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Wall Street PitRe: Donald Trump on why he scares the GOP establishmentdeaconmike08/02/2015 00:08
Wall Street PitYou know what's interesting about all this Cecil the Lion stuff??deaconmike08/01/2015 22:37
Wall Street Pitold school taxis 45 min to hr wait eombucyrus08/01/2015 14:30
Wall Street PitSUNERe: anyone know why sune has dropped so sharply lately? was following the sto...PornStarTrader08/01/2015 03:02
hollands padNFLAnyone interested in a football pool this year? eomholland5507/31/2015 22:20
Wall Street PitZIOPgetting action in ah, should spill over in gap up on Monday morning, imo........crainiac07/31/2015 16:15
Wall Street Pitre bought long @ $13.40 .50 stop eomefbailey07/31/2015 15:37
Wall Street PitXONrun to the close possible, even though its a Friday, XON very bullish...........crainiac07/31/2015 15:03
Wall Street PitSUNEanyone know why sune has dropped so sharply lately? was following the story b...luvb2b07/31/2015 14:03
Wall Street PitLIQD40% move so far nice eomtheMagician07/31/2015 13:55
Wall Street PitBAXhuge calls August September November eomsinghtelecom07/31/2015 13:29
Wall Street PitXON popping new all time high now, going to take ZIOP with it...................crainiac07/31/2015 12:33
Wall Street PitVRNGRe: Well, Judge Kaplan to award punitive damages...matters not.. they won't p...bucyrus07/31/2015 11:49
Wall Street PitAEZSAEZS another teenager ready to visit $.20 and $.30 land eomundervalued07/31/2015 11:48
Wall Street PitPFEwhat is cooking??? eomsinghtelecom07/31/2015 11:48
Wall Street PitRe: Just flipping Criminal....what would you expect? eombucyrus07/31/2015 11:37
Wall Street PitIWMsomebody take a chart says strong move continuation eombucyrus07/31/2015 11:27
Wall Street PitZIOPall time high within range at 14.40, that would put ALL 35 MILLION shorts und...crainiac07/31/2015 11:27
Wall Street PitZIOPHoly Smokes!! You guys know I've been pounding the table on XON and ZIOP for ...crainiac07/31/2015 11:21
Wall Street PitQQQRe: No gas left in the tank,,,better odds eombucyrus07/31/2015 11:20
Wall Street PitZIOPstarting to get XON type run................ eomcrainiac07/31/2015 11:18
Wall Street PitLIQD$LIQD Institutional ownership up 48.64% Q/Q, with 6,227,000 net purchase eomtheMagician07/31/2015 10:58
Wall Street PitZIOPoxfire!!!!!........... eomcrainiac07/31/2015 10:58
Wall Street PitLIQDhere is chart, 14c breakout gives 20c+ off NETE and WAVXtheMagician07/31/2015 10:56
Wall Street PitLIQD50% under cash value with 15c chart break - likely next penny rocket eomtheMagician07/31/2015 10:53
Wall Street PitBABAchina's market seems to go down a bit every day. baba one of the biggest chin...luvb2b07/31/2015 10:45
Wall Street PitSPYare they going to hold the market green with xon and chevron down $4 each? wo...luvb2b07/31/2015 10:43
Wall Street PitMCEPRe: three day settlement eombucyrus07/31/2015 10:34
Wall Street PitKITE and BLUE also flying, sector move............... eomcrainiac07/31/2015 10:21
Wall Street PitXONRe: mf'n XON again! lol. Re: another all time high, 63.99................crainiac07/31/2015 10:19
Wall Street PitXON65++ eomcrainiac07/31/2015 10:12
Wall Street PitZIOPonly 600K shares traded, 35 Million short.............. eomcrainiac07/31/2015 10:12
Wall Street Pitthe whole immuno oncology sector flying today......... eomcrainiac07/31/2015 10:11
Wall Street PitZIOP13.25, catching fire................ eomcrainiac07/31/2015 10:09
Wall Street Pitmonsta, rediculously strong, ZIOP following now. Randal Kirk major shareholde...crainiac07/31/2015 10:05
Wall Street PitXONRe: mf'n XON again! lol. Re: another all time high, 63.99................crainiac07/31/2015 10:01
Wall Street PitXONanother all time high, 63.99................ eomcrainiac07/31/2015 09:56
Wall Street Pitthe BDI spot cape index turning supernovacrainiac07/31/2015 09:08
Wall Street Pitthe volume in china is drying up and it looks like it's headed for new lows t...luvb2b07/31/2015 09:02
Wall Street Pit10 years? it feels like you just got here only yesterday. Re: Who are the ori...luvb2b07/31/2015 08:59 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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