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Wall Street PitRe: What is she likely to tweet about that will make whole industries go up?>...efbailey08/25/2016 17:31
Wall Street PitNew swing trade VIVE for me has all the elements , story , float Superman08/25/2016 17:09
Wall Street PitDGRe: long some Sept 2 $79C @ .60>> bot more avg now .48 eomefbailey08/25/2016 16:02
Wall Street PitESIFirst the prisons and now the educational service companies??? Ouch.... eomEPR5316708/25/2016 15:33
Wall Street PitLABUWow - up $1.50 in barely over 20 minutes - nice start :) eomEPR5316708/25/2016 15:26
Pinks and BBHCTIFully expecting some follow-up PR soon - long way to go on this one IMHO... eomEPR5316708/25/2016 15:10
Pinks and BBMJMIamazing move up, now an amazing fall.............. eomcrainiac08/25/2016 15:09
Wall Street PitDELTPicked up another tranche @ $1.47 after selling $2 coupla weeks ago eomEPR5316708/25/2016 15:08
Wall Street PitLABUBack in long $35.50 after selling $45+ coupla weeks ago... eomEPR5316708/25/2016 15:03
Wall Street PitDGRe: down 18% on a less than 1% eps miss, still it was +14% yoy crazyefbailey08/25/2016 14:47
Wall Street PitCLVSPuttin' on a crush REN-style!!! eomEPR5316708/25/2016 14:47
Wall Street Pitoops eomsinghtelecom08/25/2016 14:34
Wall Street PitBIIBAPPEARS PLAYER SELLS 2000 BIIB Oct16 280 Puts $7.30 TO BUY 2000 BIIB Oct16 33...singhtelecom08/25/2016 14:33
Wall Street PitCLVSHow low can she go???? eomEPR5316708/25/2016 14:23
Wall Street PitJNUGBack in $19.96 after stop-gained out $21.58 for 9% o/n gain... eomEPR5316708/25/2016 14:09
Wall Street PitRENSpectacular Momo - speakin' of which, is MOMO the next to collapse??? Here's ...EPR5316708/25/2016 13:46
Wall Street PitSaudi Energy Min does not believe that any significant market intervention is...efbailey08/25/2016 13:38
Wall Street PitDGlong some Sept 2 $79C @ .60 eomefbailey08/25/2016 13:24
Wall Street PitRENDo we see $15's today????? eomEPR5316708/25/2016 13:21
Wall Street PitCLVSAgain eomEPR5316708/25/2016 12:26
Wall Street PitPTCTpop earlier on talk Wales adopting NICE Recommendation of Translarna, now fla...efbailey08/25/2016 12:09
Wall Street PitYRDwhat a bounce eomnolan08/25/2016 11:43
Wall Street PitRENThe crush is just gettin' its groove on... eomEPR5316708/25/2016 11:14
Wall Street PitJNUGSpectacular eomEPR5316708/25/2016 11:12
Wall Street PitSBPHNearly 100% bounce from just a few weeks ago... eomEPR5316708/25/2016 10:56
Wall Street PitNUGTHella nice start - part 2 eomEPR5316708/25/2016 10:48
Wall Street PitJanet Yellen and her Federal Reserve colleagues have an unusually explicit me...bucyrus08/25/2016 10:32
Pinks and BBHCTIMega-boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom eomEPR5316708/25/2016 10:32
Wall Street PitUniversity of Chicago to Incoming Freshmen: Dont Expect Safe Spaces Hereefbailey08/25/2016 10:29
Wall Street PitJNUGHella Nice start :) eomEPR5316708/25/2016 10:23
Wall Street PitFed POLICY is not to change interest rates during a presidential election to ...bucyrus08/25/2016 10:23
Wall Street PitCADCww +17% eomefbailey08/25/2016 09:57
Pinks and BBMJMIamazing.................. eomcrainiac08/25/2016 09:38
Wall Street PitPBMDRe: Doubt this one holds up IMHO>> no pos, just info. if i trade it, it will ...efbailey08/25/2016 08:22
Wall Street PitIPXLAdrenaclick an epinephrine auto-inject alt to EpiPen is avail and is only $14...efbailey08/25/2016 07:47
Wall Street PitRe: hurricane in S. Fla?..looks like it is possible, my place is inland a bit...efbailey08/25/2016 07:35
Wall Street PitRe: hurricane in S. Fla?..looks like it is possible, my place is inland a bit...holland5508/25/2016 01:15
Wall Street PitLeslie Jones nude pics? ahhh think i'll pass. seriously don't put anything on...efbailey08/24/2016 20:52
Prima BioMed LtdPBMDRe:looks like u might finally have a payday on this 1. Prima Biomed receives ...efbailey08/24/2016 20:13
Wall Street PitADMPRe: How a senators daughter... and the FDA doesn't have it's finger on the sc...bucyrus08/24/2016 19:50 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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