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From: crainiac (Rep: 4161)Date: 01/24/2020 08:58
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Translation:Fever patient in the designated hospital story
January 24, 2020 18:43 Source:
The kit is insufficient and the patient is highly suspected to be undiagnosed. The risk of cross-infection in mixed clinics cannot be underestimated, people expect the Wuhan "Xiaotangshan Hospital" to be completed soon

Mr. Wu: No kit

"I really hope to be able to do a virus test. Is it Wuhan pneumonia? Give a statement. But the hospital does not have a kit for Wuhan pneumonia virus test and cannot be diagnosed." Mr. Wu told Caixin reporter.

Mr. Wu's father is 62 years old and lives at a distance of three kilometers from the South China Seafood Market. Wu's father is a chef who works as a chef in a public institution. He commutes to the South China Seafood Market every day by work.

On January 13th, Wu's father had a fever. He had a three-day suspending needle in the community hospital, and the fever was gone. On the 19th, he had a fever again and was rushed to the emergency center at Wuhan Central Hospital. He had routine blood tests and routine tests such as A and B streams. No problem. On January 21, he had a fever of 38 degrees again. On January 22, Mr. Wu took his father to Wuhan Red Cross Hospital to take a chest lung CT scan. The CT showed a severe lung infection. The doctor recommended hospitalization. "The doctor told me that there was no bed, so I registered the phone and said that if there was a bed, I would be hospitalized directly. If there was no bed, I would get an injection every day. I would go home and isolate and come back tomorrow."

Wu's father had a serious lung infection. He performed routine investigations such as A and B. From the symptoms and CT, he was highly suspected of Wuhan pneumonia. ā€¯However, no test was performed and the diagnosis could not be confirmed. Mr. Wu asked Wuhan Red Cross Hospital to give his father During the virus test, I was told that the hospital did not have a virus test kit and could not perform the test. "If the test is impossible, the diagnosis cannot be confirmed, and it is difficult to be hospitalized without the diagnosis. "

Similar to Mr. Wu's father, Mr. Li, who is suspected to be infected with pneumonia in Wuhan, also has the same distress. "I also know that I am a mobile virus source, but the hospital does not accept me and I have no choice." Mr. Li said, The biggest problem with confounding is cross infection.

A doctor at Wuhan Red Cross Hospital told Caixin reporter that only a few top three hospitals in Wuhan have a test box for Wuhan pneumonia. Wuhan Red Cross Hospital currently does not have a test box. The hospital will send suspected patients at high risk to the province. The CDC reported that the provincial CDC had taken samples from the Red Cross Hospital. As for how many cases were sampled and tested by the Provincial CDC at the Red Cross Hospital, medical staff declined to say. Caixin reporters conducted ten random investigations of fever patients in the fever clinic. Six of them had lung infections on CT, but none were selected for virus testing.

An imaging doctor at a third-tier hospital in Wuhan said that 70% of the patients admitted to his hospital for a fever diagnosis had lung infections, but none were diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia, and the hospital did not have a kit for detecting Wuhan pneumonia virus. . "These people are all highly suspect patients."

Ms. Wang: Eight people in the family are difficult to be hospitalized

Ms. Wang, who lives in Zhongyi Road, Jiang'an District, is even more unfortunate. Her family of eight had a lung infection and repeatedly requested hospitalization, but all failed.

Ms. Wang Wang told Caixin reporter that she was impressed with Wuhan pneumonia because one of her neighbors was sent to hospital for isolation after having a cold and fever, and died in less than a week. Subsequently, her relatives, the aunt, her uncle and her children were recruited for viral pneumonia. This made her alert, taking her temperature every day. On January 18th, the body temperature was 38.1 degrees. I went to the hospital for routine tests and found no problems. He had a fever on January 19, and has not had a fever since. The temperature measured in the hospital on the 22nd was 36.6 degrees.

After she had a fever, Ms. Wang still felt walking panting and coughing. On January 19, she underwent a CT scan at the Wuhan Central Hospital and found shadows in the lungs. The doctor said it was viral pneumonia. "I asked the doctor if it was Wuhan new type of pneumonia. The doctor said yes, but the diagnosis can only be confirmed by the kit."

On January 20, Ms. Wang found that her husband also started to pant, and his limbs were weak. On January 21, Ms. Wang's husband was performing a CT at Wuhan Central Hospital. There was also a virus in the lungs. Ms. Wang speculated that she had transmitted it to her husband. Because her husband also suffered from kidney disease and was very weak, on January 22, Ms. Wang accompanied her husband to the Wuhan Red Cross Hospital to request admission procedures, but could not register. The reason is that her husband's temperature test was only 37.2 degrees, which did not reach the 37.3 degrees required for fever diagnosis. "She dialed the hotline of the Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Commission and finally settled it. Because of kidney disease, Ms. Wang's husband requested hospitalization, but was informed that the beds were being disinfected, and they could not be opened until they were all vacated.

On the same day, the aunt and uncle who often walked in the same district with Ms. Wang also had fever. The two went to Wuhan Red Cross Hospital for treatment, and the CT film was still a lung infection. Ms. Wang's aunt also suffered from rectal cancer, but she was still unable to be hospitalized. She just registered and let her wait for a phone call.

"If I quarantine in time, my husband, uncle, and uncle may not be infected with the virus." Ms. Wang said she was guilty but could do nothing about it.

Mother-in-law Yu: Helplessness in the mixed clinic

What is more worrying is those patients with ordinary fever, because according to the new regulations, fever patients with a body temperature of 37.3 degrees will go to the hot spot for diagnosis and treatment. High-risk suspected Wuhan pneumonia patients are mixed with ordinary patients. The 69-year-old mother-in-law had a fever of 38.7 degrees. There was no problem with CT. The community hospital that usually treats common fevers and colds could no longer diagnose fever patients. Mother-in-law was diverted to Wuhan Red Cross Hospital. Although wearing a mask, she was exposed to high risk for a long time. Among infected people, Grandma Yu felt even more uncomfortable. "I usually have a common fever in a community hospital and I don't have to wait in line. Now I'm overcrowded and I've queued for five hours. It's not my turn. It's too hard to see a disease, and I'm worried about cross infection." Yuma said.

Mixed visits are also helpless for hospitals. A doctor from Wuhan Red Cross Hospital also acknowledged that there is a certain problem with the mixed medical system. "Today is the first day of the implementation of the new regulations. Everything has a process of adjustment, but the starting point for this decision is good. Make adjustments. "The medical staff said that the hospital will issue a medical mask to every fever patient in an effort to avoid virus infection. However, several medical staff in Wuhan Red Cross Hospital were diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia.

On January 23, Wuhan decided to launch the SARS "Little Tangshan Model" to focus on treating Wuhan pneumonia and highly suspected cases to avoid spreading infection. For a large number of highly suspected patients, the only hope is that this hospital will be completed soon.

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