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From: NewTraderLearn (Rep: 21)Date: 2013-02-21 22:04:18
Forum: Stockmania Plays - Thread #673504094 - List USD msgsMsg #202 - Part 1/1 (Rec: 0)
This Bond Bubble that the Fed is creating when it Bust and it will eventually just like every other bubble that has been created from the housing bubble to the tech bubble to the current bond market bubble when it collapses i think that could be when the **** hits the fan when intrest rates goes up this time they will have only 1 option DEFAULT on the Debt either through straight out default where they will not pay or by inflation printing vast sums of money out of thin air to pay the sky rocketing intrest cost leading to hyperinflation when this bond bubble burst intrest rates will over shoot to the upside intrest payments on the US National debt will sky rocket if rates go back to just 6% the historical norm that would push intrest cost on the US National debt to over 1 Trillion Dollars vs 2.3 Trillion in tax revenues yeah so consuming nearly half of every tax dollar going to pay intrest on the US National debt also over the next 4 years entitlement spending is set to explode by over 700 Billion Dollars a year thats what happens when you got 10,000 people a day everyday retiring in this country and that trend will continue for the next 19 years!!! There is NO WAY for the goverment to meet all the promises that they have made they cant tax enough the only way out will be the printing presses massive inflation and eventually hyperinflation and collapse of the currency its self its coming at the end of the Day the US Dollar is like a stock that is being diluted daily eventually it becomes worthless... SAPX Anyone
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