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Wall Street PitSRPTInsider sales galore, including another two today... eomEPR5316709/27/2016 13:00
Wall Street PitCADC2.85 industrial sector with RGSE q/q sales +216% SunTzu77209/27/2016 12:29
Wall Street PitSRPTShort picking up steam after inane Barron's article propped it up yesterday.....EPR5316709/27/2016 12:02
Wall Street PitAGRe: This is an excellent entry point here.EPR5316709/27/2016 12:01
Wall Street PitKTOVWAveraged up longer @ $.98, 21% lower than high trade this am... eomEPR5316709/27/2016 11:47
Wall Street PitAPPYwas $3.76 yesterday, down with mkt on low vol $3.50-75 bounce coming here eomtheMagician09/27/2016 11:46
Wall Street PitAPPYAPPY low float beaten up like RGSE that has now tripled, $3.50+ bounce target...theMagician09/27/2016 11:41
Wall Street Pitlow float in play again eomtheMagician09/27/2016 11:41
Wall Street PitKTOVHaving just done a $12mm offering in late June, there's little or no chance o...EPR5316709/27/2016 11:18
Wall Street PitKTOVReminds me of the "delayed reaction" insanity of OPGN on 7/20 when it opened ...EPR5316709/27/2016 10:58
Wall Street PitWPCSlower float and PROFITABLE solar installer should rip over 50 day $1.37 off R...theMagician09/27/2016 10:56
Wall Street PitKTOVWRe: Somebody turned up the volume KTOV on the move Re: .90s just quietly goin...EPR5316709/27/2016 10:53
Wall Street PitKTOVWVavavavoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom eomEPR5316709/27/2016 10:39
Real Goods So...RGSERe: ouch 1st post to alert this potential run and probably the 1 st out , ...efbailey09/27/2016 10:29
Wall Street PitADMPTook 25% gain on half position - holding rest for potential move to $4+ eomEPR5316709/27/2016 10:17
Wall Street PitRe: if it follows TWLO path rebound early next week...looking good over $30 c...theMagician09/27/2016 10:14
Wall Street PitKaboooooooooooooooooooooom eomEPR5316709/27/2016 09:46
Wall Street PitDNAItoday the day finally? sittin waitin like we did on TKAI CMRX DNAI based on c...theMagician09/27/2016 09:33
Wall Street Pitwhat's sad is there is a 3rd choice but no 1 cares, all 2 party zombies eomefbailey09/26/2016 23:05
Wall Street PitRe: The loser: The American People...sad these are the choices eomtheMagician09/26/2016 23:01
Wall Street PitI agree, I think Hillary won. But I still thinkdeaconmike09/26/2016 22:51
Wall Street PitJohnson would wipe the floor with both of them.. disgraceful eombucyrus09/26/2016 22:40
Wall Street PitRe: When it comes down to it, I don't think these debates will changedeaconmike09/26/2016 22:31
Wall Street PitRe: I think this was the most important statement made tonight,,,deaconmike09/26/2016 22:29
Wall Street PitWhen it comes down to it, I don't think these debates will changedeaconmike09/26/2016 22:25
Wall Street PitI think this was the most important statement made tonight,,,deaconmike09/26/2016 22:18
Wall Street PitTrump could go Ozzy bite bats head off and most here think he won eomtheMagician09/26/2016 22:17
Wall Street PitFutures up nice mkt breathes sigh of relief eomtheMagician09/26/2016 22:16
Wall Street PitHillary finally fighting back eomdeaconmike09/26/2016 21:42
Wall Street PitHillary must have been debate practicing against Bernie eomdeaconmike09/26/2016 21:31
Wall Street PitBOOM,,,first 2 knockdowns for Trump,,,,, eomdeaconmike09/26/2016 21:23
Wall Street PitHaha, this is funnydeaconmike09/26/2016 20:36
Wall Street PitRe: New ad... Abraham Lincoln was a third party candidate and Johnson winning...efbailey09/26/2016 20:23
Wall Street PitNew ad... Abraham Lincoln was a third party candidate and Johnson winning onl...bucyrus09/26/2016 19:43
Wall Street PitDark pools can split the 5c minimum bid what a bs racket eomtheMagician09/26/2016 19:21
Wall Street PitRe: SEC tick pilot prog starts 10/3 .05 min spread for 1400 tickersefbailey09/26/2016 19:18
Wall Street PitRe: 1/4 and 1/8 traders from long ago not bothered.. eombucyrus09/26/2016 19:12
Wall Street PitSEC tick pilot prog starts 10/3 .05 min spread for 1400 tickersefbailey09/26/2016 18:25
Wall Street PitI'm thinking the over/under on tonight's debate for the # of timesdeaconmike09/26/2016 18:15
Wall Street PitRe: The Turkish immigrant accused of gunning down five people at a Washington...deaconmike09/26/2016 17:48

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