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From: alfie (Rep: 1309) reply to dazzerDate: 04/05/2020 00:14
Forum: Wall Street Pit - Msg #2831872Thread #674140357 (Rec: 3)
Re: The good Dr. said this about the virus on January 21st...if Trump would h...

February 12th I sent an email to flutie saying I’ve just gone all cash in my retirement account and advised he probably should. The Dow was 29,480 that day, I said we’ll see 25,000 before we see 31,000 in that email, that’s a bold statement.
The USA at that point I’m not sure it had 50 cases maybe less but I could tell by the lies being told that’s it was going to be a nightmare in America. If I could see the writing on the wall without any government inside information on the virus you’ve gotta believe Trump and his aides knew what was coming. I know March 5th the USA had 129 cases and 11 deaths so what did they have February 12th?
It’s time to stand up and be counted absolute shocking decisions not to inform the people early on about social distancing and not locking down. I’ll guarantee long after this has gone, after this administration has gone there’s going to be plenty of books published by people inside this administration saying they were forced to keep their lips sealed. I’ll say it again I used to be a Trump fan but this is his downfall, he’s going to go down as the worst president in history simply because of his actions or in-actions during the coronavirus. What actually shocks the living daylights out of me is people can’t see it, the information is right there in front of everyone and they can’t see it.

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Reply to dazzer - Msg #2831824 - 04/04/2020 14:09

Re: The good Dr. said this about the virus on January 21st...if Trump would h...

If Trump knew than so did Fauci, and he down played it also. Every Senator, congressperson and governor knew. We know that by those connected that sold stocks. No one did what should have been done. No one knew how this would play out. Again I do not agree with everything Trump does but I think people will now see we gave this country away. The need to disconnect from China is as clear as day. Make America great again, bring back jobs, manufacturing etc.
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