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458Oneshot, your Goog "story" didn't even make the headlines UNDER GOOG? No one ...-Everd06/23/2017 09:11
457Glasses WILL IMMEDIATELY CALL VUZI and place an order. Vuzi gets 1% of the mk...-Everd06/23/2017 08:07
456Great find Onestop! I love Googles 3rd attempt at glass. Any Fortune 500 Comp...-Everd06/23/2017 08:06
455Paying idiots like tape, RXR, stockwitz. He's also going through a ton of sle...-Everd06/22/2017 14:15
454He has to " walk it down" and load up with CALLS. He's trying to save his wro...-Everd06/22/2017 14:12
453Look for another very high " naked short " volume day. No liquidity for the s...-Everd06/22/2017 14:11
452Tape, attack with what? The profits from your 5$ PUTS? Lolol. Tapereader, the...-Everd06/22/2017 10:17
45175k shares Sold "naked" ( not borrowed) yesterday alone. 60% of all trades. W...-Everd06/22/2017 09:19
450No one is selling. So he protects his losing bet with calls. He's done and th...-Everd06/21/2017 19:08
449Options. The CALL buying( tons) is the Shorts only protection from a position...-Everd06/21/2017 19:07
44812k offered at 6.50. Really SMART.!!!The short is officially Stupid. scared, ...-Everd06/21/2017 11:02
447The buyout talk is not premature. Things are happening 5x's faster than this ...-Everd06/21/2017 10:20
446SHORT VOLUME last TWO days. 60 and yesterday 64%. And they can't hold it down...-Everd06/21/2017 07:40
445Honroc, let us know when Rizzone/Cooper Sell. Until then, you know NOTHING ex...-Everd06/20/2017 09:39
444All this and my best PAL, MR."Short" has 5 million to BUY and close out an al...-Everd06/19/2017 17:44
443Toshiba, Boris, M300 "ready" ,Former Lehman M+A New Advisor( hint hint) Barro...-Everd06/19/2017 17:42
442Tape, how's your 5$ puts? ZERO Bid. As in worthless. Kinda like your input. K...-Everd06/16/2017 10:25
441There are other Entities "attacking" Vuzi right now.Amazon, GE, Boeing, DHL, ...-Everd06/16/2017 07:44
440Tape, thanks for the warning. Your 5$ PUTS and your "attack" at 5.30 worked o...-Everd06/16/2017 07:42
43945% naked short yesterday. "Suicide is painless" I love this game. Can't cove...-Everd06/16/2017 06:08
438Blind as a BAT, Tapereader is back!!! .05c tape. That's five cents. The July ...-Everd06/15/2017 20:12
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