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Wall Street PitDMRCRe: Umm, do you think there's that much of a disconnect between what the comp...Lionmaster05/26/2017 00:23
Wall Street PitDMRCRe: Umm, do you think there's that much of a disconnect between what the comp...Lionmaster05/25/2017 16:23
Wall Street PitRe: one more thing...excellent take... oil starts going down in June and gold...bucyrus05/25/2017 16:03
Wall Street PitDMRCBlockchain patents:Lionmaster05/25/2017 15:48
Wall Street PitDMRCRe: Umm, do you think there's that much of a disconnect between what the comp...Lionmaster05/25/2017 15:42
Wall Street PitINPXIncredible turnaround eomEPR5316705/25/2017 15:31
Netshoes, Inc.NETS26.50 nowRe: ipo open priced $18 trading $16.50 eomnolan05/25/2017 15:13
Wall Street PitALGNs&p 500 index addition imo is the key that keeps funds from selling this name...luvb2b05/25/2017 14:43
Wall Street PitALGNpushing hard on 2-3x avg daily volume. eomluvb2b05/25/2017 14:35
Pinks and BBRe: Out all UBIA BTSC GAHC - starting to get the "party's over" look IMHO!! -...EPR5316705/25/2017 14:07
Wall Street PitHMNYReloaded after selling 38% higher on tuesday. Fully expect some new spin on T...EPR5316705/25/2017 14:04
Wall Street PitRGSERGSE downtrend breakout $1.10 as well with SPI run looks nice for another big...theMagician05/25/2017 13:49
Wall Street PitRGSEadded RGSE ran 30% for us 3 weeks ago on solar spike - chart same spot again eomtheMagician05/25/2017 13:46
Wall Street PitSPISPI solar massive run - RGSE $1.10 break could rip hard like earlier this mon...theMagician05/25/2017 13:44
Wall Street PitOILRe: Russia agreeing to lower output... correct.. they agreed to extend previo...bucyrus05/25/2017 13:44
Wall Street PitASCO plays JUNO and KITE ripping new hods right now............... eomcrainiac05/25/2017 13:41
Wall Street PitDMRCSo strong notice the accumulation by some hedge funds yesterday. They know ev...Lionmaster05/25/2017 13:35
Wall Street Pitbe nice if just some of that FANG money would move to the 90% of the mkt that...theMagician05/25/2017 13:28
Wall Street PitFAANG Market Cap $FB, $AMZN, $AAPL, $NFLX, & $GOOGL == 2.005 Trillion U.S. Do...theMagician05/25/2017 13:24
Wall Street PitAMZNthis feels like a stock that can't top out until it hits 1150 or more. Re: i ...luvb2b05/25/2017 13:03
Wall Street PitOILdidn't I read something this morn about Russia agreeing to lower output? eombucyrus05/25/2017 12:37
Wall Street PitASCO plays KITE JUNO ripping hod............. eomcrainiac05/25/2017 12:29
Wall Street PitTQQQRe: June 2 puts eombucyrus05/25/2017 12:19
Wall Street PitTSLARe: Connecticut pension fund urges Tesla shareholders to change board eombucyrus05/25/2017 12:17
Wall Street PitCYTRCYTR romping into ASCO - $OXGI another penny with ASCO posters coiling eomtheMagician05/25/2017 12:01
Wall Street PitDMRCStock went up $3 yesterday super low volume like GBTC. It's just the beginnin...Lionmaster05/25/2017 11:47
Wall Street PitDMRCRe: DMRC will power all blockchains and digital crytocurrency. Patents trove...Lionmaster05/25/2017 11:46
Wall Street PitDMRCDMRC will power all blockchains and digital crytocurrency. Patents troves an...Lionmaster05/25/2017 11:40
Wall Street PitDMRCBlockchain Companies Feel The Love From The Governmentcrainiac05/25/2017 11:36
Wall Street PitTSLARe: If you think tsla is only a car company... the guy can't execute... he's ...bucyrus05/25/2017 11:35
Pinks and BBOut all UBIA BTSC GAHC - starting to get the "party's over" look IMHO!! eomEPR5316705/25/2017 11:31
Wall Street PitDMRC 11:30
Wall Street PitDMRCFull proof identification bitcoins and power all block chains. This could be ...Lionmaster05/25/2017 11:28
Epoch Pharmac...EBIORe: EBIO ASCO next week cancer bios front n center - EBIO 20% under its 20 d...theMagician05/25/2017 11:25
Wall Street PitDMRCEvery blockchain will be powered by Digimarc, all the bitcoins and crytocurre...Lionmaster05/25/2017 11:24
Wall Street PitEBIONICEEEEEEEEEEEE! eomtheMagician05/25/2017 11:23
Wall Street PitDMRCNext GBTC 5m share float. Bitcoin and blockchain software engine with massive...Lionmaster05/25/2017 11:18
Wall Street PitDMRCSoftware and IP Engine to drive blockchain and crypto currency like Bitcoin Lionmaster05/25/2017 11:17
Wall Street PitJUNOfollowing KITE, ASCO momo building................ eomcrainiac05/25/2017 10:56
Wall Street PitOGXIOGXI 36c add into ASCO next week, pops every time in ASCO presentationstheMagician05/25/2017 10:55 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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