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384Re: Your $6 call failed. What's your call for tomorrow 0%er?-Everd05/22/2017 19:00
383Your $6 call failed. What's your call for tomorrow 0%er? eomShort-GrayLeBlanc 2036%05/22/2017 18:23
382Re: More newbies jumping off the VUZI dead money train. Can't blame them. Won...-Everd05/22/2017 10:14
381More newbies jumping off the VUZI dead money train. Can't blame them. Won't t...Short-GrayLeBlanc 2036%05/22/2017 09:47
380Break 6$ today. We close above 7$ this week. BORIS=BUSINESS!!! eom-Everd05/22/2017 08:38
379Cover. Vuzi goes up going foreword. It wall have Nothing to do with Finacials...-Everd05/19/2017 12:17
378The long Google( for glass) short Vuzi trade will be a stubborn one to unwind...-Everd05/19/2017 12:16
377Jhnflir, very wise observation.The short against the Warrants, Intel short ag...-Everd05/19/2017 12:14
376Avg'n Down on the PUTS you bought when Vuzi was 5.25. We stop reading your BS...-Everd05/19/2017 10:31
375Tape, although your obviously just Ghost Bashing Vuzi with no skin in the gam...-Everd05/19/2017 10:30
374Because I only see one call here. And it sux and its DOWN. So GL with the ser...-Everd05/19/2017 08:56
373Gray. Stick to hacking software and posting fictitious " returns" next to you...-Everd05/19/2017 08:54
372Re: I noticed the Up 1006% is now up 850%. sorry about the 15$ you lost this ...Short-GrayLeBlanc 2036%05/19/2017 08:45
371I noticed the Up 1006% is now up 850%. sorry about the 15$ you lost this week...-Everd05/19/2017 07:22
370Morning Gray. :( "under 5$ this week' Based on YOUR EXPERT analysis of the "f...-Everd05/19/2017 07:21
369That's Not an "attack" that's a desperate surrender. That's " raise the white...-Everd05/18/2017 18:31
368Ok Tape. Your " attack " is 450 shares after hours? 23k offered at 6$? That's...-Everd05/18/2017 18:30
367FYI. I read 2 of your post today, so Shorty owes you 4$. I know you need the ...-Everd05/18/2017 10:42
366Wow!! Tape, nice "attack" so far.?Remind us what 2018 PUTS you bought 45hrs a...-Everd05/18/2017 10:41
365Yes TAPE, you are. Your also scared to death as you BID up all the JULY CALLS...-Everd05/18/2017 09:57
364There is a lot " brewing" it's not behind the scenes. Listen to the call . It...-Everd05/17/2017 09:46
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