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Wall Street PitNFLXdropping another 8 after hours as ceo says profit in europe is 5-10 years outluvb2b09/15/2014 21:07
PricelinePCLNhe probably added/removed a zero (again). definitely his kind of knife catchi...luvb2b09/15/2014 21:05
Wall Street PitDRYSDryShips Coverage Initiated by Analysts at Deutsche Bank (DRYS)crainiac09/15/2014 18:49
Wall Street PitSINOhit 3.10 in ah, DRYS +.15 in ah to 3.02...... eomcrainiac09/15/2014 18:09
Wall Street PitDRYSgetting play in ah............... eomcrainiac09/15/2014 16:07
Wall Street PitSINOrunning in ah................ eomcrainiac09/15/2014 16:06
Wall Street PitRe: I lived on a farm...we did stupid stuff all the time.. didn't outgrow i...bucyrus09/15/2014 15:55
Wall Street PitSINOhere comes 3.00................... eomcrainiac09/15/2014 15:50
Wall Street PitSINO2.80, spike, watch shippers............... eomcrainiac09/15/2014 15:49
Wall Street PitSINO2.20, KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!11 microfloat.......... eomcrainiac09/15/2014 15:46
Wall Street PitSINObustin' 2.00............ eomcrainiac09/15/2014 15:46
Wall Street PitSINO.34 vs (-.38) last year........... eomcrainiac09/15/2014 15:44
Wall Street PitAVNRRe: About 5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer's... shaking/fidgeting is only...bucyrus09/15/2014 15:38
Image Sensing...ISNS4.62>>Re: 5.14>Re: added more shorts, short since $9 eomjjkool_0109/15/2014 15:38
Wall Street PitAVNRAVNR is NOT alz cure, cough syrup to dull pain - setting up for a FAT short i...theMagician09/15/2014 15:37
Wall Street PitRe: beating with a switch until you bled was NORMAL and EXPECTED.. it was the...bucyrus09/15/2014 15:36
Wall Street PitPCLNstock's been going down 1-2% daily w/little volume. now everyone wants to buy...luvb2b09/15/2014 15:29
Wall Street PitPCLNyou have to be willing to probe with 1-2 lots within the spread to find where...luvb2b09/15/2014 15:08
Wall Street Pitunfortunately all of em are illiquid and troublesome Re: thanks i'm so old i ...luvb2b09/15/2014 14:34
Wall Street PitRe: thanks i'm so old i just remember hhh Re: FDN Re: anyone know what a larg...nolan09/15/2014 14:31
Wall Street Pitlol - good one! Re: i think i voted for hhh eomluvb2b09/15/2014 14:22
Wall Street Pitthanks i'm so old i just remember hhh Re: FDN Re: anyone know what a large ca...luvb2b09/15/2014 14:13
Wall Street PitFed meeting, Scottish vote and main reason Alibaba liquidity suck - bloats be...theMagician09/15/2014 14:01
Wall Street Pitmaybe they were all short the dollar last week? hahahaa Re: Luv2b, my Dark po...luvb2b09/15/2014 14:00
Wall Street Piti am trying to be patient not laying into shorts b/c i feel some of today's t...luvb2b09/15/2014 13:54
Wall Street PitIBMibm will have a huge sell program on friday's close i already have advance kn...luvb2b09/15/2014 13:54
Wall Street PitLNKDyou're telling me... i had nflx pcln amzn only left with pcln... even this mo...luvb2b09/15/2014 13:53
Wall Street PitFDN Re: anyone know what a large cap internet etf ticker is/ eomnolan09/15/2014 13:52
Wall Street Pitanyone know what a large cap internet etf ticker is/ eomluvb2b09/15/2014 13:50
Wall Street PitLNKDno buyback flow equals easy pickings. i can't believe i don't have more tech...luvb2b09/15/2014 13:49
Elephant Talk...ETAKRe: ETAK $1 under buy on ebay bitcomin news, WPCS already up 40%, ETAK next eomtheMagician09/15/2014 13:29
Wall Street PitNFLXsmall but doing ok picking up 8 more points to the downside. Re: perhaps a li...luvb2b09/15/2014 13:25
Wall Street PitNFLXsmall but doing ok picking up 8 more points to the downside. Re: perhaps a li...luvb2b09/15/2014 13:25
Wall Street PitPCLNwow $5 for the 1185s and they expire in a little more than a week? good luck....luvb2b09/15/2014 13:21
Wall Street Pitthe buyback flow in spy is too strong. i had mentioned this a while back in t...luvb2b09/15/2014 13:19
Wall Street PitETAKValidSoft is World's First Security Software Company to Achieve Four 'EuroPri...theMagician09/15/2014 13:03
Wall Street PitETAKNFC security a BIG thing - ETAK won 4th patent on this last weektheMagician09/15/2014 13:00
Wall Street PitETAKit is estimated that the banking and financial sector will spend at least $75...theMagician09/15/2014 12:55
Wall Street PitBUDWSJ Anheuser-Busch is talking to banks to buy SABMiller.. good!--centralized ...bucyrus09/15/2014 12:39
Wall Street Pithi beta tech being sold today to free up cash for alaibaba eomtheMagician09/15/2014 11:12 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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