Tue 10/21/2014 14:22 ET
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Wall Street Pitnothing but "shorting X" buy puts on SPY posts everywhere, here, twitter etc,...theMagician10/21/2014 14:19
Wall Street PitIWMya, that looks more right. Re: Sorry LUV..mistype..meant bought .36 bought ea...luvb2b10/21/2014 14:16
Wall Street PitAMDA$AMDA $1.66--$1.45--Amedica Corporation.....In a Few......T/S eomspeculator10/21/2014 14:16
Wall Street Pitsmall oils serious mvoes again today ZAZA big pop eomtheMagician10/21/2014 14:14
Wall Street Pitare you paper trading or something? Re: cappy there's 2 contracts traded at ....luvb2b10/21/2014 14:13
Wall Street Pitcappy there's 2 contracts traded at .26? whatchoo talkin about? Re: Re In IWM...luvb2b10/21/2014 14:13
Wall Street PitLAKETony Baumgartner, president of DQE Inc., an Indiana-based emergency services ...crainiac10/21/2014 14:07
Wall Street PitLIQTRe: San Diego City Council Approves Mandatory Water Restrictions Too much sel...theMagician10/21/2014 14:06
Wall Street PitFREEKABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!!!!.......... eomcrainiac10/21/2014 13:53
Wall Street PitFREEhuge volume surge........ eomcrainiac10/21/2014 13:41
Wall Street PitAMDA$AMDA $1.45--Amedica Corporation.....In a Few......T/Sspeculator10/21/2014 13:38
Wall Street PitOXGNOXGN data from the Phase 2 GOG186I study of fosbretabulin in combination with...singhtelecom10/21/2014 13:27
Wall Street PitEbola causing spike in demand for hospital gearcrainiac10/21/2014 13:25
Wall Street PitTSLAon the earnings front tesla could continue to have some problems due to lease...luvb2b10/21/2014 13:11
Wall Street PitTSLAno insight on tesla other than their sales should be quite good, they're stil...luvb2b10/21/2014 13:10
Wall Street PitLIQTSan Diego City Council Approves Mandatory Water RestrictionstheMagician10/21/2014 12:36
Wall Street PitLIQTProposition 1 in California is leading at the polls. The $7.5b bond will set ...theMagician10/21/2014 12:36
Wall Street PitRe: Ebola Is Airborne? Army Research Raises Airborne And Aerosol Transmission...bucyrus10/21/2014 12:12
Wall Street PitPhotos show effects of Ebola decontaminationcrainiac10/21/2014 12:03
Wall Street PitIWMin the world of better lucky than good, iwm has flipped to lows of the last f...luvb2b10/21/2014 12:00
Wall Street PitEbola Is Airborne? Army Research Raises Airborne And Aerosol Transmission Que...crainiac10/21/2014 11:42
Wall Street Piti believe we saw the lows for the year eomtheMagician10/21/2014 11:40
Wall Street PitDow transports on FIRE, breaking the 50 day ma, dow has 400 points upside to ...theMagician10/21/2014 11:31
Wall Street PitIWMi think iwm is the safer short on a rally - spy and qqq a lot of the selling ...luvb2b10/21/2014 11:23
Wall Street PitXLEjeez all this energy funds are so illiquid, erx ery dig dug etc etc. xle is ...luvb2b10/21/2014 11:22
Wall Street PitXLEhmm actually the wrong trade here - iwm only has 6% energy weight should just...luvb2b10/21/2014 11:21
Wall Street PitIWMoil turned negative here - adding puts in size iwm eomluvb2b10/21/2014 11:18
Wall Street PitIWMrussell also has correlated to oil so possibly another one set to stall - oil...luvb2b10/21/2014 11:12
Wall Street PitBuying a few SPY and QQQ Puts for this Friday. May be a week early, but due f...undervalued10/21/2014 11:11
Wall Street PitXLEoil has turned pretty hard was +$1 now barely up... xle vulnerable again imo ...luvb2b10/21/2014 11:08
Wall Street PitLAKEit was 34's premarket one dayRe: question? Why does the high now state 29.55 ...nolan10/21/2014 11:05
Wall Street PitEbola plays running, airborne news from the Army out..... eomcrainiac10/21/2014 10:58
Wall Street PitIBMgoing to cover for now. down 30 points in a month already and pretty big fro...luvb2b10/21/2014 10:58
Wall Street Pitvix from 31 to 16.5. don't know much but volatility right now is a lot more ...luvb2b10/21/2014 10:56
Wall Street PitUALup $10 in a week eomnolan10/21/2014 10:53
Wall Street PitU.S. Army warns of potential 'airborne' Ebolacrainiac10/21/2014 10:46
Wall Street PitFREEblowing up.................... eomcrainiac10/21/2014 10:10
Wall Street PitFREErockin eomcrainiac10/21/2014 10:05
Wall Street PitSTEMthat paralyzed man info appears to NOT be STEM eomtheMagician10/21/2014 10:03
Wall Street PitSTEMactually seems thats not stem the news posted eomtheMagician10/21/2014 10:02

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