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Wall Street Pitproblem is i don't think there are a lot of shorts. look at the cftc data be...luvb2b11/27/2014 21:47
Wall Street PitGold following oil down........ eomcrainiac11/27/2014 21:14
Wall Street Pit68.83.......... eomcrainiac11/27/2014 21:11
Wall Street PitHappy Thanksgiving & Go Seahawks! eomholland5511/27/2014 20:27
Wall Street PitHappy Thanksgiving to all the old timers and newbies and their families! Stay...Lionmaster11/27/2014 19:30
Wall Street PitRe: USO/OIL bottom callers been wrong for the last $5 down move, they go long...theMagician11/27/2014 13:56
Wall Street PitOILi should be thanking you. if it wasn't for your constant buy oil posts i prob...luvb2b11/27/2014 13:20
Wall Street PitXLEbarring a big reversal in oil expect a moc huge sell program in energy stocks...luvb2b11/27/2014 13:00
Wall Street PitOILtypical liarmore trading claiming to grab 50c while the thing heads $8 the ot...luvb2b11/27/2014 12:48
Stocks For A ...AUPHHIdden Gem could double or triple on Positive data by Januarysinghtelecom11/27/2014 12:05
Wall Street PitOil prices plummet as OPEC decides against output cutcrainiac11/27/2014 10:53
Wall Street PitGPROuh... folks.. the NTSB and FAA just ruled drones are aircraft and can be rest...bucyrus11/27/2014 10:39
Wall Street PitDSKX$DSKX .99-- .80--DS Healthcare Group, Inc.....Chart Watch/Volume Up.....Link eomspeculator11/26/2014 16:01
Wall Street PitSPECHave a Nice Holiday All... eomspeculator11/26/2014 14:58
DS Healthcare...DSKX$DSKX .95-- .80--DS Healthcare Group, Inc.....Chart Watch/Volume Up.....Link eomspeculator11/26/2014 14:35
Wall Street PitTVIXUVXY TVIX now in the accumulation's thanks accumulate time...happy ...rpccpa11/26/2014 13:55
Wall Street PitRe: dont u have your 20th "oil bottom" post to make?, eventually u will be ri...theMagician11/26/2014 13:54
Wall Street Pitdont u have your 20th "oil bottom" post to make?, eventually u will be right eomtheMagician11/26/2014 13:39
Wall Street PitSmall fortune: Why history tells you to buy small caps nowtheMagician11/26/2014 13:27
Fuel TechFTEKRe: Obama going after power plant smog = FTEK very very nice! eomtheMagician11/26/2014 12:40
Wall Street PitPDII+10% Low float mover new HOD>Re: +7% Moving up, insider buys> Re: Eberwein af...jjkool_0111/26/2014 12:28
Wall Street PitLTRXconsumer drones, possible GPRO player..theMagician11/26/2014 12:13
Wall Street PitGPROGoPro Developing Line of Consumer Drones eomtheMagician11/26/2014 12:01
Wall Street PitBDRRe: 20%-30% valuation vs sector peers w/o DirecTVSuperman11/26/2014 11:27
Wall Street PitESSX$ESSX $1.30--$1.26--Essex Rental Corp......Bottom/Trade Watch... eomspeculator11/26/2014 11:19
PDIPDII+7% Moving up, insider buys> Re: Eberwein after them: Delivers Letter To PDI,...jjkool_0111/26/2014 11:04
Wall Street PitMGN$MGN .62-- .60--Mines Management, Inc............Chartspeculator11/26/2014 10:33
Wall Street PitDLIADLIA 40% gainer now this week, and coiled for large move eomtheMagician11/26/2014 10:29
Wall Street PitDLIARe: just itching to romptheMagician11/26/2014 10:23
Direxion Dail...SOXL$131Re: 115 now, SOX near 650Re: hit 103 from 75 the day Goldman downgraded s...nolan11/26/2014 10:19
Wall Street PitMTEXMTEX low float beast on low vol did $1.89 EPS last Q and 1.6mm float eomSuperman11/26/2014 10:16
Wall Street PitFTEKObama going after power plant smog = FTEK "which would aim at smog from power...theMagician11/26/2014 09:58
Wall Street PitFTEKObama to Introduce Sweeping New Controls on Ozone Emissions..theMagician11/26/2014 09:42
Wall Street PitOil bottom callers looking a lot like gold bottom callers of the last year + eomtheMagician11/26/2014 09:41
Wall Street PitHABTHabit Restaurants (HABT) Price Target Raised to $40 at Wedbush eomnolan11/26/2014 07:08
Idera Pharmac...IDRAGoogle Felix-Baker and Julian Baker They Ph.D Harvard Graduate bros find sma...singhtelecom11/26/2014 00:59
Wall Street PitRe: More cities going to burn tonight...wild animals!deaconmike11/25/2014 18:20
Wall Street PitPRPH$PRPH $1.40--ProPhase Labs, Inc....Volume Watch...Cold & Flu Stock...9 Mil Fl...speculator11/25/2014 15:36
Wall Street PitUCO3X OIL Long for OPEC MEETING on Thanksgiving - Bombs away eomrpccpa11/25/2014 15:31
Wall Street PitWPCSbitcoin play getting jiggy.............. eomcrainiac11/25/2014 14:06 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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