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Wall Street PitValue investing requires a great deal of hard work, unusually strict discipli...singhtelecom04/18/2015 06:55
Wall Street PitZIOPAnyone watching ZIOP in ah? LOL eomcrainiac04/17/2015 17:35
Wall Street PitRe: Battle of biotech conferences: Neurology and Cancercrainiac04/17/2015 16:16
Wall Street PitBattle of biotech conferences: Neurology and Cancercrainiac04/17/2015 16:14
Wall Street PitPRGOOpened .05c HIGH 5.20 and closed .05c HOLY MOLY eomsinghtelecom04/17/2015 16:06
Wall Street PitNFLX3 minutes to expiration and my naked 585's worked like a charm :) eomEPR5316704/17/2015 15:57
Wall Street PitCYCCpossible news/ data in weekend eomsinghtelecom04/17/2015 15:55
Wall Street PitETSYNice - will hold til Monday and see if we get to $30 which is what I expect.....EPR5316704/17/2015 15:50
Wall Street PitSPYRe: also straddling the TNA/TZA pair eombucyrus04/17/2015 15:49
Wall Street PitSPYRe: Yeah. I have not idea .. I'm straddling the 3X QID/QLD combo 200 QID, 5...bucyrus04/17/2015 15:45
Wall Street PitSPYRe: SPY (Weekly) Apr 24 2015 203.5 Put/ SPY (Weekly) Apr 24 2015 210 Call eombucyrus04/17/2015 15:34
Wall Street PitIMMUI got few cals MAY 5 let's see Re: Mkt LOD and imu HOD DATA DUE IN WEEKEND eomsinghtelecom04/17/2015 15:23
Wall Street PitWall Street And Main Street Both See Higher Gold Prices Next Weekcrainiac04/17/2015 15:10
Wall Street PitIMMUMkt LOD and imu HOD DATA DUE IN WEEKEND eomsinghtelecom04/17/2015 15:10
Wall Street PitFPRXKabooooooooooooooooooooooooom :) eomEPR5316704/17/2015 14:29
Wall Street PitJDSTnice eomEPR5316704/17/2015 14:04
Wall Street PitETSYTook a shot long $26.78 - what the heck :) eomEPR5316704/17/2015 13:57
Wall Street PitTCPIRe: LED florescent tube replacement.. every store, warehouse, industry, shop ...bucyrus04/17/2015 13:18
Wall Street PitTROVmolecular diagnostic play 52 week high eomcrainiac04/17/2015 12:57
Wall Street PitTCPILED florescent tube replacement.. every store, warehouse, industry, shop in t...bucyrus04/17/2015 12:48
Wall Street PitFPRXAdded to the green list!!!! eomEPR5316704/17/2015 12:35
Wall Street PitRSX-8% eomnolan04/17/2015 12:30
Wall Street PitCDTXVery nice reversal to green - hope some of you scooped up shares on the cheap...EPR5316704/17/2015 12:19
Wall Street PitGWPHNew all time high - with a vengeance!! GWPRF on way to $10+??? eomEPR5316704/17/2015 12:08
Wall Street PitTCPIRe: florescent light .. ballast has two parts... a dropping transformer for t...bucyrus04/17/2015 11:35
Wall Street PitTCPIRe: florescent light replacement is a rope light in a plastic tube... no, tha...bucyrus04/17/2015 11:27
Wall Street PitTCPIflorescent light replacement is a rope light in a plastic tube... LED driver ...bucyrus04/17/2015 11:19
Wall Street PitTCPIT 12 florescent bulbs were outlawed in 2012... lifespan 20,000 hours, 3 or 4...bucyrus04/17/2015 11:17
Wall Street PitSome nice winners today despite the malaise: TCPI GWPH RCPT ISNS NWBO eomEPR5316704/17/2015 11:12
Wall Street PitTCPIreplacement for outlawed old style T12 tubes may be coming.. I talked to engi...bucyrus04/17/2015 11:06
Wall Street PitTCPIcompanies will clamor for LED tubes-- maintenance cost of replacing bulbs man...bucyrus04/17/2015 11:03
Wall Street Pitgoing could go into rip mode................ eomcrainiac04/17/2015 11:00
Wall Street PitTCPIphone call... introduced LED replacement tubes for T8 florescent lights in Ja...bucyrus04/17/2015 10:58
Wall Street PitNEOTLonger in the $7.60's - still firmly believe she goes much higher in weeks/mo...EPR5316704/17/2015 10:49
Wall Street PitKOPRe: 23.48>Re: 20.05>Re: yup, 16.50>Re: 16.05 do they bounce this again today?jjkool_0104/17/2015 10:47
Wall Street PitTCPITook first set of profits up 139% - @ $4.35 -holding rest for now eomEPR5316704/17/2015 10:45
Koppers HoldingsKOPRe: 23.32>Re: 20.05>Re: yup, 16.50>Re: 16.05 do they bounce this again today?nolan04/17/2015 10:40
Technical Che...TCPI4.15>Re: in some with spec money 2.30. Willing to be patientjjkool_0104/17/2015 10:40
Koppers HoldingsKOP23.32>Re: 20.05>Re: yup, 16.50>Re: 16.05 do they bounce this again today? eomjjkool_0104/17/2015 10:38
Wall Street PitTCPIRe: Used 30M, half their cash, to pay down debt... potential sale.. cleaning ...bucyrus04/17/2015 10:19 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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