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Wall Street PitVSARThe bottom line is the drug works and majority of doctors will prescribe this...Lionmaster09/23/2017 12:25
Wall Street PitVSARReminds me of PLSE i bought in the big big tank then the 50% gain in one day.Lionmaster09/22/2017 22:43
Wall Street Pit365 shots a year vs 24 shots but 1/4 inch shorter. What would you take or you...Lionmaster09/22/2017 22:42
Wall Street PitVSARThe efficacy is there. Yes work around the dosage or have this in the hands o...Lionmaster09/22/2017 22:38
Wall Street PitVSARSomavaratan drug met efficacy with 15x better less shots per month vs standar...Lionmaster09/22/2017 18:01
Wall Street PitVSARin large afterhours here, hearing CC next week. Efficacy was demonstrated an...Lionmaster09/22/2017 17:57
Wall Street PitFRSXRadar post Rosh Hashanah..INTC acquired FRSX clone MBLY for $15.3 billionSunTzu77209/22/2017 14:48
Wall Street PitSYFbeing found... waaay too early.. as always.. huge hurricane play eombucyrus09/22/2017 13:25
Wall Street PitTSLAEVEN MORE GOVT HANDOUTS.. solar panel tarrif eombucyrus09/22/2017 13:22
Wall Street PitHHS$HHS .90--Harte Hanks, Inc......Volume Watch.......Chartspeculator09/22/2017 12:55
Social RealitySRAXRe: 1.48 2.03 monster e/r..gross margins +72.7% positive EBITDA guiding $2m-$...SunTzu77209/22/2017 10:28
Wall Street PitVSARIn big here, There is the adult growth hormone data coming out soon. Stock is...Lionmaster09/22/2017 09:19
Wall Street PitNobody knows what will happen, but it's time for an oversized cork to be shov...holland5509/21/2017 23:29
VERSARTIS, INCVSARDid u play ? I had only 2 calls lost 440..Re: ..worth a strangle you think.....singhtelecom09/21/2017 22:08
VERSARTIS, INCVSARRe: HIGH risk OCt 30 call at $2.20 = could go 40 or 10 wowow DATA due anyday eomsinghtelecom09/21/2017 22:07
Wall Street PitRe: TVIX prediction algorithm back on track for the Dowcastdeaconmike09/21/2017 17:19
Wall Street PitMARKMARK tweets CFO at govt agency in China and tags #kankan Superman09/21/2017 13:55
Wall Street PitBABAtook some profits on the move this morning and basically exiting the balance ...luvb2b09/21/2017 12:43
Wall Street Pit$GSUM is the $VERI of China imo - The Company believes it is currently the te...Superman09/21/2017 12:29
Wall Street PitGLBRRe: Would that get made up by more trading commissions as people get their mo...bucyrus09/21/2017 11:44
Wall Street PitGLBRRe: you're aware 2 day settlement cuts brokerage margin income 33% eombucyrus09/21/2017 11:27
Wall Street PitGLBRRe: You planning to swing this till $3 target Lion? Or think it can get there...Lionmaster09/21/2017 11:26
Truett-Hurst,...THST$THST $2.33--$2.18--Truett-Hurst, Inc....Volume Watch.....small float 4.2Mil....speculator09/21/2017 11:21
Wall Street PitGLBRRecord August and September on record pace. Lionmaster09/21/2017 11:01
Wall Street PitGLBR 11:00
Wall Street PitGLBRIn here FXCM is having record trading volume. News just out. Looking for $3 t...Lionmaster09/21/2017 10:54
Truett-Hurst,...THST$THST $2.30--$2.18--Truett-Hurst, Inc....Volume Watch.....small float 4.2Mil....speculator09/21/2017 10:15
Wall Street PitGPRO$11.40 wowwow. eomLionmaster09/21/2017 10:06
EnSync, Inc C...ESNC.60--Re: .41--Re: .37--EnSync, Inc........Chart Watch.........Link eomspeculator09/21/2017 09:38
Wall Street PitFRSXChina's Baidu launches $1.5 billion autonomous driving fundSunTzu77209/21/2017 06:26
Wall Street PitAMDRe: Green nownolan09/21/2017 06:19
Wall Street PitAMDRe: News out Tesla was fake news by CNBC. Down $1 premarket.nolan09/21/2017 06:06
Wall Street PitAMDRe: Tesla is working with Globalfoundries not AMD. Globalfoundries is own by ...Lionmaster09/21/2017 05:08
Wall Street PitAMDNews out Tesla was fake news by CNBC. Down $1 premarket. eomLionmaster09/21/2017 05:07
Wall Street PitEDGAR hacked, traders trading on info before released to wires.. eombucyrus09/20/2017 23:13
Wall Street PitRe: FEMA funds approved by Trump.. sure that included PR?? I thought it just...bucyrus09/20/2017 23:08
Wall Street PitFOLDI think this goes to 20 in hurry eomsinghtelecom09/20/2017 23:03
Wall Street PitRe: investmenton Pue rto Rico.. bankrupt...they have no money to repair eombucyrus09/20/2017 22:00
Wall Street PitAMDHas no margin wafer agreement with Globalfoundry eomLionmaster09/20/2017 18:20
Wall Street PitAMD won't make much off Tesla. It's Globalfoundry the chip deal is. Lionmaster09/20/2017 18:19 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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