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Wall Street PitDAKPDakota Plains Holding...Fracking Services...13D Filed 7/21speculator07/24/2014 08:15
Wall Street PitONVOmoving PM eomnolan07/24/2014 08:15
Wall Street PitFBan analyst brain is definitely of little use in this market. i do have a ten...luvb2b07/24/2014 08:08
Wall Street PitFBi saw your messages. didn't expect the fb report to be so strong. sad thing ...luvb2b07/24/2014 07:56
Wall Street PitFBahh ok... i thought you had gotten them for like 25c or something which would...luvb2b07/24/2014 07:54
Wall Street PitFBomg... what options did you buy? i looked a few days ago nothing looked very ...luvb2b07/24/2014 07:50
Wall Street PitSPYThe posts here don't mean we have to BUY what ever we see posted .singhtelecom07/24/2014 07:13
DAKOTA PLAINS...DAKPDakota Plains ..... Operationsspeculator07/23/2014 19:10
Wall Street PitANGIRe: I met her in a meeting.. pompous privileged witch with a capital B....lo...bucyrus07/23/2014 18:46
Wall Street Pitfor me it hasn't been that quick as i normally don't trade options for intrad...luvb2b07/23/2014 16:34
Wall Street PitILMNthis is your basic beat & raise. perfect cup and handle on the daily eomluvb2b07/23/2014 16:29
Wall Street PitAAPLhow about this one - apple has gapped higher at the open for something like 1...luvb2b07/23/2014 16:25
Wall Street Piti think this is what has been going on with me for about 6 months. i find my ...luvb2b07/23/2014 16:23
Wall Street PitFBRe: haha totally agree,,,trouble is, all the women I know are grannies..... eombucyrus07/23/2014 15:54
Wall Street PitFBRe: everyone is using FB These Days.. cooked.. now just grannies posting kitt...bucyrus07/23/2014 15:51
Wall Street PitRe: Taking some Pandora calls and FB calls, reading FB could have a jump of 5...theMagician07/23/2014 15:45
Wall Street PitSOXXno bounce lodRe: semi's weak early eomnolan07/23/2014 15:37
Wall Street PitQQQi see more and more every day it seems. you really need the corporate bond m...luvb2b07/23/2014 15:32
Wall Street PitBAXSRe: on the move very nice idea on ISRG huge move..theMagician07/23/2014 14:54
Wall Street PitSPYRe: reducing the share count INCREASES the dividend which attracts more money...bucyrus07/23/2014 14:46
Wall Street PitSPYRe: 5 ATTEMPTS STILL WONT GO DOWN...luvb2b's research made me understand and ...bucyrus07/23/2014 14:25
Accesstel IncACSTRe: $NEPT $ACST 1.10 from 95 chart alert last week eomtheMagician07/23/2014 13:02
Wall Street PitCBLIadded some CBLI here 48c, downtrend break cancer bio..theMagician07/23/2014 12:57
Wall Street PitCBLICBLI cancer bio waking up, saw some posts here earlier on it, nice idea eomtheMagician07/23/2014 12:52
Cleveland Bio...CBLIRe: load up .47 Re: 100% coming but just watch, like you did GRH ...theMagician07/23/2014 12:52
Wall Street PitJOstrong today eomnolan07/23/2014 12:50
US GeothermalHTM.70--Re: .64--Re: .62--U.S. Geothermal Provides Mid-Year Update eomspeculator07/23/2014 12:32
Wall Street PitIMUCIMUC hod cancer moving eomtheMagician07/23/2014 12:07
Wall Street PitREDFindian stocks spiking REDF SIFY eomtheMagician07/23/2014 11:53
Wall Street PitREEREE chart coiled with run in MCP eomtheMagician07/23/2014 10:42
Wall Street PitHURCHURC next leg perhaps collected some shorts 1.6mm float eomSuperman07/23/2014 10:42
MolycorpMCPRe: rare earths should bounce hard on fuel cell 2.14 from $1.95 call eomtheMagician07/23/2014 10:33
Wall Street PitBSDMBSD Medical is the manufacture and service provider for innovative cancer tre...theMagician07/23/2014 10:27
Wall Street PitBSDMwatch BSDM cancer nice chart for move to $1 eomtheMagician07/23/2014 10:21
Wall Street PitPBYIif you want to short it this is where to try for a day trade - 219 w/stops ar...luvb2b07/23/2014 10:21
Wall Street PitONCYPh 2 Metastatic Breast Cancer $1.50 break gives 15-20% eomtheMagician07/23/2014 10:19
Wall Street PitONCYIntravenous Administration of REOLYSIN in Combination with Paclitaxel for Pat...theMagician07/23/2014 10:18
Wall Street PitRe: Lawyers do not buy scams...they just create them eomholland5507/23/2014 10:00
Wall Street PitIMUCThe company also develops other therapeutic DC vaccines, such as ICT-121 to t...theMagician07/23/2014 09:51
Wall Street PitSOXXsemi's weak early eomnolan07/23/2014 09:46 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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