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Wall Street PitACADThe Amended Purchase Plan provides that an additional 400,000 shares may be i...singhtelecom04/29/2016 18:44
Wall Street PitFDA approval. As expected, boxed warning re increased risk of death in older ...singhtelecom04/29/2016 17:46
Wall Street PitACADACADIA trading haltedsinghtelecom04/29/2016 17:38
Wall Street PitGILDGILD CEO: "We do see some good opportunities out there as well as internally"...singhtelecom04/29/2016 16:51
Wall Street PitThose who do nothing here seem to always have the most to say. Single me out ...PornStarTrader04/29/2016 16:18
Wall Street PitBloomburg: Unmasking the Men Behind Zero Hedgebucyrus04/29/2016 16:17
Wall Street PitAAPLyes technically oversold. but these mega caps seem to carry a little more mom...luvb2b04/29/2016 16:06
Wall Street PitSPYspy puts from yesterday 4/29 208.5's all out 2.75 from 1.28 eomluvb2b04/29/2016 16:03
Wall Street PitGILDgamblers exited at even had averaged in around 20c... might have bene able to...luvb2b04/29/2016 15:49
Wall Street PitFCXTake a shot at me over the long term, not over a week. And lets see who outpe...PornStarTrader04/29/2016 15:44
Wall Street PitFCXRe: Where's the people calling it a bloated POS?--Right here! Its "Bloated PO...PornStarTrader04/29/2016 15:41
Wall Street PitFCXRe: can somebody tell me how this keeps going up? seriously, I'm considering ...PornStarTrader04/29/2016 14:46
Wall Street PitGLBSRe: Wants much higher. hehe ~ 203X adv 11.3m eomSunTzu77204/29/2016 14:28
Wall Street PitHGSHRe: 2.07 q2 e/r 5/9 est. 0.00 w/ 0.03 q/q comps .69 eps 2.7 p/eSunTzu77204/29/2016 14:25
China HGS Rea...HGSHRe: 2.07 q2 e/r 5/9 est. 0.00 w/ 0.03 q/q comps .69 eps 2.7 p/eSunTzu77204/29/2016 14:01
Wall Street PitXONRe: I understand people's resistance to GMOs in general...I get that. But, i...crainiac04/29/2016 13:45
Wall Street PitGROWchart with notes - they will be chasing this over $2...theMagician04/29/2016 13:21
Wall Street PitGROWThey have a $25m market cap with $20.8m in cash. The major holdings in their ...theMagician04/29/2016 13:19
Wall Street PitGROWgold assets up 25-50% in the last 2 weeks- $21m in cash mkt cap $25m they own...theMagician04/29/2016 13:17
Wall Street PitARRY2 PHASE3 DUE in 2 Q radar HUGE OI in june 4 calls 16000 eomsinghtelecom04/29/2016 13:14
Wall Street PitXONLet's see what happens when Zika arrives in the Florida Keys. They will be be...crainiac04/29/2016 13:10
Wall Street PitXONThe thing is that idiots in this country are worried about PERCEIVED dna dama...crainiac04/29/2016 13:08
Wall Street PitXONPuerto Rico zika death just on CNBC, new hod eomcrainiac04/29/2016 13:04
Wall Street PitAAPLgosh i hope not... i held out some 5/20 99p's to sell as it tested 92 52wk lo...luvb2b04/29/2016 12:51
Wall Street PitJDright, but jd i am saying suspicious due to china crackdowns on p2p lending, ...luvb2b04/29/2016 12:44
Wall Street PitUNGwow eomnolan04/29/2016 12:40
Wall Street PitJDbroke 25 here even with huge amazon results. eomluvb2b04/29/2016 11:52
Wall Street PitAAPLhmm so those 93p gamblers for earning did end up paying! nice job buddy. Re:...luvb2b04/29/2016 11:51
Wall Street PitSPYsold a few more spy puts around $3.25 from 1.28 yesterday eomluvb2b04/29/2016 11:45
Wall Street PitAAPLRe: in 4/29 93.5 P's. .06-1.00 of the best I've EVER seen.. congrats.. ...bucyrus04/29/2016 11:42
Wall Street Pitsold some spy puts 2.90 from 1.28 yesterday 4/29 208.5p's eomluvb2b04/29/2016 11:29
Wall Street PitIMMUMarshall Wace LLP Invests $2,631,000 in Immunomedics, eomsinghtelecom04/29/2016 11:20
Wall Street PitIMMUBreast cancer PBYI closed 60 opened 220 . U remember ???Re: I'm starting smal...singhtelecom04/29/2016 11:16
TransAtlantic...TAT$1.15--Re: .91--Re: .81--TransAtlantic Petroleum...Bottom Watch...Out Part eomspeculator04/29/2016 11:15
Wall Street PitHUSAHUSA round 2, they will come for DXI eomtheMagician04/29/2016 10:52
Wall Street PitGILDadding 4/29 88p's for <20c 10% down and this will pay 5x eomluvb2b04/29/2016 10:44
Wall Street PitDXI24c ask gets touched this goes vertical like the others, buying b4 the big ch...theMagician04/29/2016 10:35
Wall Street PitHUSARe: chart with notes has not had its oil doubler move at all this yr like ev...theMagician04/29/2016 10:30
Wall Street PitGLBSRe: Amazing alert yesterday! I sold all @$1.50 from .55 entry from your alert...SunTzu77204/29/2016 10:18
Houston Ameri...HUSARe: HUSA oiler no debt issues like GLRI breaking out 22c serious upside...35c...theMagician04/29/2016 10:13 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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