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New Political...The big lie about their tax plan that Trump and his top advisors have already...holland5511/19/2017 21:35
Wall Street PitWhen analysts calculated, a month ago, that the preliminary framework of the ...holland5511/19/2017 20:46
Wall Street PitRe: I emailed my Senators expressing my disgust and Im in the over $75k categ...efbailey11/19/2017 20:47
Wall Street PitRe: Senate Tax Bill...yep, same old bulls***, help out the fat cats at the ex...holland5511/19/2017 20:24
Wall Street PitSenate Tax Bill raises taxes on incomes under $75k, top 1% get largest cut. w...efbailey11/19/2017 20:00
New Political...Kim Jong Un May Have Caused a Parasitic Worm Epidemic in North Korea By Makin...holland5511/18/2017 23:26
Wall Street PitXOMAReverse Split and we abandon ! IDRA r/s also in January !!Re: XOMA ran an ama...singhtelecom11/18/2017 21:48
New Political...U.S. Nuclear Commander Says Hed Refuse to Carry Out Any Illegal Trump-Ordered...holland5511/18/2017 20:10
Wall Street PitCYCCFollowing selection of a recommended Phase 2 dose, or RP2D, for our CYC065 CD...singhtelecom11/18/2017 03:20
New Political...Re: It's a scam, do your dd on this complicated piece of trash and see who re...holland5511/17/2017 20:55
New Political...Trumps Tax Cut Is a House of Liesholland5511/17/2017 20:42
New Political...Re: When Has Trump Been Accused of Rape or Attempted Rape? Allegations Includ...deaconmike11/17/2017 19:50
New Political...Re: When Has Trump Been Accused of Rape or Attempted Rape? Allegations Includ...deaconmike11/17/2017 19:00
Wall Street PitOhio governor candidate boasts of sexual history with approximately 50 very a...bucyrus11/17/2017 18:22
Wall Street PitOhio Supreme Court Justice just detailed 50 indiscretions with beautiful wome...bucyrus11/17/2017 18:07
Wall Street PitBRCDRe: Stopped trading ....options?.. they'll be converted to options of the new...bucyrus11/17/2017 16:09
Wall Street PitQRHCJust confirmed they are ramping up earnings to $0.40s next year non-gapped, s...Lionmaster11/17/2017 15:58
Wall Street PitVERIGrabbed some $23.78 for reentry after selling low $40's last month... eomEPR5316711/17/2017 15:53
Wall Street PitOPHCRe: watch for power hour bounce this 1 moves dollars quickly Re: great pullb...undervalued11/17/2017 15:20
Wall Street PitKOOLWho besides me just picked up s'more in the $3.30's? Hopefully we see another...EPR5316711/17/2017 14:08
Wall Street PitSPLKso i'm saying it seems like this would be able to get back over 100 with the ...luvb2b11/17/2017 13:19
Wall Street PitSPLKbig data / cloud / ai type of stock that's 20% lower than where it was when i...luvb2b11/17/2017 13:19
Wall Street PitRe: to Wahhabis, Shiites are Satan's spawn because they have perverted Moham...bucyrus11/17/2017 13:16
Wall Street PitRe: ISIS son. Probably won't live, he's Wahhabi.. eombucyrus11/17/2017 13:13
Wall Street PitSNDXThe comeback begins eomEPR5316711/17/2017 12:41
Wall Street PitRe: Are you eyeing any defense contractors or oil plays for the future ?much ...bucyrus11/17/2017 12:33
Wall Street PitXONHella nice start up $.50 already - can we see green today??? eomEPR5316711/17/2017 12:24
Wall Street Pitnew Saudi king... watch for strong resistance from Wahhabi clerics and popula...bucyrus11/17/2017 12:09
Wall Street PitRe: Saudi Arabia king to step down.. son is militaristic and intends to beat ...bucyrus11/17/2017 12:03
Wall Street PitIPDNLooks like got out just a wee tad early eomEPR5316711/17/2017 11:48
Wall Street PitBPMCMonsta in the making eomEPR5316711/17/2017 11:46
Wall Street PitXONNew long on old favorite Biotech name - looks cheap here... eomEPR5316711/17/2017 11:45
Wall Street PitSPYRe: made a few hundred at open on puts I got AH.. nothing going now eombucyrus11/17/2017 10:53
Cesca Therape...KOOLRe: 4.15 I had to take some off the table from finally, ask 4.25 they are gun...EPR5316711/17/2017 10:51
Wall Street PitMYSZ should rip on this new Pinterest news = makes it a buyout target big tim...theMagician11/17/2017 10:49
Wall Street PitMARAMARA $1.43 big breakout on chart - this sees $2 near term on chart, added $1....theMagician11/17/2017 10:41
New Political...Re: When Has Trump Been Accused of Rape or Attempted Rape? Allegations Includ...deaconmike11/17/2017 10:13
Wall Street PitGLFit's back eomnolan11/17/2017 10:10
Wall Street PitOHGILINU and KBIX big pops - OHGI time $1,45 brek eomtheMagician11/17/2017 10:07
New Political...Re: It's a scam, do your dd on this complicated piece of trash and see who re...deaconmike11/17/2017 10:03 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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