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Wall Street PitHere's what will happen and it will destroy Hillary.. Brussels was caught fla...bucyrus06/24/2016 18:13
Wall Street PitBCSRe: assuming you meant 8.15 BCS...played it as well just for a flipLionmaster06/24/2016 17:46
Wall Street PitBCSGot in BCS $7.15 and DUST $7.35 premarket. Got out before closing. Those are ...Lionmaster06/24/2016 17:23
Wall Street PitBCSMade bunch $$$ on BCS and DUST premarket today off the board alerts. Kudos. ...Lionmaster06/24/2016 17:20
Wall Street PitThe brexit is just reshuffling. Experts are always wrong. Market will go back...Lionmaster06/24/2016 17:13
Wall Street PitAfter the Brexit turmoil, expect a stock-market reboundcrainiac06/24/2016 17:11
Wall Street PitUVXYChina open on Sat? eombucyrus06/24/2016 16:18
Wall Street PitUVXYRe: ramping AH.. still trying to buy more puts AH eombucyrus06/24/2016 16:16
Wall Street PitUVXYRe: got jul1 14Ps.... I got the eombucyrus06/24/2016 16:03
Wall Street PitQQQgot 5 more calls AH eombucyrus06/24/2016 16:02
Wall Street PitSTAFWish order for re-load went through at $1.88... eomEPR5316706/24/2016 16:00
Wall Street PitBSPMCovered short @ $4.28 for $1 and ~20% intraday gain :) eomEPR5316706/24/2016 15:58
Wall Street PitQQQgot 5 calls only... eombucyrus06/24/2016 15:55
Wall Street PitJP Morgan: Brexit predictions contained hoax poll numbers.. when removed "le...bucyrus06/24/2016 15:51
Wall Street PitQQQbeen trying for hours to get a lowball call order to fill... premium HIGH and...bucyrus06/24/2016 15:39
Wall Street PitRe: Ireland should benefit from this debacle.EPR5316706/24/2016 15:37
Wall Street PitRe: Ireland should benefit from this debacle.theMagician06/24/2016 15:31
Wall Street Pitshocks since World War II, what you find is that the market goes down 6% to 8...theMagician06/24/2016 15:31
Wall Street PitSHPGPicked up a few shares and some Aug OTM calls for a bounce eomEPR5316706/24/2016 15:04
Wall Street Pitgoing into a weekend down hundreds of points on the dow... old timers will re...luvb2b06/24/2016 14:53
Wall Street PitAAPLwait til the eu tax ruling =) or the iphone 7 launch =-) Re: Brexit just put...luvb2b06/24/2016 14:51
Wall Street PitJBLURe: 34000 feet up flying into Washington state from NY and on their WiFi trad...EPR5316706/24/2016 14:44
Wall Street PitBSPMRe: Shorted 1000 @ $5.28 - $5.50 oxcharge!!! HELLO - again - $4's :) eomEPR5316706/24/2016 14:32
Wall Street Pitb/c it's all going to move more =-) Re: lol. how can the market be down 500 p...luvb2b06/24/2016 14:32
Wall Street PitBSPMShorted 1000 @ $5.28 - let's see if she holds up on a day like today?!?! eomEPR5316706/24/2016 11:57
Wall Street Pitat least we wont have to listen to Fed hike bs till next yr eomtheMagician06/24/2016 11:48
Wall Street PitSTAFWill be looking for re-entry point for shares that I got stop-gained out of @...EPR5316706/24/2016 11:33
Wall Street PitRe: 250,000 was OK, but you had to go and make it 250,001 didn't you? Straw ...mellowrk06/24/2016 11:25
Wall Street PitZYNEBuy order at $6.91 since I cant moniter day to day...pot stocks will rock sta...mellowrk06/24/2016 11:11
Wall Street PitRe: so....mellow decides to move to London and then Brexit occurs. Coincidenc...mellowrk06/24/2016 11:08
Wall Street PitRe: so....mellow decides to move to London and then Brexit occurs. Coincidenc...mellowrk06/24/2016 11:04
Wall Street PitKTOVMy take is that this news is rather significant but not receiving its due att...EPR5316706/24/2016 11:02
Wall Street PitSYFbig institutional buyer foolishly bought 45m shares, that's what had been hol...luvb2b06/24/2016 11:02
Wall Street PitAAPLalso, don't confuse my opinion as liking volume in a bottom.luvb2b06/24/2016 11:01
Wall Street PitAAPLto review: my opinion is apple will bottom in volume, not in price. meaning...luvb2b06/24/2016 10:59
Wall Street Pitso....mellow decides to move to London and then Brexit occurs. Coincidence?? ...steeledge06/24/2016 10:58
Wall Street PitAAPLno. i am trying to roll forward in time so i can keep my position longer. i...luvb2b06/24/2016 10:58
Wall Street PitHahah i've been working 16 hour days for last 2 weeks...i've never gone 7 day...mellowrk06/24/2016 10:56
Wall Street PitYOur moving to UK had a maineffect/ REASON lol Re: Don't kid yourselves fol...singhtelecom06/24/2016 10:53
Wall Street PitDon't kid yourselves folks Brexit was ALL about immigration. 250,000 new immi...mellowrk06/24/2016 10:51 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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