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Wall Street PitADPTRe: Hats off to you Porn for giving the tough love, and for taking the time t...PornStarTrader04/25/2017 22:58
Wall Street PitRe: Hats off to you Porn for giving the tough love,--In no way was I trying t...PornStarTrader04/25/2017 22:39
Wall Street PitFBThai man kills his 11mo old daughter on FB live, takes 24hrs for them to take...efbailey04/25/2017 22:11
hollands padLong-Range Bull: Driving a 250,000-Mile Lamborghini Murcielagoholland5504/25/2017 21:16
Wall Street PitRe: I don't believe flying we need self-driving flying cars? eomholland5504/25/2017 20:40
Wall Street PitRe: I don't believe flying cars or drones will ever be a good investment. Lo...deaconmike04/25/2017 20:09
Wall Street PitSTRPWas $10s a year ago on that scam short seller fraud write up. eomLionmaster04/25/2017 17:47
Wall Street PitJNUGRe: It's tempting,,,but so was vxx..took a hit on that ..feeling snakebit lol...Lionmaster04/25/2017 17:46
Wall Street PitYHOORe: Marissa Mayer to exit Yahoo with $186 million payout Lionmaster04/25/2017 17:45
Wall Street PitWINSRe: $62.74 now Re: $450 to $50 since Feb..Nice China scam showing signs of a ...EPR5316704/25/2017 16:57
Wall Street PitJNUGout 1/3 here $4.53, nice. eomLionmaster04/25/2017 16:00
Wall Street PitVLRXCheck out the one minute chart on this bad boy - oh the games people play!! eomEPR5316704/25/2017 15:36
Wall Street PitJNUGRe: in here on big selloff and government shutdown looming.............crainiac04/25/2017 14:57
Wall Street PitTurkish jets bomb US-backed forces in Iraq, Syria, US officials sayholland5504/25/2017 14:40
Wall Street PitCNTFShould follow CALI & CLNT just like last time Apr 12th when it ran to $3.45 o...EPR5316704/25/2017 14:32
Wall Street PitJRJR$JRJR .53-- .51--JRjr33, Inc.....................Chart eomspeculator04/25/2017 13:50
Wall Street PitROKAMaybe the third time's the charm?!?! First two $4 breaks fell flat but gotta ...EPR5316704/25/2017 13:43
Wall Street PitJNUGin here on big selloff and government shutdown looming............. eomcrainiac04/25/2017 13:18
Wall Street PitJNUGRe: It's tempting,,,but so was vxx..took a hit on that ..feeling snakebit lol...efbailey04/25/2017 13:12
Wall Street PitSTAFGot another 5K @ $.81... eomEPR5316704/25/2017 12:57
Pinks and BBGot filled on 300 of 2000 wish-order shares @ 3.38 after selling same @ 4.75 ...EPR5316704/25/2017 12:52
Wall Street PitJRJR$JRJR .51--JRjr33, Inc.....................Chartspeculator04/25/2017 12:44
Wall Street PitFHRe: whos gonna miss it?...38,000 volume??? eomholland5504/25/2017 12:38
Wall Street PitJNUGIn 2k shrs here $4.29. Looking to add more later if need be. 5 days decline s...Lionmaster04/25/2017 12:23
Wall Street PitAPHB3.72 in a few 1.2m float SunTzu77204/25/2017 11:36
Pinks and BBGAHCOut s'more $.0112...thing of beauty!! eomEPR5316704/25/2017 11:07
Wall Street PitFNCXAgain eomEPR5316704/25/2017 10:39
Wall Street PitJNUGlong $4.55 10% of account no stop. eomefbailey04/25/2017 10:01
Wall Street PitJNUGlooks like capitulation eomefbailey04/25/2017 09:52
Wall Street PitALDXUp 10% this am and 12.5% from yesterday add eomEPR5316704/25/2017 09:50
Wall Street Pit$MMYT all time high unknown is $YTRA 1.7M Float - The Priceline, AirBnb, Uber...Superman04/25/2017 09:37
Wall Street PitGBTAwesome eomEPR5316704/25/2017 09:34
Wall Street PitADMPApprox June 14th according to this site Re: MKT CAP 100 Million EPIPEN PDUFA ...singhtelecom04/25/2017 09:30
Wall Street PitADMPusually Six months after filing this is 3 RD TIME hahah Re: Please remember n...singhtelecom04/25/2017 09:22
Wall Street PitADMPMKT CAP 100 Million EPIPEN PDUFA in June could be 100-200% bagger or 50% losssinghtelecom04/25/2017 09:03
Wall Street PitBABAlaunches program to help 1 million U.S. businesses sell to Chinasinghtelecom04/25/2017 07:03
Wall Street PitRe: AP MOORE I read your "GO FUND ME" page, interesting to say the least. Fir...PornStarTrader04/25/2017 06:54
New Political...A new report reveals Obama misled the public about a quiet giveaway to Iranholland5504/24/2017 21:12
Wall Street PitRe: never had a losing trade since 1980? yeah sure lol eomefbailey04/24/2017 15:21
Wall Street PitRe: attentiondeaconmike04/24/2017 14:15 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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