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Politic Forum...Dr. Fauci Warned In 2017 Of Surprise Outbreak During Trump Administrationholland5504/05/2020 23:36
Wall Street PitLKHard to know for sure what to expect, but this shouldn't hurt: https://financ...EPR5316704/05/2020 21:35
Wall Street PitRe: Keep an eye on your 401-K if the US GOV'T is desperate they can seize tha...alfie04/05/2020 14:36
Wall Street PitCoronavirus deaths undercountedcrainiac04/05/2020 13:35
Wall Street PitUS reports highest single-day coronavirus death toll since outbreakcrainiac04/05/2020 13:33
Politic Forum...Golf Rally Golf Rallyholland5504/05/2020 12:46
Wall Street PitRIP - Tom Dempsey, legendary NFL kicker, dead after coronavirus bout at age 7...crainiac04/05/2020 12:01
Wall Street PitGILDNew letter from CEO 05:44
Wall Street PitRe: The good Dr. said this about the virus on January 21st...if Trump would h...alfie04/05/2020 00:14
Wall Street Pitinteresting article.. household toilet paper use will increase because office...bucyrus04/04/2020 22:26
Wall Street PitSRNEFrom this article in Forbes - According to Hariri, it may take only a matter ...crainiac04/04/2020 20:42
Wall Street PitSRNERight, Celularity is using NK stem cells. Safety profile is already establish...crainiac04/04/2020 18:43
Wall Street PitSRNEJust got $30M from selling some Chinese assets..Re: Are you worried about an ...crainiac04/04/2020 18:36
Pinks and BBCV Sciences allowed patent for addiction to smokeless tobacco, Bloomberg says...crainiac04/04/2020 17:39
Wall Street PitSRNETraders just realizing that they own 25% of Celularity , a $2 billion dollar ...crainiac04/04/2020 17:28
Wall Street PitAlaska only has 1,500 general hospital beds. And even if as few as five perce...bucyrus04/04/2020 15:56
Wall Street PitThe coronavirus may hit rural America later and harder Rural communities te...bucyrus04/04/2020 15:54
Wall Street PitRe: The good Dr. said this about the virus on January 21st...if Trump would h...alfie04/04/2020 13:31
Wall Street PitMSFTBill Gates... believe him.. he's been dealing with viruses since Win 95 eombucyrus04/04/2020 12:36
Wall Street PitRe: he hit reply all which showed a component of the US military was out of c...bucyrus04/04/2020 12:27
Pinks and BBhad a big move on Friday. Received a "Notice of Allowance" for their patent a...crainiac04/04/2020 09:10
Wall Street PitMarch 5th........ 129 cases 11 deaths. alfie04/04/2020 08:45
Wall Street PitRe: The good Dr. said this about the virus on January 21stalfie04/04/2020 03:02
Politic Forum...On Jan. 26, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called on the Department of ...holland5504/03/2020 22:38
Politic Forum...Hell is Coming and We Sold Out Our National Security For A Few Dollarsholland5504/03/2020 18:42
Wall Street PitSRNEArticle about using stem cells to treat Covid-19 in China. As part of the exp...crainiac04/03/2020 17:32
Wall Street PitSRNEat the 3:11 mark on the CNBC video it says "If Phase I/II test results are st...crainiac04/03/2020 17:13
Wall Street PitRCLRe: none are US based... CCL has a tiny US subsidiary out of Wash state for A...bucyrus04/03/2020 17:03
Wall Street PitRe: Please tell me where you bought it...REI has Merino wool for $20... I get...bucyrus04/03/2020 17:08
Wall Street PitJFWIW.... I'm using a Buff for a facemask when I'm out... works GREAT eombucyrus04/03/2020 15:59
Wall Street PitMARKMARK no tweets for 2 days, stock flat all day, did ASPIRE finish manipulating...theMagician04/03/2020 15:57
Wall Street PitSRNEcould be ah runner......... eomcrainiac04/03/2020 15:53
Wall Street PitWMCAdded a few more eomalfie04/03/2020 15:52
Wall Street PitLKStarter long $5.38 - gut says things look a little brighter next week.... eomEPR5316704/03/2020 15:51
Wall Street Pithand sanitizer and wipes... 35,000 shares short..30% of float eombucyrus04/03/2020 15:49
Wall Street PitBAShort covering earlier was up 6% and given it all back. Markets going south i...alfie04/03/2020 15:40
Wall Street PitWMCRe: I emailed Larry in their investor relations yesterday with my concerns. ...alfie04/03/2020 15:38
Wall Street PitBPTHStrong heading into close / could be candidate for Monday romp eomEPR5316704/03/2020 15:37
Wall Street PitSIGIf it closes green I see big gap Monday. Was $24 in March 35% of the float sh...alfie04/03/2020 15:19
Wall Street PitSPCBWhaaddasssayy. Booom eomLionmaster04/03/2020 15:06 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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