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New Political...Re: Hidden in Special Counsel Robert Muellers now-public but heavily-redacted...deaconmike05/21/2019 16:12
New Political...Hidden in Special Counsel Robert Muellers now-public but heavily-redacted Rep...holland5505/21/2019 15:53
Stage StoresSSI$SSI $1.10-- .88-- .79--Stage Stores, Inc....Bottom Watchspeculator05/21/2019 15:43
Wall Street PitRe: 2.42 3.65 added 3.51..540K float DD: Xynomic Pharma Acquires Global Exclu...SunTzu77205/21/2019 15:40
Wall Street PitGHSI1.59 quiet period over => Next Oppenheimer vision diagnostics target?SunTzu77205/21/2019 15:38
Wall Street PitDFFNRe: just 900K shares float and one of the best setups out there. Looking at t...EPR5316705/21/2019 15:21
Summer InfantSUMR.71--Re: .68--Summer Infant, Inc......Bottom Watch.....Chart eomspeculator05/21/2019 15:16
Wall Street PitOTLKOTLK chart is SCREAMIN short imo 335 stop 2.25ish target eomtheMagician05/21/2019 15:12
Wall Street PitBRSregardless of where it goes from here (mid-.14s), kudos to lion for a big cal...steeledge05/21/2019 15:03
Wall Street PitPEDCEO purchasing shares at a premium to mkt; bodes wellsteeledge05/21/2019 14:24
Pinks and BBWUHNWUHN IR confirms <5M float. the only shrooms/psilocybin play currentlysteeledge05/21/2019 14:05
Wall Street PitBLNKBLNK on Chevron electric charging news - Oil Giant Chevron Offering Electric ...theMagician05/21/2019 14:03
Wall Street PitHOMEBeautiful buys this am! eomEPR5316705/21/2019 13:53
Wall Street PitOSTKHopefully all that averaging down will pay off soon eomEPR5316705/21/2019 13:07
Wall Street PitRUHNRe: loaded up below $3.80EPR5316705/21/2019 12:26
Wall Street PitHBP$HBP $2.95-- $1.80-- $1.65...Huttig Building Products, Inc....Insider Buying....speculator05/21/2019 11:38
Wall Street PitBRS$0.13s now booooom eomLionmaster05/21/2019 11:07
Wall Street PitAMRHAMRH launched its new website with GOOGLE SAP front and center...Google Pr co...theMagician05/21/2019 10:43
Wall Street PitHJLISomething brewing?????!! eomEPR5316705/21/2019 10:43
Wall Street Pit$HZN $4.00-- $1.65--$1.47--Horizon Global Corp. + $2.53 eomspeculator05/21/2019 10:42
Horizon Globa...HZN$HZN $3.98-- $1.65--$1.47--Horizon Global Corp. + $2.51 eomspeculator05/21/2019 10:32
Huttig Buildi...HBP$HBP $2.90-- $1.80-- $1.65...Huttig Building Products, Inc....Insider Buying....speculator05/21/2019 10:30
Wall Street PitRKDACuriously strong albeit on light volume eomEPR5316705/21/2019 10:16
Wall Street PitHOMEAveraged down on the $21 break - down in sympathy with KSS but does that real...EPR5316705/21/2019 09:46
Wall Street PitJMUJMU HOW is this up issuing 632 MILLION shares! JMU purchased..632,660,858 new...theMagician05/21/2019 09:22
Wall Street PitRUHNCiti and UBS are still working on their reports and models. For the earnings ...EPR5316705/21/2019 09:12
Pinks and BBThe NFL Will Get There - Helping The League Assess And Accept CBDcrainiac05/21/2019 09:11
Pinks and BBStudy finds CBD effective in treating heroin addiction crainiac05/21/2019 09:09
Wall Street PitTSLARe: TSLA price Target reduced to 10$ a share at Morganundervalued05/21/2019 08:15
Pinks and BBCVSI's CBD products now being sold by 31 Festival Foods stores across the Mid...crainiac05/21/2019 07:57
Wall Street Pit3.50's a/h 540K float DD: Xynomic Pharma Acquires Global Exclusive Rights to ...SunTzu77205/20/2019 18:06
Wall Street PitOTLK3.90's a/h Full DD: Outlook Therapeutics Announces FDA Acceptance of IND for ...SunTzu77205/20/2019 18:03
Wall Street PitSUMR.68--Summer Infant, Inc......Bottom Watch.....Chartspeculator05/20/2019 15:43
Wall Street Pit540k lowest float pharma ever this could be a home run when algos catch on.SunTzu77205/20/2019 15:40
Wall Street Pitsomething really off in this mkt will be all cash by the close. ..fresh start...theMagician05/20/2019 15:21
Wall Street PitRe: 2.42 3.00 3.24..8m o/s 540k float..XYN radar huge find imo $800m licensin...SunTzu77205/20/2019 15:17
Wall Street PitRUHNRe: Re:...wouldn't trade pricing be at the ask? Ask getting hit..Shorts still...EPR5316705/20/2019 15:17
Wall Street PitOTLKRe: 1.24 2.72 3.33 $otlk....who was that table pounding pumper?SunTzu77205/20/2019 15:13
Wall Street PitRe: 2.42 3.00..8m o/s 540k float.."Total payments of Xynomic associated with ...SunTzu77205/20/2019 15:08
Wall Street PitBABAStarter long on deep ITM July calls - $39 pullback in 12 sessions seems a bit...EPR5316705/20/2019 15:01

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