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From: Bender24 (Rep: 175) reply to springbokDate: 03/19/2017 13:59
Forum: Wall Street Pit - Msg #2666467Thread #673911624 (Rec: 1)
Re: Here is one for you Bender since you are talking about rockets.

What's the name of the professor, and what university? I find it really hard to believe that a university professor who teaches rocket propulsion (I didn't know there was such a class - must have missed that while getting my mechanical engineering degree) doesn't understand Newton's Third law of Motion.

I'm calling BS on this. This is just like the time a while ago when you said that you grew up in South Africa, and frequently traveled to Australia, and you didn't understand why all the flights aren't 12 hours, but something like 16 hours. It took me all of two minutes to find you a flight that was 12 hours.

I think you need to refill your Stelazine.

PS, your understanding of basic laws of motion are as bad as your make-believe professor.

Reply to springbok - Msg #2666465 - 03/19/2017 12:35

Here is one for you Bender since you are talking about rockets.

I approached a professor in rocket propulsion, at a distinguished university a while back and this is the question i posed to him.

(I understand on earth a rocket pushes off land on takeoff and then off the air as it ascends [a rocket needs matter to push off to ascend] but we are told space is a vacuum so it is void of matter, so how did the Apollo reach the moon if its rockets could not function in space since it had no matter to push off??)

He frantically flipped through his many books that he had in his office, and told me you know what you are the first person to ask me that question. I will get back to you ASAP let me think about it, still waiting for his reply.

NASA why are you lying to us why have you stolen Trillions of Dollars from the US Taxpayer and all you have given us to date is one CGI, Photoshopped image of the earth(the blue marble)and a few rocket launches.We want a refund, Neil became a alcoholic during his lifetime as the lie was too much of a burden on him. Buzz on the other hand played the American hero like the role was written for him.

Werner von Braun after been made to work for the Nazi regime was threatened after WW2 to work for the NASA regime or go to jail. On his death he had PSALM 19:1 inscribed on his tombstone, so take the time to read it.
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