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From: pmony (Rep: 519) reply to deaconmikeDate: 11/10/2012 10:59
Forum: Wall Street Pit - Msg #2330317Thread #673474112 (Rec: 4)
Re: on Obama re-election .... my final thoughts .......

Deacon you make some good points but please realize America & it's founders setup our government system to be divided on purpose to create checks & balances... Obama isn't the first President to have a divided congress most Presidents had the same hand dealt them. The difference is in Leadership ..... For over 200 years the most successful bipartisan deals always start with a good leader namely the President. Unfortunately for O he dropped the ball very early by having all 3 branches of Govt in his favor & told Mccain & repubs election is over I won & proceeded to govern with a my way or I'll blame mentality. Compromise starts with the leader look at Bill Clinton we can all agree he had a very good 2nd term WHY ??? After a rocky first 4 years he came to the center some & provided strong frameworks to build compromise & many bipartisan agreements. Did Clinton get everything he wanted ? no way did the repubs ? absolutely not.... Imo Obama made major mistakes the first 2 years especially ramming a pure partisan health care bill through, something that big should have been done in a bipartisan effort. You also state that no president can alter the economy perhaps not directly but certainly indirectly by his policies. Look it's been 4 years & business has no clue what their taxes will be next year & has been uncertain throughout the last 4 years constantly being threatened then throw in Obamacare with new rules & taxes coming out in dribs & drabs & still no one can fully define whats ahead in this ever changing policy. EPA rules & other regulations casting uncertainty on the entire business community. Presidents need to be leaders & create a clear defined environment reaching out years & years so business can plan accordingly. One of my biggest problem with Obama the first 4 years was the blatant policy to divide the country, I believe EVERY President whether Dem or Repub should always be looking to unite America not divide it. I really hope Obama has a great second term & accomplishes many bipartisan agreements that benefit all Americans. Imo though after his first 4 partisan years I'm afraid it will need to start with him being a real leader & proving his ability to compromise. I really hope he does it for all our sakes.

On another note last night I got caught up in a debate & called some people here names which I publicly apologize for as there is no reason to lose your cool that badly. I'm sorry to all my lion friends for my loss of temper.will try and act like an adult while posting here.

Reply to deaconmike - Msg #2330309 - 11/09/2012 22:02

Re: on Obama re-election .... my final thoughts .......

"Congratulations to the Democrats and Young People! You now own it."

So,,,if Mitt had won the election, then everything would be that much better?
Maybe, but not likely. Most expect the President, whoever that is, to be the
be all save all,,,,and that's not reality, especially when this economic debacle
is world freaking wide.

One guy isn't going to be able to fix the world economy and one guy isn't
going to be able to create enough jobs due to the fact that the economic
situation in other countries is just as bad, if not worse than ours.

You also mentioned in your post that O voters "now own increasing healthcare
costs" because Mitt didn't win. That's BS imo. Health insurance costs and
care have been increasing at a rapid pace for many years,,,,and imo it's all
because of greed. Why can people go to Mexico or Canada, buy the same
medication much cheaper than what it costs here? It's all about money.

Nobody in this GD country wants to give up anything. Drug companies can't
settle for 15-20% profit,,,,gotta make 50-200%. Same as hospitals. $7 for a
GD tylenol? ridiculous. Everyone bitches about "entitlement",,,well there's a
perfect example of it.

The majority of the world overextended themselves,,,,Countries, corporations,
major companies and definitely the average Joe. So now, everyone wants to
blame the government. BS. Blame yourself. Most here talk all the time about
wanting a smaller government,,,yet now they expect them to come in and save
them and their previous way of life. Which was spend, spend, spend.

Now, we're stuck with 4 more years of O trying to run the show,,which means
the other side will act like 1st graders on the playground that had their ball stolen,,,,
which also means nothing will get accomplished.

You'd think one of those Einstein's would look at the dire situation this country
is in and say,,,You know what guys, let's work together and really try and come
up with some solutions to try and better the country,,,not for 'Party" glory but
for the stability and future of OUR country.

That also is most likely a pipe dream.

So, what's the plan for the average American? The way I see it,,,I'm not going
to rely on anyone for anything,,,,and hey, I can't think of one thing any President
has done over the past 30 years that actually had a positive effect on my life.
Life is what you make it. You can either bitch and moan about your situation
and the government or,,,you can put forth the effort to actually better yourself.
That's what I have done and will continue to do,,,making my own 'luck' and finding
better opportunities.
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