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ForumSymbolMessage Preview / SubjectAuthorDate (ET)
Wall Street PitZIOPpresentations next week.................. eomcrainiac11/27/2015 10:01
Wall Street PitGIGMHUGE insider buying like EFUT and HPJ last few days almost 1m shares...theMagician11/27/2015 09:58
Wall Street PitTCPIThat looked like a turkey trying to fly.... eomholland5511/27/2015 09:55
Wall Street PitGIGMhere is GIGM chart - 70c chasers then 90c to $1+..theMagician11/27/2015 09:50
Wall Street PitTCPIHOLY S ! eombucyrus11/27/2015 09:49
Wall Street PitBLUE CLVS BOOM!!!!!!!!! eomcrainiac11/27/2015 09:47
Wall Street PitGGALUp about 6% so far... eomEPR5316711/27/2015 09:45
Wall Street PitBLUEthere goes BLUE............. eomcrainiac11/27/2015 09:40
Wall Street PitCLVSfull head of steam now................ eomcrainiac11/27/2015 09:39
Wall Street PitGIGMGIGM on peer NCTY huge run - GIGM trading $1.35 cash 50% discount - NCTY same...theMagician11/27/2015 09:38
Wall Street PitDISgrabbed some DIS $120 calls here $1 eomtheMagician11/27/2015 09:33
Wall Street PitDISshort attack over half day trading ha eomtheMagician11/27/2015 09:30
Wall Street PitDISthis DIS drop so lame from OLD news on a half day of trading lol eomtheMagician11/27/2015 09:25
Wall Street PitCLBSsmall cancer bio, running in pm............. eomcrainiac11/27/2015 09:16
Wall Street PitCLVSin on Friday, very strong in pm, great pipeline, selling overdone...............crainiac11/27/2015 09:12
Wall Street Pitfutures red, but biotechs strong.................. eomcrainiac11/27/2015 09:11
Wall Street PitASHRChina A-shares down 6% eomnolan11/27/2015 06:48
Wall Street PitRe: multiple trading courses are free at the brokerages..... weekly seminars ...bucyrus11/26/2015 17:11
Wall Street PitRe: Trading plan. Your account is more than sufficient, I would suggest you...deaconmike11/26/2015 15:58
Wall Street PitCLVSClovis Oncology: Kyle Bass Says Buy On 70% Dropcrainiac11/26/2015 00:03
Wall Street PitTRXCTransEnterix Inc. designs, develops and manufactures medical-devices. It offe...singhtelecom11/25/2015 23:07
Wall Street PitDARAMKT cap 18 MILLIOn and BUYOUT is $29.7 Millionsinghtelecom11/25/2015 23:02
Wall Street PitEFUTHUge After Hours Summary: EFUT +163% after Beijing Shiji IT disclosed a 50.51...singhtelecom11/25/2015 22:57
Wall Street PitEFUT13d filer prolly gonna file soon with larger stake jmo, looks like KBIO 2.0 eomefbailey11/25/2015 18:25
Wall Street PitEFUTStopped out. Damn that was fast. eomundervalued11/25/2015 18:17
Wall Street Piti always sell too early lol eomefbailey11/25/2015 18:15
Wall Street PitRe: So were all the stores heavy with customers?deaconmike11/25/2015 18:12
Wall Street PitEFUTRe: Be careful effective float sub 500K & Friday is Crack Turkey Day with 13D...undervalued11/25/2015 17:47
Wall Street PitEFUTI was able to get 500 shares of EFUT to short. Amazed. Will see if this works...undervalued11/25/2015 17:38
Wall Street PitAAPon watch.. may get some love after wall street darling AZO eombucyrus11/25/2015 17:14
Wall Street PitEFUTTradeXchange posted the filing 4:17, stock was $9.70. $29mo news stream w/squ...efbailey11/25/2015 17:10
Wall Street PitEFUTRe: up 50% in ah on 13d filing 50% stake>> now up 100% eomefbailey11/25/2015 16:31
Wall Street PitEFUTup 50% in ah on 13d filing 50% stake eomefbailey11/25/2015 16:25
Wall Street PitLULURe: Are you eyeeing Dec 18 expiration since earnings report will be ~ Dec 14?...bucyrus11/25/2015 16:04
Wall Street PitRe: So were all the stores heavy with customers?theMagician11/25/2015 16:02
Wall Street PitROSGright back to Monday lows after 33% bounce eomefbailey11/25/2015 15:53
Wall Street PitLULUon put watch eombucyrus11/25/2015 15:52
Wall Street PitADMPMichael Carson 's pick MKT CAP 50 Million Potential to go 1 BILLION sales in ...singhtelecom11/25/2015 15:52
Wall Street PitANFRe: Just wondering if thanksgiving sales are a flop ... buying ANF puts all d...bucyrus11/25/2015 15:51
Wall Street PitVTVTHoping that after several fakeouts, this move towards $7+ will stick! eomEPR5316711/25/2015 15:48 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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