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From: Letstrade (Rep: 199)Date: 01/06/2017 21:47
Forum: QualityStocks - Msg #10641 - List USD msgs Thread #673897583 (Rec: 0)
The Fed is TRAPPED Raising Interest rates now will Lead us into Hyperinflation Let me Explain Why Ok the US Federal Goverment is now 20 Trillion in Debt actually more like over 100 Trillion if we included all the unfunded liablities like social security and medicare that are now rapidly coming due anyways here is why the Fed is Trapped if they raise rates what happens to interest payments on this mountain of Debt well lets see simple math 20 Trillion Debt for every 1% Rate increase Cost the US Goverment a extra 200 Billion Dollars per Year to finance higher interest payments on the debt each year a 2% increase cost 400 Billion a tiny 3% increase cost a additional 600 Billion Dollars or MORE THEN WHAT WE SPEND ON DEFENSE EACH YEAR 4% interest payments will become the number 1 item in the entire federal budget 5% OVER 1 Trillion Dollars per year NOW The really scarry part start to compound that out and ya the numbers go parabolic REAL FAST you see this is why the Fed is TRapped and this is going to end badly in a Hyperinflationary Collapse all ready starting to notice rising prices.... INFLATION IS COMING I think that the coming collapse will be blamed on Trump and the republicans i give us till 2020 or perhaps sooner either way time is not on our side a few years is all we have left then its going to get ugly real fast

Germany Hyperinflation occured when there interest rates spiked study history the goverment couldnt keep pace inflation soared as they resorted to printing presses and ya money became worthless

Speaking of that what is the US Dollar its a FIAT Currency backed by nothing more then peoples Faith in it and perhaps the US Military and the petrol dollar system but i think that by 2020 peak oil will have occured and nations around the world will start wanting something other then paper fiat dollars for there declining oil reserves

The outlook going forward is a UGLY one of Rising inflation that will be the key word in the coming years and now as i clearly showed above the Fed has NO WAY TO FIGHT IT They keep rates low they lose they raise rates they lose see the longer they keep rates low the more debt that is accumulated at the lower rates when rates do rise they have to go up even less to lead to the hyperinflationary collapse The Fed is TRAPPED

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