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Wall Street PitRe: The Field.. the BEST summary I've seen....congrats eombucyrus07/05/2015 12:01
Wall Street PitRe: Joe Biden.....will run and likely win.deaconmike07/05/2015 00:47
Wall Street PitRe: Donald for President, Hillary for Prisondeaconmike07/04/2015 23:00
Wall Street PitDonald for President, Hillary for Prison eomholland5507/04/2015 20:40
Wall Street PitRe: Donald Trump not for sale - this reporter nailed it on the headdeaconmike07/04/2015 18:01
Wall Street PitRe: T I believe that Wall Street should support Donald Trump as a candidate....deaconmike07/04/2015 14:03
Wall Street PitRe: Donald Trump not for sale - this reporter nailed it on the headdeaconmike07/04/2015 11:14
Wall Street PitRe: Donald Trump not for sale - this reporter nailed it on the headdeaconmike07/04/2015 01:27
Wall Street PitFITWow - didn't expect it to go down that fast. Guess now I have less to worry a...EPR5316707/02/2015 14:16
Wall Street PitRe: Mkt closed tomm - as u prob know - and today it seems - Get-a-way Day - ...deaconmike07/02/2015 13:20
Wall Street PitFITRe: Why is it the one I DON'T play options on the one that goes up +30%. lol....EPR5316707/02/2015 12:54
Wall Street PitGRUBnew low eomnolan07/02/2015 12:33
Wall Street PitRe: Mkt closed tomm - as u prob know - and today it seems hehe eomtheMagician07/02/2015 12:23
Wall Street PitFITGot $1 writing naked July 17th $49 calls - I'll take my chances... eomEPR5316707/02/2015 11:54
Wall Street PitWLTtook loss on WLT eomtheMagician07/02/2015 10:56
Wall Street PitWLTdaytrade only on other coal stock pops, all these coal are a breath from bk eomtheMagician07/02/2015 10:43
Wall Street Pit2nd PHASE 3 Data due in weeks/ days ? eomsinghtelecom07/02/2015 10:35
Wall Street Pitprobabaly some news realted with AML data or something ?? just a guess eomsinghtelecom07/02/2015 10:33
Wall Street PitWLTCoal stocks spiking big, WLT could see a large bounce here from 21c eomtheMagician07/02/2015 10:27
Wall Street PitNRXOff to a decent start - would be nice to see run towards $7 today... eomEPR5316707/02/2015 10:12
Wall Street PitRe: In spy puts & VXX calls...I can't get the angst over a 1/4% rise off of z...bucyrus07/02/2015 09:58
Wall Street PitPLPMsame valuation for PLPM = $5, 100% higher and PLPM is profitable eomtheMagician07/02/2015 09:54
Wall Street PitPLPMPLPM also does digital money transfers internationally. Shareholders are alre...theMagician07/02/2015 09:51
Wall Street Pitjob growth slows.. ramp on rate hike postponement or dip on economy cooling? eombucyrus07/02/2015 09:23
Wall Street PitBDSIHe is of the best eomsinghtelecom07/01/2015 18:42
Wall Street PitBDSICould act like.SRPT did at 14 when Steve took.stake singhtelecom07/01/2015 18:41
Wall Street PitFCGnew low, nat gas stocks eomnolan07/01/2015 15:38
Wall Street PitFITClamoring to write naked calls but will wait til tmrw in case the nonsense sp...EPR5316707/01/2015 15:25
Wall Street PitSNSSpossible next SGYP type move ? eomsinghtelecom07/01/2015 15:09
Delta Galil I...DELTRe: Grabbed some of this China Scam Lotto @$3.65 was $37 last idea...EPR5316707/01/2015 15:02
Wall Street PitSNSSJuly 4 CALL vol. 2200 some betting higher than 4.50 in 2 weeks? eomsinghtelecom07/01/2015 14:38
Wall Street PitXNPTSept 6 CAlls 2k vol. all on ask eomsinghtelecom07/01/2015 14:37
Wall Street PitSCHNpoor numbers yesterday, can't see yet this is up so much eomnolan07/01/2015 14:25
Wall Street PitAirlines Stocks Plunge After DoJ Probes Collusion On High Prices eomtheMagician07/01/2015 14:16
Wall Street PitNRXBeen watching and waiting eagerly to get back into my old favorite, biggest m...EPR5316707/01/2015 13:20
Wall Street PitTDOCRe: talking to doctors over the phone?.. been part of my Medicare coverage fo...bucyrus07/01/2015 12:54
Wall Street PitFSLRRe:utilities have a legitimate gripe.. when a cloud goes over they instantane...bucyrus07/01/2015 12:31
Wall Street PitTDOCRe: Scared that their pushing it early to get everyone to think MCRB 2.0 only...EPR5316707/01/2015 12:21
Wall Street PitFSLRRe: also multiple state utilities adopting a $50 monthly fee for solar homes eombucyrus07/01/2015 12:15
Wall Street PitDELTRe: conversion features of DELTW?.. $10 and 2016 if I remember correctlyundervalued07/01/2015 11:54 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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