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Wall Street Pitwhile we fight over $10/hr min wage, Swiss are considering $25efbailey04/18/2014 21:23
Wall Street PitMkt closed tomorrow? eomsinghtelecom04/18/2014 00:33
Wall Street PitDEJI'm in at about an average of 18 cents, going to hold out for much more. eomholland5504/17/2014 21:31
Global Teleco...GTT11.95 hod>Re: S-3 added a few 9.40, partial fill 9.15, will add more. This wa...jjkool_0104/17/2014 18:20
Wall Street PitLXFT+$1 since postRe: Russian/Ukraine stock no bounce yet eomnolan04/17/2014 15:42
Wall Street PitLXFTRussian/Ukraine stock no bounce yet eomnolan04/17/2014 15:00
Wall Street PitRSXwhy the run up, people buying $1 over the NAV? eomnolan04/17/2014 14:38
Wall Street PitATOSATOS chart turning up. Looking for $1.60-$1.75 if the small and microcaps can...undervalued04/17/2014 14:10
Wall Street PitJO+7% eomnolan04/17/2014 13:13
Wall Street PitDEJRe: DEJ peace arch is huge gas oil region In Canada and its whats driving Ca...theMagician04/17/2014 12:23
Wall Street PitDEJStill have mine, too many idiots thought they were going to announce that the...holland5504/17/2014 12:16
Global Teleco...GTT11.39>Re: S-3 added a few 9.40, partial fill 9.15, will add more. This was ex...jjkool_0104/17/2014 12:21
Wall Street PitDEJone of the more impressive cc I've listened to, mgmt has their act together, ...theMagician04/17/2014 12:11
Wall Street PitDEJGREAT conference call imo, 1k barrels oil by yr end =50m rev, I added 23c, ty...theMagician04/17/2014 12:06
Wall Street PitDEJ:How does this one keep its listing on NYSE with such a low market cap and...jjkool_0104/17/2014 11:43
Wall Street PitCVVHuge statement by $CVV CEO on #GRAPHENE "we anticipate that our EasyGraphene ...Superman04/17/2014 11:35
Wall Street PitCVV$CVV Analysts Forecast Significant Growth in the Global Graphene Market Superman04/17/2014 11:11
Wall Street PitDow green with IBM down 7 eomtheMagician04/17/2014 11:06
Wall Street PitRe: Any idea where you can place conditional orders on Tradeking? The order ...bucyrus04/17/2014 10:58
TREMOR VIDEO,...TRMR$4.50--Re: $4.20--Tremor Video, Inc...........Bottom Watch......................speculator04/17/2014 10:25
Wall Street PitPPGHIGH risk April 200 calls .50c HIGHHHHHHHHH riskkk eomsinghtelecom04/17/2014 10:23
Wall Street PitAPPwas 58c afterhours on news - looks like a ncie add here 50c eomtheMagician04/17/2014 10:13
Wall Street PitWIDE spreads 10 mins into day on MANY small caps - usually when u see BS like...theMagician04/17/2014 09:42
Wall Street PitEXELknock 3.33 now eombobk04/17/2014 09:42
Wall Street PitNBGquick to test on 4.44 HOD eombobk04/17/2014 09:41
Wall Street PitPPGout @ $4. from 1 buck eomsinghtelecom04/17/2014 09:37
Wall Street PitNBGMoving eombobk04/17/2014 09:36
International...IBMjust feel free to send steaks even while i'm gone -> Re: same price as it was...luvb2b04/16/2014 20:51
Wall Street PitGOOG585 call went 4.30 from 2.50 never SOLD. now 100% gone lol eomsinghtelecom04/16/2014 16:05
Wall Street PitTRMR$4.48--Re: $4.20--Tremor Video, Inc...........Bottom Watch......................speculator04/16/2014 15:51
Wall Street PitSPY+$4.50 this week eomnolan04/16/2014 15:46
Wall Street PitGOOG$GOOG April 550 straddle @ $30 June @ $51 into Q1 @ CBOE eomsinghtelecom04/16/2014 15:36
Wall Street PitGOOG$GOOG April 550 straddle @ $30 June @ $51 into Q1 @ CBOE eomsinghtelecom04/16/2014 15:36
Wall Street PitIDRA2.29 low to 3.03 high. WILD stock eomsinghtelecom04/16/2014 15:22
Wall Street PitTRMR$4.40--Re: $4.20--Tremor Video, Inc...........Bottom Watch......................speculator04/16/2014 15:16
Wall Street PitSpent today going over charts - small caps look like mkt crashed and dDOW is ...theMagician04/16/2014 15:13
Wall Street PitAPRIHUGE news today Liquid Gel available for MEN Compare toViagra eomsinghtelecom04/16/2014 14:52
Wall Street PitPPGLong April 195 CALLS 1.00 earnings tomorroow PREMKT eomsinghtelecom04/16/2014 13:54
TREMOR VIDEO,...TRMR$4.30--Re: $4.20--Tremor Video, Inc...........Bottom Watch......................speculator04/16/2014 13:52
Wall Street PitGOLDsRe: wait on the Gonabe rule, think its July to Nov... Islamic Ramadan in Se...bucyrus04/16/2014 13:48 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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