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Wall Street PitBMAdown it goes AHRe: crazy swing from yesterday eomnolan07/30/2014 18:37
Wall Street PitYELPRe: not worthless... just a small haircut eombucyrus07/30/2014 17:15
Wall Street PitYELPwohoooo... eombucyrus07/30/2014 17:02
Wall Street PitYELPRe: YELP should be a 300%+ move on my calls tomorrow! sweet.. eombucyrus07/30/2014 16:26
Wall Street PitYELPRe: in Yelp calls..... taking the other side.. hell we might both win in this...bucyrus07/30/2014 15:58
Wall Street PitNIHDRe: NIHD Timberrrrr sell sell sell!!!!!.. oh the HORROR! eombucyrus07/30/2014 15:52
Wall Street PitLOCORe: I missed this one... you'll get another chance when the bottom falls out eombucyrus07/30/2014 15:01
Wall Street PitNIHDRe: looks ready to collapse....maybe my Jan call buys will execute eombucyrus07/30/2014 14:32
Wall Street PitDow 100 point pop - 90% stocks moved up ONE PENNY! eomtheMagician07/30/2014 14:16
Wall Street Pitreason u have to be cash and handsitting or swinging long - this mkt is eatin...theMagician07/30/2014 14:14
Wall Street PitFed cuts liquidity another $10b so mkt rallies - we in the twilight zone! eomtheMagician07/30/2014 14:14
Wall Street PitRe: Argentina Risks Default Wednesday Unless it Reaches Deal With Hedge Fundsnolan07/30/2014 14:11
Wall Street PitPNXRe: pump n dump or news leaknolan07/30/2014 14:00
Pinks and BBWashington Post following the New York Times - The federal governments incred...crainiac07/30/2014 13:24
Wall Street PitSUTR$SUTR $1.00-- .95--Sutor Technology Group Limited.....Bottom Watch.....Chart eomspeculator07/30/2014 13:03
Wall Street PitSTUR$STUR $1.00-- .95--Sutor Technology Group Limited.....Bottom Watch.....Chart eomspeculator07/30/2014 13:02
Wall Street PitSUTR$SUTR .95--Sutor Technology Group Limited.....Bottom Watch.....Chart speculator07/30/2014 12:55
Wall Street PitSTUR$STUR .95--Sutor Technology Group Limited.....Bottom Watch.....Chart speculator07/30/2014 12:53
Pinks and BBInvesting in Cannabiscrainiac07/30/2014 12:02
Pinks and BBTech Startups Bring Science to Marijuana Dispensariescrainiac07/30/2014 11:59
Wall Street PitDEJyeahhhh finally! been a patience play for sure eomtheMagician07/30/2014 11:32
Wall Street PitTWTRRe: Not the best action for those that are long. Deep dip not a controlled co...theMagician07/30/2014 10:43
Pinks and BBMeet the Marijuana Moneymencrainiac07/30/2014 10:31
Wall Street Pitif u follow Dow Theory it says breakdown/retrace SHOULD be startin ...theMagician07/30/2014 10:19
Wall Street PitRe: Once again 50ma support in play on daily charts. Let's see if we can hold...theMagician07/30/2014 10:16
Wall Street PitUGAZouch eombucyrus07/30/2014 10:05
Wall Street PitBMAcrazy swing from yesterday eomnolan07/30/2014 10:02
Wall Street PitRe: Smell a classic sell the news n take profits before they r gone day...theMagician07/30/2014 10:00
Wall Street PitNNVCRe: EBOLA not an effective disease... it kills the host before it spreads... ...bucyrus07/30/2014 09:59
Wall Street PitNNVCTKMR up 20% this week, BCRX startin to rip too..theMagician07/30/2014 09:59
Wall Street PitNNVCRe: That's so morbid. Re: EBOLA stock...its very scary is what it is, its spr...theMagician07/30/2014 09:56
Wall Street PitNNVCEBOLA stock...theMagician07/30/2014 09:53
Wall Street PitDEJthe chase will begin on the 30c break - 65c analysts targets but this stock i...theMagician07/30/2014 09:32
Wall Street PitCMEthe wording is very deliberate - half of all trading is "derived from" illega...luvb2b07/30/2014 08:42
Wall Street PitDEJI sold most of my shares so this will fly, almost always happens eomholland5507/29/2014 21:25
Wall Street Pitwe are so overdue for a 1k drop in mkt imo. last year we had one start right ...theMagician07/29/2014 15:33
Wall Street PitRe: PBYI GWPH GWPRF SMLR LO CALL MVNR RARE - amazing...theMagician07/29/2014 15:13
Wall Street Pitlast 2 days a disconnect in Dow Trannies and Dow, transports been the index t...theMagician07/29/2014 15:05
Wall Street Pitwell lookie here..ask for news and the best shows up! welcome backjjkool_0107/29/2014 14:11
Wall Street PitARIAand you are looking here for that? >Re: any news eomjjkool_0107/29/2014 13:23 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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