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Wall Street PitAAPLRe: 6 plus screen issue alert a month ago... reject rate was off the chart at...bucyrus10/01/2014 16:04
Wall Street PitAAPLthat's my point... they haven't "sold out" Re: ok my last bit of dd's on appl...luvb2b10/01/2014 15:58
Wall Street PitAAPLok my last bit of dd's on apple. from the looks of things, the 6 plus has man...luvb2b10/01/2014 15:54
Wall Street PitDOWRe: My guess - and it is only a guess - is that, much like the last 2 or 3 mi...theMagician10/01/2014 15:49
Wall Street PitRe: there is a very effective filter... lower right of the post you can click...bucyrus10/01/2014 15:37
Wall Street Pithmmmm... cool edit Delta eombucyrus10/01/2014 15:36
Wall Street PitUp to 18 exposed to U.S. Ebola patient, including childrencrainiac10/01/2014 15:33
Wall Street Pitnew trader indeed, looks like someone from the banned list eomtheMagician10/01/2014 15:33
Wall Street PitAAPLi agree - i saw those phablets all over asia last time i was there. that's p...luvb2b10/01/2014 15:30
Wall Street PitLAKEMako5 and Weege, again nice early calls by both of them eomjjkool_0110/01/2014 15:25
Wall Street PitFXYsoft econ data in the us last couple days is stalling the dollar rally. i'm ...luvb2b10/01/2014 15:22
Wall Street Pittoo funny feed him my avid fans feed him! eomtheMagician10/01/2014 15:22
Wall Street PitAPTmoving with LAKE eomnolan10/01/2014 15:21
Wall Street PitAAPLchecking europe is pretty much the same story. 6 plus sold really well but pl...luvb2b10/01/2014 15:20
Wall Street Pitthere is also a ignore block button too for traders stocks u dont want to fol...theMagician10/01/2014 15:20
Wall Street Pitmomentum mkt, its the story that leads in this mkt right now eomtheMagician10/01/2014 15:17
Wall Street PitLAKEnew fall fashion, LAKE HazMat suits eomnolan10/01/2014 15:07
Wall Street PitABIOebola..theMagician10/01/2014 14:54
Wall Street PitAAPLiphone 6 plus is a lot tighter than the 6, but there are usually some availab...luvb2b10/01/2014 14:34
Wall Street PitVICLVICL startin to be found..theMagician10/01/2014 14:33
Wall Street PitRe: DNA engineered tobacco derivative.. there will be NO MORE SERUM UNTIL JUL...bucyrus10/01/2014 14:30
Wall Street PitLAKEmoving hod eomnolan10/01/2014 14:21
Wall Street PitYom Kippur 2014 begins in the evening of Friday, October 3.. bounce Mon??? eombucyrus10/01/2014 14:13
Wall Street PitAAPLthey are - but i'm just checking the stores and what they have, trying to fig...luvb2b10/01/2014 14:02
Wall Street PitFREERe: they've been selling ships, reducing debt, making moves to turn the compa...crainiac10/01/2014 14:01
Wall Street PitAAPLin my channel checks minneapolis is the tightest market - but you can still g...luvb2b10/01/2014 14:00
Wall Street PitAAPLtalking my book as usual, feel you have to be short under $100. all indicato...luvb2b10/01/2014 13:56
Wall Street PitAAPLcnbc jon najarian mentioned iphone 6 is not sold out- i've been checking the ...luvb2b10/01/2014 13:53
Wall Street PitEbola- Possible second casecrainiac10/01/2014 13:51
Wall Street Pitwill be some heavy sell programs at the close today in multiple sectors, esp....luvb2b10/01/2014 13:43
Wall Street PitSPYthe s&p is down 1.3% and it "looks" like a bloodbath. this is not even a real...luvb2b10/01/2014 13:42
Wall Street PitSDSRe: buy calls but terrified lol .. got some this morn... underwater now but c...bucyrus10/01/2014 13:22
Wall Street PitFREEthey've been selling ships, reducing debt, making moves to turn the company a...crainiac10/01/2014 13:17
Wall Street PitARCO$ARCO $6.40--$5.98--Arcos Dorados Holdings.....Bottom Watch.......T/S eomspeculator10/01/2014 12:55
Wall Street PitARCO$ARCO $6.30-- $5.98--Arcos Dorados Holdings.....Bottom Watch.......T/S eomspeculator10/01/2014 12:33
ARCOS DORADOS...ARCO$ARCO $6.20-- $5.98--Arcos Dorados Holdings.....Bottom Watch.......T/S eomspeculator10/01/2014 11:58
Wall Street PitAAPLholding here under $100 again. wonder if it can go back and test the 96 low....luvb2b10/01/2014 11:44
Wall Street PitLOOKRe: $2.85 now $$$$$$$$$ low floats still only game in small cap land, VLTC sh...theMagician10/01/2014 11:19
ARCOS DORADOS...ARCO$ARCO $6.07-- $5.98--Arcos Dorados Holdings.....Bottom Watch.......T/S eomspeculator10/01/2014 09:51
Wall Street Pitbeneath the Ocean Re: Elon Musk Wants To Put A Million People On Mars. Here's...singhtelecom10/01/2014 08:07 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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