Sun 4/23/2017 01:33 ET
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Ownership analysis for OIL (Triton Energy Ltd) as of Sun Apr 23, 01:33 ET.
User IDStatusTypeBuy Time (ET)Sell Time (ET)Buy PriceSell PricePct Gain 
eniozusiActiveBuy2015-02-03 16:18:0111.61--- See Portfolio
ditm69ActiveShort2011-10-27 14:36:3323.78--- See Portfolio
hughg111ActiveBuy2010-04-16 11:23:3026.78--- See Portfolio
teflon4xActiveBuy2009-01-27 09:26:5220.72--- See Portfolio
ItiswhatitisClosedBuy2016-04-22 08:58:262016-04-27 09:24:195.715.893.15% See Portfolio
ItiswhatitisClosedBuy2016-04-08 11:19:022016-04-12 09:58:575.305.626.04% See Portfolio
disasterClosedBuy2014-12-22 12:23:482015-05-06 10:57:1812.9812.84-1.08% See Portfolio
ditm69ClosedShort2011-10-20 10:31:102011-10-25 11:45:5822.2023.51-5.90% See Portfolio
ShepherdClosedBuy2010-06-08 08:33:552010-06-11 17:51:2321.3922.615.70% See Portfolio
ShepherdClosedBuy2010-05-22 03:15:562010-06-02 18:49:4821.0321.873.99% See Portfolio
TEFL0N4XClosedBuy2010-05-06 09:20:172010-12-06 00:00:0024.9825.160.72% See Portfolio
TEFL0N4XClosedShort2010-04-28 09:18:422010-05-05 09:27:5826.2225.193.93% See Portfolio
TEFL0N4XClosedBuy2010-04-20 08:52:402010-04-23 15:29:1426.4927.022.00% See Portfolio
TEFL0N4XClosedShort2010-04-07 15:50:212010-04-19 09:23:0527.5026.194.76% See Portfolio
TEFL0N4XClosedShort2010-03-03 09:17:582010-03-26 15:53:0625.8025.620.70% See Portfolio
TEFL0N4XClosedBuy2010-02-25 09:20:592010-02-25 15:53:3624.9725.150.72% See Portfolio
TEFL0N4XClosedBuy2010-02-24 09:06:242010-02-24 15:57:2325.3725.771.58% See Portfolio
thedragonrebornClosedBuy2009-05-08 14:03:322009-05-08 16:55:4621.3121.12-0.89% See Portfolio
execallClosedBuy2009-02-25 11:28:362009-03-05 07:25:4716.7517.625.19% See Portfolio
teflon4xClosedBuy2009-01-13 09:25:292009-01-23 15:53:1420.7021.473.72% See Portfolio
teflon4xClosedBuy2008-12-23 15:55:292009-01-02 15:58:1021.1425.1118.78% See Portfolio
XfliesClosedShort2008-10-07 18:47:302008-12-15 16:13:3252.1926.0150.16% See Portfolio
thewizardofozClosedShort2008-07-03 12:57:512008-07-07 11:29:2986.5684.752.09% See Portfolio
badgerClosedShort2008-04-22 22:04:482008-04-24 14:06:5870.1069.311.13% See Portfolio
rollingthebonesClosedShort2008-04-22 15:01:502008-04-24 15:29:5570.1069.311.13% See Portfolio

Total Longs: 16
Total Shorts: 9

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9724Re: The Doppler's execution was fairly decent starting last night and into ea...-apmoore04/21/2017 11:59
9723Re: Oil was up last night and began to dip from its highs at 2:50am. Thats an...-mykD04/21/2017 11:54
9722Re: Picks for Pops is actually doing well today, and I might be onto somethin...1apmoore04/21/2017 11:40
9721Re: Oil was up last night and began to dip from its highs at 2:50am. Thats an...2stormcat04/21/2017 11:14
9720Oil was up last night and began to dip from its highs at 2:50am. Thats an hou...-apmoore04/21/2017 06:53
9719Oil Super Doppler is posted. Oil is predicted to rise tonight and tomorrow, e...-apmoore04/20/2017 17:13
9718Oil literally popped at 10am eastern time, as predicted. The Overnight foreca...-apmoore04/20/2017 10:52
9717Saudi Arabia, Kuwait signal likely extension of oil supply cutsStrong Buy-moltenlava04/20/2017 06:44
9716Oil Super Doppler is up for tonight and tomorrow. Oil expected to pop for a h...-apmoore04/19/2017 17:09
9715After a solid forecast last night and into earlier this morning, the remainde...1apmoore04/19/2017 14:36
9714so much volatility in oil the past few trading sessions. I think we may go a ...-Youted04/19/2017 06:51
9713Oil started down last night, as predicted but didn't start going up until 2 a...-apmoore04/19/2017 06:39
9712The Oil Super Doppler is posted. Oil is predicted to rise tonight starting ar...-apmoore04/18/2017 16:50
9711The Doppler for tonight is posted. Oil to recover tonight and tomorrow-apmoore04/17/2017 16:28
9710The Oil Super Doppler is once again correct on Oil. Even thought the overnigh...-apmoore04/17/2017 15:57
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