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From: trupik (Rep: 84) reply to nealashleyDate: 2016-06-13 20:30:49
Forum: Central - Thread #672661055Msg #580 - Part 11/16 (Rec: 0)
In regards to Nd4Spd30--- In his folio, it states that he bought ONTX on 1/6/16 for 80 cents and sold it on 6/9/16 for 6.40... How is that possible when ONTX was trading 8.55-10.42.... How does a losing trade gain a trader 700+% in his folio? have nothing against Speed just want a straight forward folio rally for everyone... My split trades got removed, how come most others kept them?

Reply to nealashley - Msg #164 - 10/11/2009 10:16
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From: skysurfer (Rep: 0) reply to LupinDate: 2016-07-18 14:36:19
Forum: Central - Thread #672661055Msg #581 - Part 12/16 (Rec: 0)
why are non of the indices reflecting & changing to reflect the market

NOTE: This message was originally posted on 2016-07-18 11:55:04 by the skysurfer.

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From: Lionmaster (Rep: 6238) reply to skysurferDate: 2016-07-18 14:40:32
Forum: Central - Thread #672661055Msg #582 - Part 13/16 (Rec: 0)
Do you have examples

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From: ch90 (Rep: 29) reply to LupinDate: 2016-07-29 07:18:25
Forum: Central - Thread #672661055Msg #584 - Part 14/16 (Rec: 0)
RS 1/16 Apr 9, 2014 has been applied twice to DCTH instead of once. Thanks

Reply to Lupin - Msg #110 - 06/19/2009 15:21
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From: trupik (Rep: 84) reply to LupinDate: 2016-11-07 13:41:24
Forum: Central - Thread #672661055Msg #596 - Part 15/16 (Rec: 0)
Hi Lupin... Been having a lot of issues inthe folio. 1st issue000 the opening and closing is taking multiple days.... Keeps showing Closing_D... The 2nd and this one is a real pain in the ****--- The prices at which a stock is supposed to be open and closed are not reflected accurately... Please see NVCN and HMNY in my portfolio... NVCN on day of opening closed at 1.02..yet my buy in price/short price was marked at .56 cents...It took 3 days to close the position and instead of a nice 50% gain, i eded up with a few percent gain.. HMNY was even worse.. Instead of a 20+ % gain, it shows as a losss. Same thing...improper buys/closing prices...

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From: carolinam (Rep: 0) reply to ron_burgandyDate: 2020-06-18 14:48:47
Forum: Central - Thread #672661055Msg #736 - Part 16/16 (Rec: 0)
For those who have doubts about all these issues, I want to recommend my broker, the LVM TRADE is has an excellent service. I recommend it

Reply to ron_burgandy - Msg #511 - 05/13/2013 01:05
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