yet he says he is feeling "pretty good about life". This is simply too unbelievable for words. With all of the death, horror, and suffering he has caused, even if Bush was only guilty of making an innocent mistake in taking this nation to war in Iraq, not for murder as I firmly believe, what kind of a human monster is it who could be happy with his life?

Author´s Note:

With all the negative items I have documented in the past about George W. Bush and his administration, I have continued to declare how wrong he has been and that I have no respect for him and/or his party´s supporters. But the statements above demonstrate the real reasons that I can actually and legitimately say that I "hate" G.W. Bush.

I also believe that Mr. Bugliosi is very correct in asking. "What kind of a human monster is he?" And I would also personally ask; "How can this man call himself a religious man and a Christian, and still go to sleep each night?" If Bush truly believes there is a "devil and a hell after life on earth", then he already has his tickets in First Class and a valid Passport for a formal arrival down below.

It´s been a very sad past eight years for America and all the real Americans that believe that the US should be a hopeful "light at the end of the tunnel", instead of the current blaring light of an on-coming Bush / Cheney - Republican freight train. Yes, it really is time for a major shake-up and a change in "politics-as-usual" and for a big change in Washington DC.

-HEEEEERE sheeple sheeple sheeple...

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