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2638648Re: Hillary finally fighting back-nomad09/26/2016 21:47
2638647Re: Trump admits he pays no federal income tax-nomad09/26/2016 21:47
2638646Re: Hillary finally fighting back13dron09/26/2016 21:46
2638645Trump says it like it is. Hillary full of crap. eom2genius109/26/2016 21:46
2638644Trump admits he pays no federal income tax-3dron09/26/2016 21:45
2638643Re: Hillary finally fighting back-nomad09/26/2016 21:45
2638642Hillary finally fighting back eom-deaconmike09/26/2016 21:42
2638641Hillary and her "middle class life" -nomad09/26/2016 21:41
2638640Re: You guys watching futures? lol theyre both big wall st pumpers, no worri...-ramaji 09/26/2016 21:37
2638639Trump call the market a bubble-3dron09/26/2016 21:32
2638638Hillary must have been debate practicing against Bernie eom-deaconmike09/26/2016 21:31
2638637Hillary says supply side-3dron09/26/2016 21:30
2638636Re: BOOM,,,first 2 knockdowns for Trump,,,,,-maxamus09/26/2016 21:28
2638635Ok..Donald goes incoherent-3dron09/26/2016 21:28
2638634Re: BOOM,,,first 2 knockdowns for Trump,,,,,-supadupa09/26/2016 21:27
2638633Trump looks like he's close to melt down----going to need a refill of his wat...-rahrah09/26/2016 21:24
2638632BOOM,,,first 2 knockdowns for Trump,,,,, eom-deaconmike09/26/2016 21:23
2638631You guys watching futures? Twice now they spiked straight up when Trump talk...-maxamus09/26/2016 21:21
26386304THEIDIOTS: Hillary's body double looking good so far. eom-supadupa09/26/2016 21:07
2638629Trainwreck watch13dron09/26/2016 21:01
2638628Haha, this is funny1deaconmike09/26/2016 20:36
2638627Hillary ready. Being lashed to podium now. eom-diligence09/26/2016 20:24
2638626Re: New ad... Abraham Lincoln was a third party candidate and Johnson winning...-efbailey09/26/2016 20:23
2638625Trump ready. Even has copy of fake Vietnam war record with him. eom2diligence09/26/2016 19:50
2638624New ad... Abraham Lincoln was a third party candidate and Johnson winning onl...-bucyrus 09/26/2016 19:41
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2625742  Canada Yahoo finance old format can use for US stocks FYI..-theMagician 184%07/19/2016 12:27
2613387  Re: Will start banning users for posting crap DDs enough said.6Lionmaster 05/05/2016 10:42
2613001  We keep forgetting who built the China manufacturing behemoth. We act like t...-franconia05/04/2016 07:53
2607971  Medved trader LIVE now - best trading program for discount brokers, charts on...2theMagician 184%04/05/2016 11:50

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