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Wall Street PitTwitter postings now live on AIO message search. Lionmaster01/20/2017 03:49
Wall Street PitPIPRe: Try and sort this deal out. PharmAthene and Altimmune to merge in all-sto...efbailey01/19/2017 17:33
Wall Street PitGNVCThis has signs of massive squeeze, look at the historical data points here, o...Lionmaster01/19/2017 16:55
Wall Street PitSPYall the talk about mkt tank on Trump inauguration likely a set up to squeeze ...theMagician01/19/2017 15:45
Wall Street PitGRVYWas anyone able to find shortable shares??? eomEPR5316701/19/2017 15:14
Wall Street PitWe are adding new Twitter postings.Next step would be your ability to post yo...Lionmaster01/19/2017 15:06
Wall Street PitIndexes will be resuming updating in a few minutes. We spent hours on our ba...Lionmaster01/19/2017 15:05
Wall Street PitCIDMthey're not likely to go bk any time soon, but not getting delisted is import...luvb2b01/19/2017 15:04
Wall Street PitEGLTBack to flat after nice selloff this am. Could be a Bottoming formation and s...EPR5316701/19/2017 14:02
Pinks and BB50% gainer here PEMIF is the one with tesla deal - long term swing on these o...theMagician01/19/2017 13:56
Wall Street PitTWLOLooks like the uptrend is back in force here and gaining momentum . Fully exp...EPR5316701/19/2017 13:50
Wall Street PitCOYNCOYN adding into weekend of protests around country 20 day ema is 74c then $1...theMagician01/19/2017 13:39
Wall Street PitTelecommunications company Avaya files for bankruptcy eombucyrus01/19/2017 13:12
TeslaTSLAreviewed adam jonas piece which appears to be very conservative in its projec...luvb2b01/19/2017 13:11
Wall Street PitSnapchat considers making investor rights disappear. eombucyrus01/19/2017 13:10
Wall Street PitTSLAnhtsa investigation into tesla autopilot fatality in florida ends, finds tesl...luvb2b01/19/2017 13:09
Wall Street PitFNMAMnuchin puttin' the hurt on Freddie and Fannie eomEPR5316701/19/2017 13:08
Wall Street PitSPYReuters: Tech firm creates Trump monitor for stock marketsbucyrus01/19/2017 13:07
Wall Street PitNFLNFL's Oakland Raiders have filed paperwork to move to Las Vegas: Clark County...bucyrus01/19/2017 13:04
Wall Street PitADMPRe: mgmt the gang that couldn't shoot straight... repeated blunders on top of...bucyrus01/19/2017 13:03
Wall Street PitRCONRe: Chinas Cnooc to Raise Spending First Time Since Oils Plunge... China's pe...bucyrus01/19/2017 13:01
Wall Street PitCRDSLong on 21% pullback from am hi. With 875K float and 1.23mm shares out and $2...EPR5316701/19/2017 12:53
Wall Street PitRCONRe: Your research on this has been amazing. One of the few opportunities to ...SunTzu77201/19/2017 12:36
Pinks and BBNTRRI did not miss this one, though - and it looks headed much higher...the forgo...EPR5316701/19/2017 12:34
Pinks and BBMYHISo angry at myself for completely missing this spectacular move.... eomEPR5316701/19/2017 12:30
Wall Street PitXGTIXGTI add on Trump protesters/Tesla/ chart set up hod breakout for a move back...theMagician01/19/2017 12:25
Pinks and BBReliq Health Technologies Announces Development of Mobile App for Cannabis Pa...efbailey01/19/2017 12:22
Wall Street PitGNVCIn GNVC here super tiny float with 70% shares shorted. Believe this will brea...Lionmaster01/19/2017 12:17
Wall Street PitRCONChinas Cnooc to Raise Spending First Time Since Oils PlungeSunTzu77201/19/2017 12:15
Wall Street PitRCONRe: part of the oil rebound is China's imports increasing substantially eombucyrus01/19/2017 12:04
Wall Street PitRCONRe: China oil production fell off a cliff in 2016.. wells depleted FAST due t...bucyrus01/19/2017 11:50
Wall Street PitIPDN$GRVY dead at $9-$10 for months then doubles in two days $IPDN will do this i...Superman01/19/2017 11:35
Wall Street PitDGLYchart with notes this should be a YUGE mover...theMagician01/19/2017 11:13
Wall Street PitDGLYDGLY has the float and story to be a ETRM IDXG SSH type runner $4 to $15-20 a...theMagician01/19/2017 11:10
Wall Street PitDGLYDGLY buying on Trump inauguration protesters now expected to be largest ever ...theMagician01/19/2017 11:08
Wall Street PitADMPRe: epipen re file link.. CVS announced selling knockoff for $100.. eombucyrus01/19/2017 11:07
Wall Street PitFFHLya boyzzzzzzzzz eomtheMagician01/19/2017 11:04
Wall Street PitDELTOut all shares at average of $1.82 eomEPR5316701/19/2017 10:52
Wall Street PitFFHLchina low floats on fire FFHL gap filled ran to $4.50 should bounce hard aga...theMagician01/19/2017 10:50
Pinks and BBCBISbreaking .11................. eomcrainiac01/19/2017 10:49 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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