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Wall Street PitIBBi just took this week, looking for them to get a vote and a headline and let'...luvb2b07/25/2017 14:27
Wall Street PitIBBif republicans repeal obamacare that almost certainly means fewer insured nex...luvb2b07/25/2017 14:21
Wall Street PitOPTTRe: You have a talent for picking absolute bottoms, really like your picks, y...undervalued07/25/2017 14:14
Wall Street PitREPHThat gap is now filled - now let's see where she heads!! eomEPR5316707/25/2017 14:14
Wall Street PitNOWPicked up some deep ITM calls for earnings this week... eomEPR5316707/25/2017 14:11
Evine LiveEVLVEVLV $1.11-- $1.04--EVINE Live Inc.......Chart eomspeculator07/25/2017 14:05
Wall Street PitECYT1M volume hedge accumulating here. eomLionmaster07/25/2017 13:28
Pinks and BBNTRRContinues to outpace most other pot names with highest level in over a month eomEPR5316707/25/2017 13:26
Wall Street PitOPTTRe: Reversal now confirmed based on chart, last chance to get OPTT at all tim...undervalued07/25/2017 13:24
Wall Street PitRHAnd the crush picks up steam - gotta love it :) eomEPR5316707/25/2017 12:22
Wall Street PitADOMRe: Low vol but uptrending nicely. It's the most beaten of the REG A+ IPOs fr...EPR5316707/25/2017 12:16
Wall Street PitECYTGoing on a breakout now. eomLionmaster07/25/2017 12:07
Wall Street PitXWhat a run eomEPR5316707/25/2017 12:06
Wall Street PitDXTRDXTR added for pop over 30c - 50 day ma support last few days and price point...theMagician07/25/2017 11:57
Wall Street PitDXTRDXTR 26c add for pop to 31c like the others, 27c break the 20 day ema should ...theMagician07/25/2017 11:52
Wall Street Pitthe 20c nasdaq stocks are getting algo vol big time last few mins eomtheMagician07/25/2017 11:51
Wall Street PitMARARe: vol doubled last minute - seems pennies are catching vol spikes ...NICE!!...theMagician07/25/2017 11:50
Wall Street PitEXASRe: After writing other 1/2 covered calls this am at new year high, added mor...EPR5316707/25/2017 11:39
Wall Street PitMARAvol doubled last minute - seems pennies are catching vol spikes last hour GLO...theMagician07/25/2017 11:32
Wall Street PitEXASAfter writing other 1/2 covered calls this am at new year high, added more lo...EPR5316707/25/2017 11:09
Wall Street PitPIXYThe worm turned eomEPR5316707/25/2017 10:29
Evine LiveEVLVEVLV $1.14-- $1.04--EVINE Live Inc.......Chart eomspeculator07/25/2017 10:06
Wall Street PitIDRAtrying to break 2 . Data September 4 -5 at ESMO let's see eomsinghtelecom07/25/2017 10:03
Wall Street PitSLCANice bounce eomEPR5316707/25/2017 10:02
Wall Street PitTMQSeth Klarman owns a chunk of Copper stock Re: in $13.32 on Copper recent high...singhtelecom07/25/2017 09:40
Wall Street PitOPTTOPTT time imo. Extremely oversold and good history of hard bounces. eomundervalued07/25/2017 09:39
Wall Street PitAAPLApple Wins A New Bull A Week Before Earningssinghtelecom07/25/2017 08:39
Wall Street PitLABUDonald Trump Tweets: This will be a very interesting day for HealthCare. The ...singhtelecom07/25/2017 08:31
Wall Street PitECYTRe: Where did you go Sam? On the edge of my seat with this one trying to figu...Lionmaster07/24/2017 20:59
Retractable T...RVPRe: Damage award coming soon. Or BDX buyout makes sense to avoid another $300...PornStarTrader07/24/2017 16:10
Wall Street PitGOOGLCan get $1+ to write the weekly 1080 c's - not bad for $75 O-T-M!! eomEPR5316707/24/2017 15:51
Wall Street PitECYTComing per IRLionmaster07/24/2017 15:42
Wall Street PitECYT$3 cash per share. Lionmaster07/24/2017 15:41
Wall Street PitECYTIn here huge cancer drug news. eomLionmaster07/24/2017 15:36
Wall Street PitSLCABought one more batch of common $26.92 and s'more calls... eomEPR5316707/24/2017 15:12
Wall Street PitPIXYRe: do u have any APRN? Re: Looking for an APRN-type turnaround as QP comes t...EPR5316707/24/2017 15:06
Wall Street PitVXXtoday would be 12 days down eomnolan07/24/2017 14:22
Wall Street PitGRVYBeen accumulating more shares today in $15.30's after fat-finger close Friday...EPR5316707/24/2017 13:55
Evine LiveEVLVEVLV $1.09-- $1.04--EVINE Live Inc.......Chart eomspeculator07/24/2017 13:40
Wall Street PitPIXYLooking for an APRN-type turnaround as QP comes to an end... eomEPR5316707/24/2017 13:05

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