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From: deaconmike (Rep: 958) reply to kcprintersDate: 03/31/2020 23:34
Forum: Wall Street Pit - Msg #2830436Thread #674138003 (Rec: 3)
Re: New cases: 24.5k (20k yesterday), New deaths: 742 (558), Futures: -1.5% R...

My original post wasn't aimed to be political or posted as a way
to get an aggressive political response from anyone, especially someone who
doesn't live in the US.
It was posted to inform as to what was said by the doctors on the virus task force.
It sure as heck wasn't posted as congratulatory or boastful over the possibility of
100k or 200k people losing their life.
And at a time like this, in a crisis like this, politics should be left out of it imo.

Reply to kcprinters - Msg #2830429 - 03/31/2020 22:30

Re: New cases: 24.5k (20k yesterday), New deaths: 742 (558), Futures: -1.5% R...oh ffs, downplaying the worst management of the virus in the whole world...by saying, you should be thankful there wasn't 2 million deaths? Yes, if they didn't practice self isolation, that is what you would see (probably 10 million)...nothing to brag about as that is the simplest thing we can do and that is modelled everywhere in the world as a no-brainer.

The harm done is having a president that was calling this a hoax just a few weeks ago, has always claimed he knows more than the professional so listen to him, claiming it'll just go away in the spring, claiming its all under control, claiming all the churches will be full and business back to normal April 12...still hosting rallies into March with 1000's of people. He has trained his stooges to ignore all but him, so when the word comes out to self-isolate - many ignore because they hang on his every word and he never seemed to be concerned...now, what could have been easily 15k deaths with a competent president actually putting urgency on this weeks ago, is now a situation where we may be seeing 100-200k deaths as suggested, 10x the worst country in the world (yes, China can be contested...but)

He failed, end of story and I feel for those impacted as this next month is going to be the worst month most of you have ever witnessed for your country.
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