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Wall Street PitIMMUJune ASCO mapsinghtelecom03/17/2018 12:46
Wall Street PitRe: Re:worst case scenario for the new Tariffs.. ag businessdeaconmike03/17/2018 11:52
Wall Street PitCI5,000 July 190 calls bought for 2.75 AND 5,000 July 150 puts sold for 2.50 eomsinghtelecom03/17/2018 08:42
Wall Street PitAABA4,500 October 82.50 calls bought for 5.85 to 6.10 eomsinghtelecom03/17/2018 07:52
Wall Street PitCOCP$9 to $117 in 4 years his last Company sold to GILD singhtelecom03/17/2018 02:57
Wall Street PitCOCPTwo private investors own approximately 60% of the Company, including the Fro...singhtelecom03/17/2018 02:48
Wall Street PitIDRAKeep an eye singhtelecom03/17/2018 01:54
Wall Street PitRe: UMBC is that a community College? Lyle is an awesome player. amazing not ...efbailey03/16/2018 23:34
Wall Street PitTariffs could be disastrous for agricultureholland5503/16/2018 21:28
Wall Street PitRe:worst case scenario for the new Tariffs.. ag business eombucyrus03/16/2018 21:00
Wall Street PitRe: Love Trump. Free trade doesn't benefit this country..computers, smartphon...bucyrus03/16/2018 21:00
Wall Street PitSPWRSunPower seeks tariff waiver, cites plan for U.S. expansion eombucyrus03/16/2018 19:20
Wall Street PitSPYWe are not negotiating with the United States our exemption... It is not acce...bucyrus03/16/2018 19:17
Wall Street PitEU starts retaliation process against U.S. tariffs...rice to orange juice, ma...bucyrus03/16/2018 19:16
Wall Street PitDQSweet late-day push moves us back over $47 - looking for more of the same nex...EPR5316703/16/2018 15:52
Wall Street PitVERIRe: Averaged UP on more shares $17.28 on this gift sell-off - looking for fir...EPR5316703/16/2018 15:32
Wall Street PitVERIAveraged UP on more shares $17.28 on this gift sell-off - looking for firewor...EPR5316703/16/2018 15:31
Wall Street PitHave a great St. Patrick's Day everyone! eomtheMagician03/16/2018 15:20
Wall Street Pitpenetrate multiple U.S. critical infrastructure sectors, including energy, nu...theMagician03/16/2018 14:58
Wall Street PitABILcyber stocks should get interest ABIL is the cheapest low flaot too to watch eomtheMagician03/16/2018 14:56
Wall Street PitBeginning in March 2016, or possibly earlier, Russian government hackers soug...theMagician03/16/2018 14:56
Wall Street PitZX1.17 jumped in here on Fri aft wash...very impressive Q4, 'FY e/r -SunTzu77203/16/2018 14:55
Wall Street PitGartman: "Treasuries safest place to be": BBG TV eomtheMagician03/16/2018 14:28
Wall Street PitJKSJust woke up BIG TIME eomEPR5316703/16/2018 14:25
Wall Street PitOSTKFigured this ams crash and burn was overdone but didnt average down unfortuna...EPR5316703/16/2018 13:59
Wall Street PitMYSZRe: Now that all the exitement has died down, what was the news in that prese...theMagician03/16/2018 13:29
Wall Street PitMYSZNEW SWING this is MAJOR news in SEC filing just released with SHOP..theMagician03/16/2018 12:49
Wall Street PitVERIMega-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! $18+ today could be a stretch but looking fo...EPR5316703/16/2018 12:42
Wall Street PitMYSZMAJOR news from MYSZ no pr on it eomtheMagician03/16/2018 12:29
Wall Street PitMYSZadding MYSZ MAJOR news in presentation not released b4 SHOPIFY and MYSZ https...theMagician03/16/2018 12:29
Wall Street PitVERIThinking that this is the pause that refreshes and that we could see $17+ thi...EPR5316703/16/2018 12:21
Wall Street PitIFMKExcellent find Tokyo! eomEPR5316703/16/2018 12:05
Wall Street PitTrump's tariffs head for a legal minefield..exemptions may kill it eombucyrus03/16/2018 11:54
Wall Street PitRe: IPO 1999 style!nolan03/16/2018 11:21
Wall Street PitMNGAMNGA $1 under add traders 4got MNGA owns a biofuel company from news last mon...theMagician03/16/2018 11:16
Wall Street Pitipo priced $16 trading $27 eomefbailey03/16/2018 11:09
Wall Street PitIPO 1999 style! eomEPR5316703/16/2018 11:07
Wall Street PitNFLXlooking weak... puts next week eombucyrus03/16/2018 11:07
Wall Street PitXnice doubler... gonna let er ride to April exp probably.. more in the tank eombucyrus03/16/2018 11:03
Wall Street PitOPHCjust fell off a cliff... whew...... dodged one eombucyrus03/16/2018 10:58 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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