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Wall Street H...ONCS5 Presentations this month and PHASE 2 duesinghtelecom09/03/2015 02:37
Wall Street PitONCSEuropean Cancer Congress 2015; Vienna, Austria. Shailender Bhatia, MD, from t...singhtelecom09/03/2015 02:34
Wall Street PitDmccoy thank you for that big donation. One of the highest ever. Glad you lov...Lionmaster09/02/2015 20:40
Wall Street PitQQQstill flying in ah................. eomcrainiac09/02/2015 16:15
Wall Street PitBig Inaugural Conference in two weeks. It is completely sold out........crainiac09/02/2015 16:11
Wall Street PitACHNsmall QUITE buyer in OCT 8.50 calls eomsinghtelecom09/02/2015 16:03
Wall Street PitMACKthe knife.............. eomcrainiac09/02/2015 15:52
Wall Street PitAEZSAEZS major dilution BUT more quality to this bio than AXPW NEWL FREE NETE tha...theMagician09/02/2015 15:08
Wall Street PitINCYMarch 2016 Strike 170 Vol alert eomsinghtelecom09/02/2015 15:03
Wall Street PitZIOPbreaking through 9, hod.......... eomcrainiac09/02/2015 14:51
Wall Street PitMACKtruck............... eomcrainiac09/02/2015 14:46
Wall Street PitISRISR jsut did a tweet, could pop on $1.54 breaktheMagician09/02/2015 14:26
Wall Street PitRe: This is the candle I'm watching. If we can set a large white candle by th...theMagician09/02/2015 13:46
Wall Street PitAVLone by one these are romping eomtheMagician09/02/2015 13:19
Wall Street PitDRWIonly a couple of nasdaq penny stocks left - I added DRWI and AEZS eomtheMagician09/02/2015 13:13
Wall Street PitDRWIFAA approves Gogo for faster Internet on flights eomtheMagician09/02/2015 12:58
Wall Street PitDRWIOn January 22, 2014 we announced that we have been selected as a microwave so...theMagician09/02/2015 12:57
Wall Street PitDRWI30% revenue growth, perfect nas penny chart - also a play on FAA news 50% ups...theMagician09/02/2015 12:56
Wall Street PitAEZS100% move in less than hour - penny heat, watch AEZS, diluter will rip this h...theMagician09/02/2015 12:48
Wall Street PitLIQDRe: WAVX blowin up, pennies heat - watch LIQD the chase is on when it breaks ...theMagician09/02/2015 12:38
Wall Street PitSFXEbounce .50 to .70Re: chopped in half eomnolan09/02/2015 12:36
Wall Street PitLIQDWAVX blowin up, pennies heat - watch LIQD the chase is on when it breaks 10c eomtheMagician09/02/2015 12:19
Wall Street PitRJEThalt eomnolan09/02/2015 12:14
Wall Street PitLIQDLIQD watch for 10c break could be next eomtheMagician09/02/2015 11:51
Wall Street PitWAVXwavx now up 100%, pennies under 25c getting romped one by one eomtheMagician09/02/2015 11:50
Wall Street PitGartman called Bear Mkt so bottom in unfortunately until he switches long in ...theMagician09/02/2015 11:34
Wall Street PitMACKheading for 10, traders waking up........... eomcrainiac09/02/2015 11:08
Wall Street PitMACKbustin hod 9.82, could be Baxalta's next target.............. eomcrainiac09/02/2015 11:01
Wall Street PitZIOPRe: Also holding up nicely and moving highercrainiac09/02/2015 10:59
Wall Street PitMACKgetting some play, logical takeover candidate sfter Baxalta's failed buyout o...crainiac09/02/2015 10:51
Wall Street PitAVLan otc ran 1700% on possible deal this week with TESLA - AVL lites up lithium...theMagician09/02/2015 10:23
Wall Street PitAVLRe: Is AVL solvent? yes and no delisting risk until feb 2016 eomtheMagician09/02/2015 10:20
Wall Street PitSFXEchopped in half eomnolan09/02/2015 10:19
Wall Street Pitpennies on fire this week in face of mkt tank - pretty dang bullish eomtheMagician09/02/2015 10:18
Wall Street PitAVLETRM CLTX CLRX big movers with dd posted b4 the romps - AVL next eomtheMagician09/02/2015 10:15
Wall Street PitAVLTesla has begun to award lithium supply contracts for its GigaFactory. Last w...theMagician09/02/2015 09:56
Wall Street PitAVLAVL + TESLA news likely coming eomtheMagician09/02/2015 09:54
Wall Street Pitsneaky buying starting again today........... eomcrainiac09/02/2015 09:53
Wall Street PitBABAchina has held up their market ahead of the parade. now you got a bit of a ho...luvb2b09/02/2015 09:46
Wall Street PitAVLlook closely at AVL news last week - mkt missed TESLA angle -15c under pote...theMagician09/02/2015 09:44 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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